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Laura Legere 2Laura Legere: Restoring Justice To The Planet

Transcribed by Rhode Island Jim

[02:48 / 1:26:37] Alexandra Meadors: Good afternoon everyone. This is Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.com and this is a prerecorded interview for August 9, 2016 and before I dive into that and I would like everyone to know that, if you haven’t already felt it, hopefully, you are aware that things are really popping on the planet. Lots and lots of secret agents are getting, let’s say planted and getting ready for an amazing series of events to occur on this planet. So please be aware of that, I am calling on all guardians, all star-seeds, all light warriors, all light workers, whatever you want to call yourselves that you would be keenly aware of this time through the Lions gate and recognize that every intention that you are putting out to the planet, is ringing true, it is traveling not only through the planetary space, but there and beyond. Remember how much authority you are being given right now. It is those of us that are awake and and enlightened that have so much authority to generate and manifest exactly what we want. I just want to remind you of that. [04:22]

I also want to tell anyone, thank you so much for all the support and all the love, and all the beautiful emails and testimonials that continue to come in. We just love you guys so much and we thank you for appreciating that which we give you, even we are honored to be able to serve, not only the starseeds but in particular the healers and the practitioners of this world who I truly feel we could not be making it without them. So with that said, my guest today is Laura Legere and if any of you remember, I interviewed her, I believe last year and it was a really crappy video. I mean you just could hardly see her and I was kind of disappointed but we had to get it up there immediately so we are going to go ahead and interview her today.

I am with her in person and if you don’t remember Laura, she is a conspiracy optimist, this is what she calls herself, which is so absolutely true if you know her, you know that she is always good for a good joke. She’s the author of a book called “It’s Not Weird Anymore, An Extraordinary True Tale”. The writer of the 2011 readers favorite award. Since 1993, Laura has been a massage therapist, and man is she good! She just gave me one last night and I’m still like, in bliss. An educator, an instructor in essential oils for health, healing, and emotional release as well as nutrition.

Currently, Laura is studying common law through the National Liberty Alliance, which is really her true love, we are going to be talking about that today to become a common law court administrator and also inspiring others to join and help, and take back the corrupt courts and restore natural common law for you and me and We the People. So hang on and hang tight, because we’ve got a really really good interview coming up right this minute.

[6:08] Alexandra Meadors: So, hi everyone, I have one of my favorite people on the planet, Laura Legere and I want everyone out there to kind of give her a big applause and she’s going to say, oh, stop that, but truly she’s one of another, just holding the torch for all of us to really get it. To take action, to step into our power, to recognize that no one is going to give us our power back unless we proclaim it, and we take it back ourselves. We’ve got to step into our power. This is such an important time. We are stepping into the Lions gate, these are magical energies, and they are all about us, manifesting what we want, focusing on what we want, not on what we don’t want. And trust me, I’m going through similar experiences myself, really getting kicked in the butt by spirit and I couldn’t think of a better time to be interviewing her because she has really stepped heavily in the common law court, not only the proceedings, the documentations, what’s really going on behind-the-scenes and how the typical court systems are responding to the momentum and the movement of common-law. It’s very, very interesting what’s going on here and I think we need to hear this because I was listening to her the other night and I was, I thought, well, if I don’t know this may be a lot of you guys out there don’t know this.

So I do want to say one thing, there is a flyer for National Liberty Alliance, hopefully I you guys can read that. One of the things that it states is that all 50 states have been re-constituted since August 2014 for their common law grand juries. So I kind of wanted to talk to Laura a little bit about that but, the common law grand jury, we the people is the fourth level of government and it sits at the top. Above, the Supreme Court – woah! I don’t know about you, but that kind of resonates and common law grand juries can take back the corrupt courts, get rid of the agenda 21, smart meters, forced vaccinations, endless wars, criminal politicians, fake corrupt corporate governments and restore the original Constitution.

They do have conference calls, Monday nights, at 6 PM Pacific and that’s 9 PM Eastern and you will run in the Laura because she is very active in quite a few of these conference calls so anyway, what I want to do right now, though, is I want you to get to know her a little bit better. She’s blowing my mind, frankly, I mean since I’ve been here. I had no idea how fearless this woman was and so can you just give them a little bit of an idea, just your travels from the age of 17

[09:12] Laura Legere: From the age of 17? Okay…..

Alexandra: Yeah, just give a little, just a blurb on where you been what you’ve done. You guys have got to hear this today

[09:20) Laura: Okay well I was raised in Virginia, Roanoke, Virginia. And that was when I graduated 1974 and I wasn’t college material and I was a baby material so I decided I needed to travel to learn. So I went out to the West Coast and I started, well, actually I made ski boots in a factory and then I said oh I heard about fishing in Alaska, that’s a lot easier

Alexandra: That’s amazing

Laura: So I, for three seasons, I did commercial fishing in Alaska, trawling and then I went traveling for a year & a half on a sailboat. I sailed from Hawaii to Samoa and then I ended up going to Australia. It would take a lifetime to tell you all the stuff that happened in between, but I definitely learned a lot and ended up back in Seattle and

Alexandra: At what age?

Laura: 25

Alexandra: Oh my God

Laura: so I left when I was 23 and came back when I was 25, looking for maybe a better place, but I really didn’t find it and so then I ended up working on tugboats and taking rail-cars up to Whittier, Alaska and taking oil modules up to Prudhoe Bay, which is pretty much the North Pole, and I did that for – I don’t remember how many years I did that, but in ’86, I quit because I was in a relationship, and we were married and we barely ever saw each other, so we decided it was better if we try to get jobs in town and so I started working for the electrical company as a laborer and that I got on and started splicing high voltage cable for the power company and that felt like a prison, working with the city. I really couldn’t wait to get out but I still did it for seven years and so then I became a massage therapist because I was working so much overtime at the power company that I got massages because I did that and I just kind of transferred over to that, and to me, being your own business and a healer, it’s just, there’s no glass ceiling, and you can just keep going from there so that I did since ’93 and then 2 years ago I got involved, actually 2 ½ years ago I got involved with National Liberty Alliance and I never thought I would be interested in that kind of stuff, but if we can restore common-law back in the courts and get rid of the corrupt system, we can get a lot of people out of jail that don’t belong there. I mean, most people don’t. So……

Alexandra: When you say most, I mean what percentage are you talking about?

Laura: Well actually I would say about 90% of the people in there, don’t belong in there.

Alexandra: I mean, I think we all realize that, we just don’t know how bad it really is and I think

Laura: It’s terrible

Alexandra: you hear so many stories because you oversee some of these conference calls, can you give people an idea, # 1, what was the final kind of (snaps her fingers) ignition for you to jump fully into National Liberty Alliance?

