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Okay, that title kept getting longer and longer so I’ll quit. And my fingers seem to be having challenges dealing with the early AM keyboard energies.

Speaking of that “quit” word, it starts with “Q” and that is the first “erupting” arena that comes to mind. Yes, many have “erupted” when the Q post lines “Be careful who you are following. Some are profiting off this movement.” came out (Q post 1296). Those who erupted were the ones who were perhaps being exposed to the Light, yet somehow not aligned with it.

Each and every one who reads this may make their own conclusions about what that all means.

To me this whole thing is that I have a choice. I can Erupt with the Light, and Erupt in the Light, meaning that I can understand that if I have my own internal (or external) eruption, something is trying to expose itself to my consciousness, and if I stay with the Light, and view that eruption in the Light of Higher Awareness, I can see that it was for my growth and Ascension.

But for those who have erupted in a “blasting” of Q (who apparently was simply making a statement, and not pointing out to whom it referred), well, maybe they’re not quite ready to wake up to why they “erupted”.

Kilauea erupting is such a reflective event for this planet, and aligns with what’s going on with the planet. The consciousness of the planet is expanding. The planet itself is expanding. Those who wish to expand with her must allow the eruptions to occur, and flow with them, and not judge the eruptions or try to resist them.

Attach to nothing. Allow the Light of Higher Consciousness to lift us Higher.

Aloha, Kp