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Quick! How many people were in the car when President Kennedy was shot? I and many other people remember four. Kennedy, his wife, Governor Connally, and the driver. In this realty, there are six people, including Mrs. Connally and another man.This is the biggest Mandela Effect mind fuck ever for me.

Many people (me included) don’t remember what looks like a second windshield (or the frame for the convertible top), yellow flowers, or Mrs Connally even being there. The car was only a 4-seater, but now in every photo and video, it’s a 6-seater. With a 6-seater, the theory of the driver shooting JFK goes right out the window. How could he possible shoot Kennedy with a window or convertible frame and two other people in between them all while continuing to drive?

I’ve been fascinated with conspiracy theories since I was a child and like everyone else, I’ve seen the assassination footage over and over from the time I was very young. I bought books on the assassination as well and replayed YouTube videos looking for clues. Visually, this event is etched into my mind and the minds of those who remember only four people in the car. Now there’s six people and little evidence that says otherwise. I did find a few things, though. PLEASE comment and tell me what you remember.
Replica at the Historic Auto Attractions Museum in Roscoe, IL show a 4-seater car.

      Travel blog Little Things also things shows a 4 seat replica.


Dahl Auto Museum in La Crosse, WI shows a 4 seat replica.

This image from the movie “The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald” shows a 4-seater through the scope.

Secret Service reenactment of the assassination shows a 4-seater. You can see the video here.


                            Most reenactments show a 4-seater car

              How many people in the car? You be the judge.