[12:43] Laura: Well, I always I’ve always been a, a well as soon as I found it, I jumped in, because in Seattle, I was in an activist group, I still am, even though I live in Roanoke and we were fighting the smart meters and so I don’t know why, but it seemed like intuitively I kept hearing about a common law grand jury and saying I want it, somehow it presented itself through our activist group and when it came, is when we were reconstituting each state, which took – we had to put a notice in the newspaper, and you had to have 25, at least 25 people in your county sign that they wanted to do this something like that.

No, no, I’m sorry, at least 1 person. Because the way, there’s lots of counties in each state, and we were not connected to everybody in each county yet, but we could choose if there was plenty of people in one county, that wanted to do it, you could choose another county to represent, and that’s how we did it. It’s really on paper that we reconstituted for each, a common law grand jury in each state, but we still don’t have enough people doing the work. So what we’ve been doing is acting as the Unified United States Common Law Grand Jury and so we’ve been sending, we been blanketing the whole 94 districts, that’s all the districts in the United States, and we’ve been blanketing them with our documents.

The Quo Warrantos, and also we been helping, we have been helping people with their cases but we are more of an educational facility and the support so I am in charge, I’m co-captain of the courtroom observers so I have a conference call, a free conference call on Wednesday nights at 9 PM EST, and people call in with their cases and other people, there’s lots of helpful people on the call so I might have a few announcements but I let people talk to each other about what they been doing and there’s been really a lot to help with that, but the courtroom observer is a really important key person because you really want to have somebody that’s observing what is going on in the court and how the judge is behaving. They’re supposed to be neutral, so if they are angry or they’re too friendly to the prosecutor or they’re messing with the jury, they are not supposed to do any of that. So you can, but you definitely want to do fact writing “like who said what, you know quotes, and also if the judge is not being neutral, you can write that down, but you are actually documenting evidence, and the other thing that they do in a court they take the recorders, they record it live, but then they also take the stenographer’s recording, and they take it right to the judges chambers and they just start screwing around with it. So if you have a witness in there that is writing it all down, it’s a lot harder for them to do that, plus, they behave differently.

Alexandra: [16:00] Amazing

Laura: So what you do after you’ve written down your notes, we try to get people to be able record of the court, you’re supposed to be able to do it, but they have been really sticklers and basically telling you you can’t, even though that’s not lawful or legal but we don’t want you to get thrown out of the court, so the best thing you can do is sit there with a notepad and because if they’re really adamant, you can’t take recording equipment or your little camera, but some people can sneak it and do it anyway because everything is so small. Fine, do that, but we still don’t want you to get thrown out, so when you do you have an affidavit of evidence which you can fill out, we have instructions how to do that, we also have the affidavit itself that you can fill out, you know, use your notes and you can fill that out and that’s the evidence, and you can get it notarized.

And send it in to, if you are already working with some people, you can use them for that but sometimes, we have taken on people’s cases, but we have gotten a little overwhelmed, so you can do what you can. We are encouraging people, if they have really good connections, to use those too, not just us. And so we’ve found out, I mean I have listened to so many stories that have blown my mind about really, how the system works. I would never have known this unless I was doing this and so

Alexandra: Well let me ask you something, yes to jump in for a second. So basically all of you out there who have written in or have asked what can you do to take action while you are still working, okay, this is a fairly simple, easy, most amazing contribution to the freedom of this country. Okay and so when she was talking to me in more detail about this, it just seems to me like not only are you going to get educated by showing up at a courtroom date, but as long as you can take notes and if you are somebody like me who likes to journal and loves to write, you know, and was a scribe probably in another lifetime and I just love to write, I write all the time, it’s just right up your alley. So please contact her because we need more assistance. Apparently there is a lot of people that contact National Liberty Alliance who are desperately needing someone to watch their back, in the court room and just by your mere presence right, just by your mere presence….

Laura: Well, you really need to write it down

Alexandra: Yeah, but you know what I mean

Laura: But your presence, there was a case that, there was only one courtroom observer and it was a child protective services – don’t ever call them – anyway yeah just trying to steal people’s kids, and so this woman had three kids, and they took her…she had a baby, they didn’t take the baby but they took her boy and girl and they were making up all kinds of stupid reasons. They are crazy, I found out that for every kid they get, they create 30 jobs. I mean it’s just not

Alexandra: Wow

Laura: and so they get money if they give your kid to the parent, if there is two parents that are around, they will get, they somehow make money on giving the kid to the ne’er-do-well parent that’s not working and messed up. I don’t understand that part but I’ve heard from a guy that’s been helping people, they make money on the kids. If you’re poor, that seems really vulnerable to this, because you don’t have the money to fight them. If you have money, its less likely any of this will happen to you because – I just had it happen in my family, where I found out that my niece had her kid taken by child protective services because one of the family members was concerned and I totally freaked out, I totally freaked. hey gave the kid to the rich grandparents and

Alexandra: So because they had money, they didn’t lose a child

Laura: So I got that, but man when my mom told me that, I was totally messed up for..

Alexandra: Yeah, because CPS can be really nasty. Do you find that a lot of the cases, like for example, if it is a case that involves CPS, you said something to me about, once you pull them in, they don’t seem to leave.

Laura: Yeah

Alexandra: Can you talk a little bit about that?

Laura: [20:57] Well, even with the court system, it doesn’t even matter whether it’s CPS, but for the most part, if you start getting in trouble. I mean, however, they make you in trouble with the court system, they just keep dragging it out and dragging it out and extorting more and more money from you and it’s pretty serious. What I should say about this one case where they had one courtroom observer and she got her kids back. They were freaked out about him, guy that was in there observing, and so……

Alexandra: Observing, you see, the power in this – awesome

Laura: Because, We the People are the ones that have the authority that we think that we have been conditioned to think that we don’t and they do, I mean one judge, when they asked him, but what gives you the authority? And he said “my robe.” You know I mean it’s just ridiculous that we’ve, well they’ve trained us really good to believe all this stuff.

Alexandra: So here is what we’re doing guys, remember, I put the call out for ambassadors? And we ultimately want ambassadors from every state, every territory, in Canada, every country. And you haven’t heard back from me yet because, you will but there is other things that’ve popped up that take a priority, like super major priority and you will understand. But right now we are collecting all the names and if you want to contribute and help Laura, Laura and Michael are definitely coming on board and working with Galactic Connection, she’s going to start working the conspiracy arm which is really inclusive about legalities and law, lawful proceedings and going back to common law way of doing things so we really need that arm of GC to be fortified and she needs more help, NLA needs more help. So if you feel, especially as a guardian, justice is like part of your blood stream right, it’s inside all of us, justice and freedom. If you’re really feeling called, please contact her…….

