Published on Feb 20, 2017

A regular guest of Alexandra, Kevin Annett returns with analysis of the latest news of pedophile arrests and Vatican intrigues. He also speaks with Alexandra of his newest books, his RadioFreeKanata broadcasts, and his most recent common law initiatives.

Kevin is the founder of the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State, which has gathered evidence and ruled on important child abuse and child sacrifice scandals in Canadian orphanages, the Ninth Circle satanic cult, and the systematic Vatican cover-ups of these abuses.

In this interview, Kevin explains his recently re-issued universal warrant for the citizens’ arrest of suspected child-traffickers and child-molesters, especially those found in the church institutions. He also gives important advice on how to safely and most effectively put this warrant to practical use in your community. Following up a conversation begun last interview, Kevin tells of Vatican policies which formally exonerate child molesters from all criminal action, — relegating this abomination to a forgivable ‘sin,’ — and conveys its implication, from secular and common law standards, that all Catholic priests should be considered accessories to these crimes.

Vatican news and the widespread reports of child-trafficking arrests across North America and the world also are major topics of discussion. Since Donald Trump issued an executive order focusing on drug and human trafficking, thousands of people have been arrested, though so far few ‘big names’ are among them. (No Pizzagaters are yet behind bars.) Kevin warns these arrests of small-fries may be a psy-op, and urges us to continue to put pressure on authorities to get to the bottom of these horrific and widespread practices. He deftly explains the way factions within corporate-governments and the corporate-Vatican may use these arrests to qualm an angry public and serve to push other pretenders to power out of the way of rival factions. Kevin makes a fascinating analysis of Vatican politics, especially the conflicts between the Bergoglio faction (Pope Francis) and Ratzinger factions (Pope Benedict) that is now playing out in Rome. He also points to a third faction which has leaked much incriminating material about these two, and which may — or may not — be trying to do the right thing.

Certainly, there is much excitement and turmoil in Rome these days, and Kevin is simply the best analyst of the dark and twisted turns of the ancient imperial capital. His common law initiatives are also among the most promising avenues for rooting out this ancient and abominable corruption. The content of this interview is often grim, but it is imperative that Kevin’s heroic and self-sacrificing common law endeavors gain the widest public attention possible. Please listen attentively and pass this on.

Kevin’s website is:
His radio show is RadioFreeKanata, found on BBS Radio.
His email is
His books, including Murder By Decree and the autobiographical Unrelenting, may be found on His newest work, a Common Law Training Manual, will be issued in a few weeks.

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