Bear with this recording, as there are several interruptions and cut offs but the message is worth listening to through the end. This is based on a recent crop circle found in Marlborough, Wiltshire Uk on June 2nd.

Here is a posting from another site regarding this video…
Latest Crop Circle June 2 2012. Satellite to go down?
Posted by Two Feather

“Here is a video of the latest crop circle. Manton Drove, nr Marlborough, Wiltshire. Reported 2nd June.
The maker of this video claims it is telling us a satellite will go down and may affect cell phones or internet. When I saw this video I immediately though of a prediction from Joseph Tittel as follows:
‎58: A satellite or two run into several issues, one may even be destroyed completely. This causes worry and confusion when it interferes and causes an outage in something like television or cell phones. This could be from Solar Storms. One has to be replaced and a new one is sent up. When the new, or repaired, satellite goes up they run into more issues due to their rushing getting it up and running. Patience would be very beneficial beforehand.”