Laura: Well actually the best thing for them to do is to just join national liberty alliance.org, you just go to the website and its the front page says join. It’s free, everything is free. We do really need, well, we are asking for five dollars a month because it costs a lot of money to do all these documents, especially blanketing the whole country at once, and we really do it all at once. I mean we do it to the clerks, to the judges, the marshals, and the sheriffs and we are really educating them. The other part were doing by sending them these documents, they’re getting educated because a lot of them didn’t know – DIDN’T KNOW!!

[24:02] And some of them are kind of irritated by what they ended up getting a job for, they did not know when they went to college that they were going to really start working for a criminal organization.

Alexandra: Wow

Laura: And so I feel like we’re getting them out of jail too because we really do have an silent people within the system that are cheering us on. We are not trying to throw them out. I know some of them, they kind of have this attitude that we are. They think that we are trying to take their jobs away. Well not really, we’re not trying to do that. If they want to get on board with us, fine. But if they are really being a criminal, then no. If they would prefer to do their job and uphold their oath to the Constitution, fine, they can stay and we have been…

You know so, right now we are working on Committees of Safety within your community. And so we are a lot of people, I am, actually I feel like I live in Mayberry RFD because my sheriff is awesome and he has been taking my documents, but he’s been getting them for a few years too, but now I put a face to the documents and then when I go to his meetings, he’s been having meetings on safety in the community and he has different themes and I just go to all the meetings because I’m developing a relationship with him and he told me that after a month or so, because he is going to be really busy, that I can have a private conversation with him about what we want to do and he said I gave him a little bit of it, and he said this is what we really want. Now not all sheriffs are like that by any means, but the ones that are, go for it. But also, even the ones that are a little reluctant, keep trying to meet with them and talk with them. So we’re trying to make a little more personal too, besides just sending documents, we did do this action in the spring where we, each, any NLA member in the state to go to the District Court’s and most states only have two district courts. And so I happen to live a couple miles from one which is really convenient, so my partner and I went down. We were asked to go down there and asked for photocopies of the front page of all the documents we have sent them in the last two years and we gave them a list.

Alexandra: Woah….

Laura: We wanted to see what they had to say because we were being witnesses to whatever they chose to do with them and we got excuses. I mean all of them were excuses. “Oh, we don’t keep records, we don’t keep documents of cases that are closed.” Well, it’s not a closed case for one, and but that was the answer, but we weren’t there to argue with them, we were there to witness what they did then we filled out affidavits as proof of their felony, basically. Refusing to file paperwork and the other thing about charging you money to file paperwork is totally illegal too.

Alexandra: And they do that all day long

Laura: And they do that all day long every day and when John, a lot of his documents, if they didn’t file them, he would send the clerk a notice that they were going to be sued for extortion and then they would file it. You know, so it’s, it’s empowering to learn all this stuff. We have two free courses on the website. One is a 120 hour civics course, and the other one is the constitutional course, so you can take those and if you are a member you have access to a lot more pages on the website. So it’s important to become a member and it would be nice if we got $5 dollars a month at least. But you don’t have to, especially…. a lot of people are pretty…..I mean I’ve talked to people, because of their situations, they… the system took everything away from them. I mean, I’ve met people that their kids were taken away, all their assets, they are living in their car, so because maybe their spouse was in with the judge or that kind of stuff.

Alexandra: And that’s really common

Laura: [28:28] Right, yeah, or their spouse is a lawyer that, a card-carrying lawyer.

Alexandra: So I want to ask all of you that are listening to this, isn’t there something within you, that’s just burning to jump out, of your, you know your skin and jump out of your house and jump out of your cave? If you feel like you’ve just not found where you want to go and what you want to do for this planet, this is such an opportunity to me that be literally, its literally on the ground floor level right now, and the sky is the limit but you have to understand this is truly where we are going. There is no way that we’re going to stop this momentum because of this is our true divine law. I mean this is where we are going. I say to all of you, this used to be normal that you would sit around the table and talk about your legal rights, back in the turn of the century and beyond, when you were slinging guns, that was perfectly normal for you to really know your own rights. We have completely been dumbed down in that way, we have no clue what our rights are. This is a time that we need to step in and really educate ourselves. So for all of you out there, if you can please support National Liberty Alliance and people such as Laura and start developing a network here because we can really do some serious damage was corrupt legal system. How awesome of a great feeling, would that be of an accomplishment? You know to really carry us into the new earth?

Laura: You know I had this awesome letter from somebody, that said their paygrade was waaaaay above Congress and they said that the cabal were shaking in their boots, for what National Liberty Alliance has done in a very short amount of time

Alexandra: Wow –

Laura: and he said if you think you’re not doing anything, you are

Alexandra: Right on

Laura: And he really was behind us for doing what we have done. I have heard from a friend of mine that has her Intel and she said that there is a bunch of common law lawyers that are not bar-carrying lawyers that are working in secret to restore the Republic

Alexandra: I totally believe that, that’s so awesome

Laura: So we think what we are getting is that they’re cheering, because we are public, they’re cheering us on in secret.

Alexandra: Yeah, and they’re supporting you, but quietly.

Laura: Right. They said that the cabal is shaking in their boots, behind closed doors and specially this judicial system. Now to us, the judicial system is the systemic, one of the major systemic problems because it protects all these criminals and they’re criminals, I mean a lot of people that work within that system are criminals too, so if we restore common-law, in the courts, which is just common sense. That’s all it is, I mean there are just people in jail, they didn’t even, there’s people in jail, rotting in jail with no conviction at all, a lot, because they….

Alexandra: So audacious huh?

Laura: [32:06] Yeah, it is, if you saw Michael Moore’s movie, “Who Are We Going to Invade Next?” Did you see that?

Alexandra: No, but I’ve heard about it.

Laura: It’s really good. I mean, it shows all of these systems in the other countries, and definitely I’m sure everybody heard this, we have the most incarcerated rate, the biggest population of incarcerated people in the world and plus they’re not rehabilitated in there!

Alexandra: Of course not, they’re not supposed to be. It’s all part of the system being broken

Laura: So, in Norway, you’re only, no matter what you did the worst thing you could possibly think of. You can never stay in there longer than 21 years and you are taken to kind of like a fishing resort, like you’re isolated from people, you have to be with people but they’re teaching you how to be good neighbors is what they are saying and they have to cook for each other, and do stuff and the people in there actually were quite enlightened, it seemed like. Now one of the other things was, I forgot which country, I can’t remember, I need to see it again because I got mixed up on what country was what, but one of the countries, if you are locked in maximum you are going to maximum-security prison, the guards sang We Are the World to you when you got there. I mean it’s so different and

Alexandra: (short astounded laugh)

Laura: I know, you have to watch the movie, it’s fantastic.

Alexandra: I know, there are so many movies I want to see

Laura: And so our system and also Michael Moore asks the guards and police in these other countries, what message to give Americans. You know, and they told us you have to lighten up and stop treating people so horribly you know, you need to start helping, really seriously helping them instead of just beating them up, locking the key.

