PrepareForChange LA 9.13

*Prepare For Change Los Angeles Mission Statement*

As you look out upon the world, you cannot help but see
flawed financial, political, business and educational
institutions crumbling before your eyes, brought down by
greed and corruption that in many cases is hard to stomach.

Yet, simultaneously, within your heart and soul, you may
also sense a feeling of expectancy and anticipation that
something wonderful is ready to appear before your very same
eyes that will validate the shifts that have been taking
place within you.

Your feelings and intuitions are very real. The subtle
shifts in your beliefs and attitudes are preparing you for a
majestic new world. Now is your chance to help usher in that
new world – a beautiful, just and peaceful world that allows
every being to express his or her god-given gifts to the
best of his or her ability. This is something that your
heart and soul inherently knows to do.

Our mission at Prepare for Change is to provide a meeting
place where people can spend time with others of like mind;
a sanctuary where people can share their ideas, experiences
and resources as we pass through these tumultuous times.

Initially, we plan to meet once a week and, in addition to
providing information, we intend to spend at least some time
aligning with our highest purpose to help us bring about
“heaven on earth.”

The great shift is upon us – it is time for change – to use
our power of Decree to start manifesting in alignment with
our highest aspirations.

If you believe that Divine Peace, Love, Compassion, Truth
and Beauty can manifest on Earth, then we welcome you to
share our vision as we Prepare for Change in our beloved
City of Angels.

We are here to – BE The Change – & to manifest together the first
true ” Council Of Light ” of our City Of Los Angeles !

With much Love for you : The Prepare For Change Los Angeles Team

” What Ever The Question, Love Is The answer “