Kp Message 8-9-17… “Something is ‘Bubbling’”

Something has been “bubbling”, in a way, trying to “get out”. And now it seems it is coming out.

I will be shortly “unavailable” for a few days, as I will be on another part of my current mission. Although I’ve unveiled a few details to a few people, I’m still getting that I’m still to keep the locations and paths “confidential”… until the entire mission is done. That’s all I’ll say for now.

On the planet, there truly is a lot of “bubbling”, from my view at least. And the bubbling appears to indicate some kind of “boiling point” is going to be reached. It’s possible that this could be during the 8-21-17 solar eclipse across the U.S. part of Turtle Island, or perhaps the eclipse is simply an “ignition point” for the fire which brings the water (consciousness) to a boil. I’m not exactly sure about these things, but it certainly “feels” like the “bubbling” is intensifying.

Unfortunately for those who do not want it, recognize it, or are asleep to it, the Inner Light cannot be contained, or trapped, or eliminated… from anyone. And the Cosmic “proddings” are becoming stronger and stronger, to awaken the sleeping consciousness, and move the awareness of everyone higher and higher and higher levels. What a great deal, baby!

All we have to do is remain open to unveilings, see what is asking to be released, and then go through whatever process needed to release those things. It’s different for everyone. We likely all have them. I certainly do, and am in a process of letting go and releasing what’s come into my own personal “awareness arena”.

This mission I’m currently on is also a part of that “unveiling”, “awakening”. It became clear to me, last June, that a certain “thing” was mine to do, and (not too) amazingly, all the tools needed were provided (including the monetary tools). And basically, I have agreed to go along and enjoy the ride… wherever it might take me.

That’s for all of us, I’m quite sure. Let the “mission” be unveiled, align one’s personal intent and JOY with it, and behold… the tools to complete it are there. Just be in Joy with it (and don’t resist it (aka, “bitch and moan” about it).

Anyway, that seems to be all… for now.

Aloha, Kp