Alexandra: I think the other thing your touching upon, and I think people would agree is we have spent a lot of time creating momentum to bring awareness to this planet so people are aware that there is this very maniacal force, this oppositional force that is trying to literally kill off the human race. We’ve done a really good job in that area, it’s not that we don’t need to continue because there’s so many people that are asleep, but for those of us have already been there and done that, we already know about that, the next step is, what do we want? And making decisions, taking the action to bring it to the forefront. So this is just such a perfect opportunity, I think, and I want you to talk to them, this blew my mind. Talk to them a little bit about, we are all really well aware of child protective services, tell them a little bit about the adult protective services

Laura: Well, you know Adult Protective Services is sort of I guess to me they are one and the same, it seems like it’s the same agency, especially if the elderly have assets, and they are really isolated, they go after them and they make up documents to get guardianship over it, the adult, I’ve talked to people where they just took the parent away and wherever they’re being held at, they won’t let them talk to them because the lawyers are in charge of their whole estate and how they’re cared for

Alexandra: Oh – My – God!!

Laura: [35:52] Now I did talk this one guy was an NLA member, this was a couple years ago and he put the story up on the forum and it said that his mother is 90 years old, but totally “with it” and he is an NLA member, but his two sisters really want to steal their mom’s property , so they gave her some drugs and made her seem like she was crazy and called the…whatever.. to put her, she was in a mental institution and her son was her advocate and he kept saying do not sign anything and you demand by whose authority and she did that. So they just let her out because she was too much trouble, which was good and he said if you want to call her, here’s her number, her name is Velva. She’s in South Dakota or something. So I called her up and I was really happy letting her know that I was really happy that she got out, but she was saying, “what can I do?” I said, well, do you have a computer and she said yeah but I don’t know how to use it. I said, but yet you have a phone, if you just get in on the calls you can listen in on it and just get educated and then share it with people

Alexandra: Right on

Laura: And she said you never know that this kind of stuff is going on until it really happens to you. And she said “when I was in there I saw all these old people and they were like zombies and I know that they had just gotten in the same way that I had”. I mean, it’s the same thing. I know people at this, they did this, okay, so certain people are fighting the system, and they just go bust down your door and arrest you and just make up stupid charges that are fake. They want to give you drugs so you end up with brain damage, and they’ve seen people in there that they did that to because their brain is messed up and they really can’t function to fight anymore. I mean it’s just nuts! I do petitions, yeah, because there is an energy force behind it, but just doing signing petitions all the time to the people that are doing it. The Senators and the Congress people that are a huge part of the problem, and we’re always asking criminals, do the right thing. Well where does that get you? Well I do have that with people that have a lawyer, a bar carrying lawyer and they just think because because they’re arguing common sense, they have to get it, and they’re not arguing common sense, they don’t care about it. It is a for-profit private corporation is what the judicial system is.

Alexandra: [38:35] Which means it could never mean unbiased.

Laura: Right, because they are about making money

Alexandra: it could never be about freedom

Laura: I mean there are people who have gotten out of situations because they knew how to do it now, some people really know how to orate and they’re really powerful wherever they are, but for the majority of us, it is not worth it for us to go and try and do that unless you really have the same conviction and stamina and knowledge that they did. So the simplest thing to do, is, if you are in trouble, or if you have to go to court is that the whole case is laid out in the paperwork, that’s it, it’s in the paperwork, it’s laid out very simply. You take a bunch of copies with you, you take a copy for the judge. Keep a copy for yourself. You might give one to the bailiff, or even one to the prosecuting attorney and they’re going to try to get you to speak and trip up your paperwork so what you do, the simplest thing to do, it’s in the paperwork, I will bug you again, it’s in the paperwork, bother you again, it’s in the paperwork, you stick to that and if they keep bothering bother you, you pick up the paperwork and start reading it and that’s it, that way you’re not giving them authority over you or messing up what you’ve already laid out for them.

Alexandra: So clarify it, so what she’s saying is you have your paperwork, you give it to the judge,

Laura: You give it your whole case

Alexandra: and the only thing you say is, “It’s in the paperwork.”

Laura: And if they keep bugging you, you pick up the paperwork and start reading it

Alexandra: Okay, so everybody get that clear…

Laura: the basic thing to do

Alexandra: Because I know that when I spoke with Winston Shrout, and I’ve had many interviews with him, there’s so much power and authority that we’re giving back over to the court system through our language,

Laura: that’s right

Alexandra: We don’t know it, and they know that we don’t know it so they use that to be able to keep us in prison, basically. So this is a really good tip and I felt like so fired up to have her on today. So what other hot topics, do you continue to see coming through NLA?

Laura: [40:49] Well, we really were working on the standoff in Oregon.

Alexandra: Yeah now tell them about that, that one’s fascinating, I think they’ll love it.

Laura: Well, okay so we were monitoring it, it wasn’t, NLA didn’t really condone what they did, we didn’t really recommend it because, we are trying to keep people from going to jail and for even doing that, we don’t recommend, we do help you and give you courtroom observers, if you’ve done that, but we don’t recommend people go around without a drivers license and without license plates and all that stuff, because you end up in jail, a lot of times. Yes, you’re right. But if you end up in jail, how are you going to do anything and then you get stuck in that system. So there is, things like that, we don’t recommend because chances are you going to get into trouble, and so we’re going after the systemic problem. So once we actually are able to restore the common law in the court, then all that stuff is going to go away anyway, it won’t exist so that’s why we’re going after bigger fish. The same thing with the birth certificate, that old stuff will be going away, you will be going to the commerce department and being traded on Wall Street, your strawman, all that stuff. We don’t recommend doing any of that. Because too many people will get in trouble

Alexandra: I have heard the same thing, just to share with everybody, I had a close friend that actually returned his Social Security number back and he went through this entire process because we were educated on this, from start to finish, where to go, what to file, what to say, where to send the documents, etc. etc. and he went from start to finish. Okay, just silly fines, because you have the file documents and what he found out was he successfully extracted his SSA number, but he then found out when he wanted to travel, out of the country, they actually arrested him. Yeah, they took him into custody, and they looked at him as a, I don’t know, I forgot what they called it

Laura: Well, we are all terrorists, now

Alexandra: [43:09] Yeah but I mean if they pulled that garbage on him, you have to be really careful, we are in the midst of taking back our power, and going back to the basics of common-law. But we are in a bridging situation right now because the law of the land is been this very corrupt system that we call what court? Judicial system, whatever, well, I don’t even want to say that. It’s so non-justice. We are literally trying to figure out where to go, how do we go over the bridge to where we want to go without getting into too much hot water so I feel like a lot of people are probably going to ask me, Kevin Annett, he’s very very adamantly opposed to bridging, he just wants to go straight to common law and he’s been doing that and he’s had some successes. But he knows his stuff. I mean, from start to finish, so if you’re like, super educated, like Winston and Kevin and people like that, go for it. But I think this is more of a logical approach for people that are getting started.

