Published on Nov 1, 2016

The most abhorrent conspiracy is that against children. No one has done more than Kevin Annett to shine uncompromising light on this uncomfortable subject.

Kevin, a former United Church minister, and the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) have demonstrated that the Vatican embodies and protects not just a few bad-apple pedophiles, but has institutionalized ritual child abuse and, in Canada, the US, and around the world, has overseen the mass murder of indigenous tribal children, mainly through Church-run orphanages.

In a set of damning documents re-produced here, Annett proves the State and Church — hardly ‘separate’ — are complicit in these institutions of evil.

Together, Church and State — (several churches and several states) — render indigenous children “orphans” through a corrupt legal system which strips them from their parents and effectively imprisons them in orphanages. Many of these are better labeled ‘concentration camps’ and are organized as veritable “killing machines.” (For instance, death rates show that housing infected TB victims with the uninfected was not a dumb mistake, but usual practice and policy.)

As Kevin long has shown — and here backs up with new documentary evidence — these institutions feed into a larger criminal network involving drug and human trafficking, forced child prostitution, and ritual satanic abuse and murder of children at the highest levels of the Vatican and the “Ninth Circle.”

In this wide-ranging interview also Kevin throws penetrating insider’s light on the Jesuit pope Bergoglio’s superficial attempts at reform, the complexities of Vatican politics, its recent criminal investigations, and its competing internal factions.

Of crucial global importance are Kevin’s comments on the Vatican’s shifting international relations in a time when its traditional Western allies are crumbling in the face of the Eastern alliances, the BRICS economic pact, the AIIB bank, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, SCO, the new Silk Road projects, and so on. In particular Kevin’s comments on the Vatican’s rapprochement with China is of great importance in our quickly changing times.

In these days of Apocalypse (“unveiling”, “Revelation”) and a last big Syrian battle not far from Megiddo (Armaggedon), it should perhaps come as no surprise to find a Church of the Antichrist in Rome and its collusion on all sides with the Black Nobility. As the Clinton and even Bush crime families crumble, we should keep our eye on these older centers of corrupt power. By turning a steady and unflinching light on the most horrific of their crimes, Kevin Annett has done more than almost anyone else to make sure that ‘disclosure’ is full and complete, not partial, and that truth precedes reconciliation.

List of Exhibits

1. The cover page of the November 25, 1910 contractual agreement between the government of Canada and the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian and Methodist churches establishing the jointly funded and administered Indian residential schools. (Note: The latter two churches were the predecessors of the United Church of Canada, establishing by an Order in Council in 1925 by the federal government and English Crown) (Attachment 011.jpg)

2. The federal law of July 1, 1920 making it compulsory for every aboriginal child in Canada seven years or older to be incarcerated in the Indian residential school system. (Attachment 004.jpg)

3. Some of the evidence of these death squads and their police involvement is found in the testimonies on this memo: See also Part 3 in .

4. A copy of this Directive was issued in July 2016 to the ITCCS central office by an informant within the Canadian intelligence service. The Chretien Directive is described at

5. These assassinations have claimed seven aboriginal activists with the ITCCS in Vancouver and Winnipeg, as well as native protestors across Canada. Especially targeted have been traditional west coast elders with knowledge of the spiritual and oral histories of their nations.

6. These reports involved the naming of the top government-funded “chief” of the Carrier-Sekani Tribal Council, Ed John, as a drug and child trafficker and land speculator who was actively killing off his own people at the behest of Alcan and B.C. Hydro to secure their land. John was named as such by three former members of his Tribal Council, two of whom (Frank Martin and Helen Michel) gave their testimonies at the IHRAAM Tribunal into residential school crimes in Vancouver in June, 1998. (

7. The CSIS operative, Grant Wakefield, spoke in person to ITCCS Field Secretary Kevin Annett concerning these facts on two occasions, but was subsequently sued by the government into silence and blacklisted in the Canadian media. His statement is contained in part in Part Three of Murder by Decree: The Crime of Genocide in Canada. The names of the politicians, judges and other officials active in the snuff and trafficking ring are held by the ITCCS; they include former Prime Minister Paul Martin and Justices MacEachern, Esson and Grobberman of the British Columbia Supreme Court, as well as senior police officers involved in the “Missing Women Inquiry”,such as Bruce Michelson of the Vancouver Police Department.

8. Murder by Decree: The Crime of Genocide in Canada details the TRC cover up and criminality, in Part One. (

9. Again, the details of this connection can be found in Part Three of Murder by Decree. Wendy Poole, for instance, was a prominent “missing woman” in Vancouver whose family had been heavily involved in public protests and road blockades to defend their traditional territories from logging and strip mining. Her uncle, Art Solomon, was a sovereign traditionalists very much at odds with the government and its puppet native chiefs.

10. See not only Murder by Decree but Unrelenting: Between Sodom and Zion by Kevin Annett ( for a discussion of the Ninth Circle cult. The testimony of a participant in Ninth Circle ceremonies in Europe, Anne Marie van Blijenburgh, is found at this site:

11. Ibid.

12. See and

13. In September, 2010 Elizabeth Windsor signed the Holyrood Agreement with Joseph Ratzinger aka Pope Benedict, laying out the terms for the reincorporation of the Church of England into the Church of Rome. One of these terms was the imposition of the conditions of Crimen Sollicitationas on all Anglican clergy, officials and members. See this site:

See the below images for more corroborating documentation.