Kauilapele’s Blog

There’s continuing to be “a lot of stuff” happening around the planet, especially in the so-called “US arena”. But personally I’m feeling in a state of “stasis”. It’s almost like there’s nothing really to do at this time, except allow the planetary theater to play itself out.

I’m sure I’m not the only one in this type of state. I’m continuing to allow my body (leg) to heal (and it is indeed improving each and every day), to clear items out which I’m not using anymore, and I’m continuing to “sense” that the current location where I am residing is (eventually, perhaps soon) coming to a close. But that I am taking those things one moment at a time.

This journey is not about “me only”, but the BEing known as “Kp” is understanding that it is connected to humanity (and Hue-manity) in a way that allows the Kp BEing to recognize and help release various planetary issues. I’m sure many others are involved in this way as well. Certain groups may ask for a particular Hue-man to help release items that have been “hanging around” for years, decades, millennia. So those individuals help humanity release them.

Right now I don’t know what the h— I’m doing to release anything, but here I am. Sitting on rear end, keeping leg elevated, taking pills (antibiotics) and staying still.

It feels like a phase of non-action. And non-getting-involved-in-anyone-else’-problems. Just taking care of the “issues” that are in my own arena.

Who knows what will happen as the deep state collapses. But at least I’ve got plenty of toilet paper!

Aloha, Kp