Laura: Right, and it’s safe, so, back to the standoff in Oregon, we sent two people from NLA to just get affidavits from people and I’m glad they got out of there, when they did, they really only stayed a day or two and that’s it. But right after that is when it got really bad. They saw what a zoo and a circus it was, because there was crisis actors there too, and there was Blackwater or whatever you want to call them now, Greystone mercenaries. And before that, they were actually talking to the FBI and having a good dialogue and all of a sudden it was like oh, we can’t have that. So we really know that they brought in the Blackwater mercenaries to do what they did, I think they probably were going to massacre, it seems like they were trying to massacre all the people that were in LaVoy Finicum’s van or try but somehow divine intervention, I mean really, that and also this

Alexandra: Bundy, the Bundy’s?

Laura: Well I’m gonna go back just to finish this part, but the woman there is a Nevada, I don’t know if it’s a Congresswoman or assemblywoman or something who saved the four people that were left at the rescue because they were going to be ambushed and they stayed live streaming all night with her, they wouldn’t, she asked for helicopter to come and pick her up so that she could go and they refused to do it. So she drove all night long to get them out and that’s how they live really

Alexandra: Right on, whoever that is

Laura: Michelle, I forgot.., but she was awesome

Alexandra: Thank you, Michelle

Laura: Yeah and so

Alexandra: We need more people like that

Laura: Yeah and so anyway, but we have been working with people, activists that have been really still working on their case and we’ve got witnesses there, and we’ve got affidavits from like 30 people that go every time there’s a court thing, I’m not sure what the status of it is, but they just had another showing in the court and the guy that reported on Monday night, he said everybody was crying, everybody. And so

Alexandra: Oh….tears of joy? I

Laura: Not, well, I just feel like it was the truth, somehow how was being told in there and I wasn’t there so I don’t know exactly what happened but I do get calls from the two women that were really major active, they have orchestrated the whole thing and they just need information from me, so I give it to them but I don’t know all the stuff that’s going on there, but yeah then they conglom’d all those people and laid the Bundy ranch out to be this big illegal operation where there was major divine intervention going on there, because they put, so the BLM guys, they were not, when they were called in, they were not told what the heck they were going to be doing, they just weren’t. And so….[47:59] towards the end there and okay so the first people that came upon that to protect the Bundy’s was grandmothers and their grandkids because they knew they were going to be shot if they didn’t do it,

Alexandra: Mmm,hmm

Laura: Then more people came in, more of the militia and the oath keepers came in and the BLM actually got cornered in like a kill zone, this was on purpose because they were trying to get a bloodbath going. They had snipers up in different parts trying to get both sides, to pick off both sides, to get the guns going and they do that all over the place. They did that in (boy, I wish my brain would quit doing this to me..)

Alexandra: Short laugh from Alexandra

Laura: In Russia, in Russia, but

Alexandra: Ukraine?

Laura: Ukraine they did that in the Ukraine and they caught the mercenaries doing that and actually I read a report where there was a whole bunch of Greystone mercenaries missing and they didn’t know where they were and they caught them picking off both sides, and I remember even watching some police … caught our CIA agent on the streets and they put it up on YouTube and they identified them and everything anyway, so this is the same tactic they do in all the false flags. So what happened was, none of the guns would work, so

Alexandra: Right on

Laura: the militia went up to the, they found the snipers and the snipers were pointing their guns at them, trying to shoot at them and nothing was happening. So the militia told them, just go back to their “Friendly’s” is what they said just go back to your group, and they sent them back there and Col. Potter and the head of the militia, I forgot his name but they were talking about how they definitely felt the divine presence took care of the situation. So……

Alexandra: Awesome, it’s kind of nice to hear from you because everybody has read up on it, but I know you have these connections that have actually been able to tell you, on the ground, testimony.

Laura: Right, so, I mean some of it is just from me being plugged in that way and not necessarily from NLA but so what else, so this action, we did just recently, they were refusing to, a lot of them are refusing to file our habeas corpus’s,which means show cause, they have to prove cause for what they’re doing to this person. And they hate them and they don’t file them, but they don’t get rid of them. They just put them on the desk somewhere and it is a felony to not file it, so, but they’ve been doing this across the country. So this one woman came up with this idea in New York and she was working with some people that this happened to, so what we did was we did a phone calling campaign. So I sent out a notice, nationally of who to call and what to say, a script, but you can change it up a little bit or whatever, it’s just a sample. But you had the bullet points of what they were telling them they were doing wrong, so we did a phone calling campaign and this week we faxed them, we just bombed them with faxes about the same thing. So we’re seeing what’s going to happen with that, but the more we do this, it keeps the people that are working there, that are on the fence or honest, they’re fine with it, they like it, you know?

Alexandra: So you are affecting the minions, so to speak

Laura: [51:36] Yeah

Alexandra: Or the people that are on the fence, and are not really sure what’s going, right

Laura: Right, but they’re being educated. I remember one time we were sending, (what were we sending them?) This is, I don’t know a while, over a year ago, I forget which document it was, it was basically laying out what they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing, but they’re criminal behavior and has all the Constitution in it and everything. So some people called up the clerk and said, “did you get that document?” “yeah I got that document” and hung up. Then he calls them back and says “I want you to read it to me”.

Alexandra: Great

Laura: So she starts reading and she says “hey this is cool.” You just don’t know who was there, we’re not trying to throw the people out of their job.

Alexandra: Trying to work with who’s already functioning there, it was kind of like what Winston Shrout has said, and he takes a lot of heat for this comment, he’s like , “we really just need to work within the system, we don’t throw the system out, work within it and just restructure it, right?”

Laura: That’s what we are doing because the structure is there and I understand Kevin, I understand why he’s doing that, but I also feel like everybody has a piece of the puzzle, he’s get a huge, huge , HUGE piece

Alexandra: Yes, he does

Laura: But so do we

Alexandra: I totally agree, I think the light, you know, and this is the other reason why the finger-pointing within any community needs to stop, because everyone is being sent in on their own passion and their own way to be kind of like being able to clear the road, clear the pathway through that lens and ultimately, if we have 1000 different lenses going towards one focal point, we have a much better chance of breaking that free and affecting the planet than if we only had three lenses and three pathways and that’s basically the way the light works.

