Kp Message 10-26-18… “There are many levels of ‘Light Workers’ that are involved at this moment”

There are many levels of Light Workers that are involved at this moment. Some are holding the Light for the “White Hats”. Some are holding the Light for the “Dark Hats”. Some are holding the Light for “The Left”… and some, for “The Right”. And many are holding the Light for that which is beyond any of those labelled “entities”.

It is a massive operation, and it is in process right now.

By the way, I offer no traditional “proof” for any of this. It is simply what I “get”.

There have been some powerful dreams the past two nights… particularly last night. Parts of mine had to do with working in the most intense “darkness of Illusion”, and then breaking through into the Light. Don’t recall any specifics of mine, but it was quite apparent what was happening… after I “broke through” into the Light.

My sense is that this is a wider meaning for all of humanity. Hue-manity (Light worker community) has been holding space for this breakthrough into the Light, for quite some time. And now it is happening all over the place. So-called “ordinary” people are breaking through into their own awareness of who (and what) they really are… BEings of Light.

The illusion is over. It no longer holds any “grip” on people (at least many of them). Those who still choose to hold on to the illusion are soon to be released from it… by their own awakening, and their own choosing.

This message is brought to you by “BEings of Light Foundation”… it has nothing to do with any of the earth foundations that some may have heard about. This “Foundation” has been here since the beginning.

Those who “get” the message from this post will “get it”.

That is all for now.

Aloha, Kp