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karen doonanFor many of you the last 3 linear days or even longer may have been a time when you felt at a loss of who you were and what was happening. The 3d overlay in place being the full moon and solar eclipse.  The influx of the higher dimensional energies will have seen many of you release lifetimes of pain and trauma and this may have been in various ways, from the very physical being sick to the emotional response of tears/ anger. No matter how you chose at a human conscious waking mind level to let go the letting go may have been intense. The reason for this release is to help you move fully into the new higher dimensional timeline of TRUTH. Unlike the timelines in which you have lived for aeons the NEW EARTH timeline is ONE timeline that exists in multiple dimensions.

I would ask you to process my words through your heart space as the human logical mind may try to filter out that which I am attempting to explain, I say attempt for it is a concept that has to be anchored at a human conscious waking mind level in order to be utilised in your outer waking reality at human level.  The karmic dimensional timelines that were CREATED for the human race will have seen you repeat over and over the themes that your SOUL was moving through, from abandonment to grief these karmic dimensional timelines kept you locked VIBRATIONALLY into a reality that appeared to allow you to have free will but always through the filters of GRIEF, ABANDONMENT and BETRAYAL.  These are very heavy frequencies and will have literally anchored you in place as you lived your life here on planet earth over and over. Unable to see the roles that those around you were playing to and unable to fully escape as it were (to use a very human phrase) the outcomes.

The movement of the human race into the UNIVERSE of 3 in TRUTH sees these dimensional timelines begin to dissolve, this releases the fragments of SELF from these dimensional timelines and STRENGTHENS your SOUL as the fragments are healed and accepted once more ready to be utilised in the NEW EARTH dimensional timeline. It is vital to anchor that ONLY TRUTH is supported in the New Earth, anything that is not of this vibration will not manifest fully. I have touched upon manifestation in other blogs and the manifestation process is one that asks for you to find balance. To hold tightly on to something believing that there is only ONE way to manifest is to walk in the teachings of distortion. Miracles are only birthed when you let go of the need to control and allow the universe to create WITH YOU, for you are part of the UNIVERSE as it is part of you but you have been taught under the old 3d earth paradigms that you must fight for your right to have anything on this planet. This is NOT TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth.

What may attempt to pull you from your path in the New Earth is the ease and grace at which life may begin to unfold. Under the old 3d earth paradigms it was taught over and over again to you that you have to fight to keep hold of people, places and events. This reaction will see you placed in a holding pattern unable to move forward and fully embrace your dream for you do not need to fight to manifest your dream into the outer waking reality in the UNIVERSE of 3, you need only pour the LOVE that IS through it and focus.  For many of you this will seem far too “easy” and because of this you may try to filter out all that the universe places before you, constantly on the look out for the “trap” that your human logical mind may attempt to teach you is there. This will see you see-saw between different realities, the old 3d earth paradigms that are dissolving and walking fully in the New Earth in TRUTH.

The physical symptoms of this see-sawing may present as intense frustration, anger and tears without any apparent “reason”.  I would ask you to remember that ALL is a frequency, as you move into the New Earth reality then the ability to FEEL will heighten considerably and the need to work at a FEELing level will begin to anchor within you. Interactions with those around you will then begin to unfold on ALL levels of your BEing, the need to understand that what you are FEELing is not necessarily YOUr FEELings is paramount at this time. The concept of telepathy is often referenced as something that is only found in films and yet it is a NATURAL part of the human experience.  Again I have referenced this previously in blogs, a mother and child has a very close bond that can be termed “telepathic” and this is accepted on planet earth, this is but part of the experience in human form.  For under the old 3d earth paradigms the mother/child telepathy was permitted but was distorted and played upon, with fear being the foodstuff of this concept. This will now begin to dissolve for it is not TRUTH, the telepathic abilities of ALL are now increasing and expanding and need to be both anchored and accepted as part of the new human reality in the NEW EARTH in TRUTH in the UNIVERSE of 3.

I would guide you to be very careful of the LANGUAGE that you use at this time in relation to all that you are experiencing, language is a FREQUENCY and certain words in the human language are used over and over as a way of containment.  Becoming aware of speaking TRUTH at all times and creating from the aspect of WHAT YOU WISH to experience is vital at this time.  At all times you are in control of this your human life experience. To idly allow thoughts to pull your vibration down will see you in a holding pattern. Likewise interaction with the dramas that may attempt to spring up around you will see the old 3d earth attempt to persuade you that you are in chaos, the chaos being only the 3d overlay that is in place to allow those around you who share this human life experience/reality to understand your movements.

For those of you who FEEL you have been abandoned by your guides and kept “out” of the human life experience I would ask you to look again, you have merely been kept in a SAFE vibrational space as all around you moved and shifted. The old 3d earth will try to teach you that your life is over  and that at a certain level is TRUTH, for the OLD 3d earth LIFE IS OVER. The dissolving almost complete on many vibrational levels.  As you begin to have TRUST in SELF and work with the New Earth energies in TRUTH then the doors will open for you, these doors are a FREQUENCY and have NOTHING to do with what you are thinking or doing, they are VIBRATION and open when your energetic signature has reached a certain frequency, this frequency is always set by your SOUL which can see the bigger, expansive picture of your human life experience at ALL times.

So if you are sitting in frustration, unable to move at this time, KNOW you are being supported by ALL in dissolving that which seeks to teach you that you are alone for ALL ARE ONE and ALL JUST ARE.

Karen Doonan