Laura: Right, I remember going onto this website called, what was it called something alpha “Roundup Alpha’

Alexandra: I like that, I heard about that

Laura: No, “Round Op Alpha” and it said pick your favorite Cabal members to arrest

Alexandra: (Alexandra laughs)

Laura: [54:06] (laughing). They were serious anyway. And there was some really interesting comments and somebody said, Why can’t you all get together, all the people that are doing all this stuff, why can’t you just be one big group? And the answer was really good and he said “at this time, it’s really important that we work with our own individual piece because of the infiltration”. It will be so easy for them to infiltrate it, it’s like anonymous, they can’t. They have a hard time doing anything with it because there is no head”.

Alexandra: Why do people think that the “One World Government”, designed itself that way? Right?

Laura: Oh, you mean so it can be infiltrated?

Alexandra: No, because it can be, because of the way that is designated and it’s impervious because it’s in everything.

Laura: Well that’s kind of what they did anyway.

Alexandra: You know, even though it’s one world, we all know that is completely taken over every aspect of society. And we should be doing the same thing.

Laura: That’s right

Alexandra: [55:22] We should be doing the same thing, so I’d did wanna just bug everyone, I got an email the other day and it did go up on the blog, it’s really big news, so Kevin Annett was just informed that a local TV broadcasting station with 250,000 viewers in Spokane, Washington is actually going to publicize and broadcast our on-the-fly interview from July 9 (2016). So they are asking for support and that’s really important because that whole thing is all about. There were a couple of tidbits in there, one was about a priest who has now made it policy that priests are no longer allowed to be alone with children, I believe in his district. However, they do it in the Catholic faith. Which to me is a shot pffft (they both laugh with combined unrecognizable dialogue) going and going if that’s abuse of……

Laura: What’s the point of going if…… if that’s the risk? Why would you listen to somebody that that was the risk?

Alexandra: I mean it just shows that they are getting nervous, you know, and Kevin’s really making some… and that was in Canada where it’s really dangerous for him, right there. So anyway, if you haven’t heard that interview, please do. But back to liberty alliance (National Liberty Alliance). You also talked about one of the major things that’s coming through is the seizure of lands so can you talk a little bit about that because

Laura: Yeah

Alexandra: that’s something that’s probably near and dear to all of our hearts. So if you purchased your own home or your own property, if you’ve been educating yourself, you’re finding out that you never really owned it to begin with, okay, but can you take it from there?

Laura: Well okay to me, I mean this is, the Cabal’s money is being cut off at different places, so they’re really going after people’s property now. Now what they would do is make up documents saying that you were the tenant, and not the owner, and you weren’t paying your rent, that’s what they do and take it into court, and the person would have all the proof that they had the title, the deed, you know that they paid it off, and all this stuff, I had a judge that said, “well I don’t care what you have, we’re taking it” and stuff like that.

Alexandra: [57:53] But if you had a witness right, if you had a witness??

Laura: Well, yeah, it’s better to have an affidavit. But here’s the thing, even if it doesn’t work in your favor at this moment, you are keeping evidence and documentation of what happened so that when the common law is restored, you will be righted, that will be right, it will be fixed. I did ask John one time about all the Native American treaties, I said so when we get there, are we going to restore all the treaties? And he said, “well, we have to find out what the treaty is and what’s there now and make up some kind of solution to it.” So we are going to have to deal with that too, but once we have really restored common law in the courts, then we’re not going to have to fight this thing anymore, then we’re really going to get down to good stuff.

Just take care of stuff that needs to be done in the community as a volunteer on this board and there’s not just the same people, it’s a revolving thing where everybody gets to be on the common law grand jury and help that, and that’s what they used to do in the colonial days, that’s what they did. They use the court as a community forum. That’s what they had it for too. And at the time, the church was more of a what, what would you call it, a place where you could, you tithed, I think it was mandatory, to tithe, anyway but still it was all

Alexandra: Let’s all buy into that, anyway, (laughing)

Laura: But back then, it supported the widows and orphans, they had something for people who didn’t have somebody that was supporting them, or a way to support themselves. And there were more lawyers, because during that time there were more law books sold in America, because everybody was becoming a lawyer and they didn’t want to fight us in the courts from England because we knew too much.

Alexandra: So, really, this whole thing is about all of us, I’m talking enlightened people, right. I mean that’s, do not forget that its the enlightened community that is blazing the trail. It’s not about the masses here, it’s about those of us that have this wisdom and knowledge, that are going to make the difference on this planet, it’s really up to us. You can’t keep looking at the masses. You’ve got to look at ourselves and recognize that because of the authority that we been given and that we already have, that we are the ones that are going to start the momentum. To me again, how cool is that to be at the ground floor level? We are going to watch this thing explode, literally explode if it hasn’t already started, it’s a slow start and…

Laura: The more powerful people that put their energy in it, the more it gets it to go. I mean it really gets momentum. Now I do want to say one thing, John, who started National Liberty Alliance, he’s a very religious, caring, honest person, but it was a Sunday school teacher and so I just am asking not to get turned off by his religious stuff. Most of the real leadership in national liberty alliance really isn’t religious but he’s the voice, so we just let because that’s not the point of what we are doing so we just let that go.

Alexandra: So if you didn’t figure out what she’s really saying, which is really saying is don’t get caught up in the religiosity if you happen to be on one of his calls in the very beginning. So if you’re currently in the very beginning, he reads Scripture.

Laura: Something. What I mean is, that’s not really the point. I just don’t want people to think it’s a religion thing.

Alexandra: Right

Laura: That’s why I say that.

Alexandra: If it doesn’t float your boat, just stay focused on the goal at hand, which is let’s take our legal rights back through common law, which is our divine sacred birthright and we are really, truly, in this instance, we are really, truly going back in time, going back in time to reeducate ourselves. And remember what, how do you say it – unalienable rights, we really have. That’s kind of exciting, because we have just been so oppressed for so long and there have been as she says there have been some victories

Laura: Oh well, yeah, there have, well, especially getting that letter from that guy you don’t know, we don’t know, you see the thing is, it’s not going to be, they’re not going to announce that we did this or we’ve won this, they’re not going to announce it. You just have to know that certain things happen. Now, I guess I, I probably never finished that, oh no, I told you about that woman getting her kids back when she just had a courtroom observer

Alexandra: I think the courtroom observer’s a really a big deal

Laura: It really is because you are supporting this person, the people that are, the judge of the prosecuting attorney, they – don’t – like it – at all!

Alexandra: I don’t know, does that fire you up? It fires me up.

Laura: (laughing) One guy told me, one guy, he said he sat in the back, oh, I know, he sat in the back with his friend and they just kept writing and they just sat in the back and they watched the judge and the prosecuting attorney, just totally freak out, about who, they didn’t know who they were, they thought because there’s supposed to be some kind of watch group anyway within that system

Alexandra: yeah right

Laura: and so they’re always like, ooohh, I wonder if that’s them? They don’t know who it is. But this person said it was most fun they ever had in their entire life. (breaks into laughter) [01:03:48]

Alexandra: [01:03:48] Because they’re really affecting it

Laura: Right exactly.

