Kp Message 12-7-18… “The upward spiraling path of Hue-manity continues to come into view”

Been completely unable to post anything today. Even though I’m quite thrilled by the many unveilings going on at the moment, overall, what’s happening on the surface of the planet does not seem to hold much interest… at least in this now moment.

The upward spiraling path of Hue-manity continues to come into view, more and more clearly. Yet also being “exposed” (apocalypsed), to each and every One traveling that path, is what needs to be released… as well as what needs to be brought to completion.

The former cycle is ending, and the new cycle is soon to start (having no idea what or when “soon” means). The former cycle must be carried fully to completion, it seems. And then fully released.

The next cycle of the Ascension Pathway requires the complete release of the former one. What this means to each individual Hue-person is for them to discern.

As I’ve mentioned before, my own personal “completions” are currently ongoing (involving many arenas of my life, physical, inner, outer, body, mind, Spirit), and will likely finish by year’s end. At that point, the next steps will be made clear.

It seems many of the recent “Kp Messages” have brought this up, and so it is. Perhaps the idea simply wants repetition.

What comes out on this blog are really just inner communications from my own “innards”, perhaps sometimes even from the “Higher Innards”. Maybe they strike chords with some, maybe they strike nothing. But that is for each to determine.

Aloha to all, Kp