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There appears to be a rather concerted effort (by whom?… the dark ones?) to remove the tools of the Illuminators (aka, Truthtellers, exposers, etc.). Apparently Natural News and Infowars has been under some “duress” (see this article). Also independent journalist David Seaman’s YouTube, Twitter, and Vidme accounts have been closed and/or wiped clean. He does still have a Gab.ai account which is apparently up and running (Gab.ai is a Twitter alternative).

I am sensing that many are going through a phase of “Holy Crap!” right now. But in my view it is a result of “the cabal” being in it’s last phases of “demise of their operations” on this planet, particularly in the US. They have been “Trumped”, and they are playing their last hand.

In any event, no matter what’s been happening, or who’s doing what, I am suggesting we all “Hold the ‘Light space’” for all Illuminators on the planet at this time. And that includes each one of us.

All is well as we remain in the Light, and work with the Light.
Aloha, Kp

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