Alexandra: I think it’s hilarious

Laura: I mean, I’ve done it, I mean before I got into National Liberty Alliance, I had two friends of mine were having to declare bankruptcy, because they had to get out of this personal growth program (laughing again). It sounds really weird but, anyway they were leaders in it because the modules were great but the people of the top were really messed up. And so, and they also, if you’re a high leader and you try to get out, you have to go bankrupt because you put your all into it and then they go in and they go in on your bankruptcy and try to draw it out forever, so I watched one of my friends learn how to be an investigator, and she took this $850 an hour lawyer, that was flown in from LA, down!

Alexandra: Wowwww

Laura: I mean it was great and I stayed in the courtroom as a witness, but I was there actually to hold more energy and I was really doing the Violet flame, and all kinda stuff like that, that was before I got into this stuff, I just

Alexandra: I’ve got to say something that’s popping in, now for all of you that are listening and you’re saying to yourself, yeah….. Okay, courtroom observer, filing affidavits, you know, what’s that word, counteracting, not responding to a habeas corpus, right?

Laura: Right

Alexandra: you know, yeah, yeah yeah yeah you know it doesn’t do anything, I’ve been there, done that, 10 / 20 years ago when was really fired up and I just was always an uphill battle. We are no longer there. We are really getting divinely supported, now, more than ever. So if you are hearing that thought pattern in your head, erase it and try again because now you are going to find, if you literally command and proclaim that you need assistance from the light, and you walk into a courtroom, I swear it’s just happening just is happening.

Laura: Right,

Alexandra: I mean it really is happening.

Laura: I did that a long time ago, I got a some kind of, I don’t even want to explain it, but I’ve got a, … I was not in the wrong,

Alexandra: Right

Laura: But I could see how, and somebody had really messed with my car in the parking lot and they made me look like I was the one that screwed up and I didn’t so I took pictures and I went in to fight it, it was only 50 bucks but still…..

Alexandra: [01:06:25] It’s the principle

Laura: Yeah and so I went in there and I just did this whole energy thing, it was full of people and the judge, and I was just breathing in, I’m compassion and peace, happy and breathe out, happiness and joy and I just kept doing that and I know he was staring at me for once, but (laughing) when I got up there he goes oh yeah were going to give you your $50 back (laughs again). He goes yeah he was really, like joking with me and everything (laughing) yeah they really messed up (still laughing) doing something energetically is really powerful too.

Alexandra: So important. And they really are excited about seeing us taking action. So again, I’m stressing, this is another arm of Galactic Connection. We want to just pull the guardians forward, pull all of you forward that are really drawn to do something on a justice and freedom level, if you’re not feeling like you are contributing, this is such an awesome opportunity to start networking with fellow guardians and friends. And I just really think it’s a great opportunity to start pulling us all together. Now with that said, you know as well as I do we need assistance, in being able to orchestrate and bring all these people together, so just again, be patient because you know we’re in the midst of kind of figuring this all out and pulling it together, so it works for everybody, so it’s a win-win. [01:07:53] I have a question for you, it says here NLA has aligned with the constitutional Sheriffs, Oath-keepers, and militias, can you talk a little bit about that?

Laura: Well, it hasn’t been easy to do that, but we have Oathkeepers that are members of NLA

Alexandra: Right

Laura: and there are militia members too, so, and the constitutional sheriffs, it’s interesting because there was a…, you know Sheriff Mack was the head of the constitutional sheriffs right and he actually had to give it over to a family, a husband and wife and their son.

Alexandra: Why?

Laura: Well, I don’t know, I think he just was really busy and he wanted them to take over that part, but he has, Sheriff Mack has his opinions about how things are supposed to be done

Alexandra: Right

Laura: And so does John (laughing again)

Alexandra: Oh boy

Laura: Well, we do……..It’s still educating but the family totally embraced us, the family, so we’re working with them and there are some really good sheriffs, so I don’t know if the sheriff that I am connecting with in my city is uhh, considers himself a constitutional Sheriff, but I’m going to find out and see if he wants to do that anyway. You know, because he seems like he is really for the people.

Alexandra: Yeah, and that’s the key

Laura: And he takes my documents, I mean, even the first time that I went to his meeting, they put me on TV and asked me all these questions and then they showed me handing him documents on TV (laughs again),

Alexandra: Really?

Laura: Yeah but nobody knew what I was handing him

Alexandra: Yeah, but still

Laura: Yeah, but I thought that was pretty interesting

Alexandra: it’s acknowledging your actions

Laura: coughs

Alexandra: (laughing), you can cough Laura, well I just was wondering that’s a really important alliance to make with, not only the constitutional Sheriff’s, but the Oathkeepers. I know they have a really strong role to play. I have blogs and stuff of theirs in the past. Now the militia, I mean they all play their role, so I guess, one of the other things that I was wondering is, you must run across sooooo many varied perspectives of the definition of freedom, you know what I mean?

Laura: Not really

Alexandra: Well, you know, meaning like you might have the love and light community that is totally anti-gun

Laura: Oh, oh I see

Alexandra: and then you might have the militia that is totally pro-Second Amendment, and what we are going to be learning on this journey is to be tolerant of one another and how we define that freedom to be.

Laura: [01:10:52] Right, well okay

Alexandra: Do you get what I mean?

Laura: Yeah, because of the information and the guardianship and the higher spiritual stuff that we are connected with, that’s my protection.

Alexandra: Yeah

Laura: So, but a lot of people don’t know that or have that and I still feel like the people that are owning guns are keeping us from being taken over (laughing), I’m serious

Alexandra: Well, oh my God, it’s documented

Laura: Yeah

Alexandra: In historical documents.

Laura: England told us not to do it, Australia told us not to do it, because they been sitting ducks ever since they did it

Alexandra: Exactly

Laura: It’s terrible because the bad guys are the ones that always have them anyway

Alexandra: Right

Laura: You know

Alexandra: And it is a balance of power, it is a balance of power, you know, Simon was saying there is no question, the United States of America is the catalyst, like everything is being banked on where we go from here and I feel like so much of it is because we are one of the few countries that still has legal guns

Laura: Right, and every time they do a call-back, more gun sales. I mean, it totally backfires like crazy

Alexandra: Yeah, I wanted you to tell them that, that’s pretty funny

Laura: Backfires every time

Alexandra: That’s pretty hilarious

Laura: I know

Alexandra: And tell them about the false flag thing that you saw the other day.

Laura: Do you mean,

Alexandra: Do you remember we were talking about that?

Laura: which one?

Alexandra: I know, there’s so many, is just ridiculous. It was something like it actually came from the FEMA website

Laura: Oh, I yeah, it wasn’t the FEMA website, it was the, it wasn’t the guy at the DNC, some guy and the war and Trump made this big thing and they had to take down, this father is a lawyer who is doing, he has this whole thing on immigration to get all the refugees in here or something, I’m not really saying this very well at all, I mean, but he had to take down this entire law firm website because it was up there, showing the connection of that whole you know, what? Trying to make Trump look really, because you know it’s not hard to do….. (breaks up laughing)

Alexandra: But I mean you are saying that he exposed the connection between the Trump campaign, and the actors?

Laura: At the Democratic National Convention, there was a father and a mother who’s son died in the war and he was from another country.

Laura: See, I have an advantage (laughing hysterically) sorry, it’s just too. I don’t know but

Laura: That’s okay. Anyway

Alexandra: Sorry, I didn’t mean to put you on the spot

Laura: But he’s the guy, the father who was trying to make Trump look bad, is totally in Hillary’s, like in the Clinton foundation, so he had to take down his whole law firm website because it was exposing stuff that they didn’t want people to see, but he took down the whole website for their business,

Alexandra: Wow

Laura: you know for that. So I don’t know that that was what you were talking about, because there’s so many things, I just get them jumbled in my head

Alexandra: Things are just popping man, there’s so much evidence coming forward, and so much exposure coming forward. Now you’ve got the bounty

Laura: Oh that

Alexandra: bunch of heads which, say that, talk about that. You had a very interesting perspective. There was an article put out from someone that stated that oh, you know it’s not really something you should do because, remember you were talking about…..

Laura: Oh, yeah, something

Alexandra: [01:15:03] No no no no no, you were talking about. They were saying that you should not bother doing the bounty because they’re just going to bring in

Laura: another bounty from the other people, right.

Alexandra: And you felt like, well, isn’t that the whole point of it? Because, first of all we are trying to dwindle their funds, right. I mean were not trying to….

Laura: Exactly. Then, so that would, I don’t even know if they have the funds to do that

Alexandra: But at least they’re trying

Laura: They might put an article out that says that “oh you better not because we have another one on top of you, anyway” (short laugh)”

Alexandra: Which actually showed that it was Rothschild related or Rockefeller related, it seemed like to me

Laura: Right

Alexandra: I forgot where you got that from. But anyway, I thought that was kind of interesting. Well but okay so is there anything else that you want to talk about, before I let you go?

Laura: Well, we need a lot more volunteers for National Liberty Alliance and it would be nice to have some really high-vibe people

Alexandra: And that’s YOU!

Laura: Yeah, and so because the more people like that in it, it makes it way stronger.

Alexandra: (singing). We’ve got the power

Laura: Just go to national liberty alliance.org and join and get on the Monday night calls. We have conference calls Monday, I guess there is one on Tuesday too, it’s kinda iffy, but I would go Monday and you can get online on Wednesday night and then there’s the Thursday night call which is for the District leaders and the sheriffs committee calls too, and the committee of safety.

Alexandra: You are on the committee of safety right?

Laura: Well I guess I am, I didn’t officially join, but they always say hey, you’re on this, and you are on that and I go really, I didn’t

Alexandra: Yeah, because that’s because you’re so good at this……..

Laura: Anyway, so all the calls are 9 PM EST, so I would go Monday and then Wednesday and then Thursday and they’re in, when you go to the main page, it says MONDAY NIGHT CALL and it’s all the same number. It’s all the Monday night call room, it’s all those other ones 9 o’clock, EST and the Monday night call can go till midnight but you don’t have to, I would say the first part is usually just giving everybody an update on what’s happening next, or what’s been happening, and then you can ask questions, he does have a common law lawyer that comes on and talks about common law.

Alexandra: That’s cool

Laura: Brent Winters,

Alexandra: He’s an educator

Laura: Brent Winters, he’s written books, he’s got books on Amazon too, and he’s in Indiana and he sounds (chuckling) a little bit like a preacher but anyway

Alexandra: Just focus on the goal at hand guys.

Laura: Anyway, so then Wednesday nights, my call and then Thursday night’s a good call too, you know you just kind of learning about it, but all of them are archived on the site too.

Alexandra: So the other thing to remember is, if you are really hot about diving into justice, and you enjoy what they’re doing and you really behind it. You feel that it’s integrous, which I think it is, definitely, you can start your own call right?

Laura: Do you mean through the National Liberty Alliance?

Alexandra: It would be like an offshoot I thought you said

Laura: No, you can’t do that because that’s actually how infiltration gets done.

Alexandra: Oh right, right,right,right,right,

Laura: I mean they have really tried to do stuff, I think because John is so focused, and his leadership is so focused on not getting steered in another direction, they’ve tried and they’ve tried to mess up our calls sometimes,

Alexandra: I totally relate to all of that

Laura: They, I remember, I had an experience

Alexandra: He is un-corruptible

Laura: Yeah, he is, so people try to steer you in another direction or “it’s time for John to step down and somebody else to step up”, well you know, I have to say these supposed dictators in other countries, we call them dictators and that really wasn’t what they were, but because the people, or they stayed, I felt like the reason it was important for them to just stay there, once they got in because of the infiltration that we did, I mean if there was an election, forget it!

Alexandra: Yeah

Laura: You know

Alexandra: Good point, that’s a really good point. Different way of seeing things

Laura: Mmm-Hmm

Alexandra: Okay so give them the contact information

Laura: national liberty alliance.org. That’s the main place and you can go to the calls, you can go to the Monday night call but join you can actually, if you don’t join, you can still go to the Monday night call too and see whatever, but we do have things, we are starting to have more homework for people to do, and I feel like I’m starting to do that more with people by sending out a notice and giving them a job to do, which is kind of fun now and. I got a really neat call from these people, we were doing the action calls and faxes for her and she goes , “we love you.” and

Alexandra: [1:20:29] Well, yeah. How can people not love you?

Laura: Well what I mean is, it’s just fun to be able to do stuff like that.

Alexandra: Well we’re coming – we are finally coming together. We’ve been, we’ve been out on our own, we’ve been isolated and kind of blazing through the jungle by ourselves for so long and now we are starting to find one another again. And as we start networking and working together, we become so powerful and Galactic Connection needs volunteers too, we have to be really really careful, just like John does with NLA because they focus on us and they’re always trying to mess with us, anybody that they feel is going to have an impact of, any kind of powerful impact, so be aware of that. The other thing that I want to do is, where is your book?

Laura: Up there.

Alexandra: Okay, (holding the book up the camera to see). so, this is Laura’s book

Laura: Oh, it’s backwards, I mean it shows backwards, though

Alexandra: Oh, I guess maybe, no, it doesn’t. I don’t think so.

It’s Not Weird Anymore, an Extraordinary True Tale by Laura Legere and you’ve got to check this out.

Laura: It’s on Amazon.

Alexandra: This woman has the most amazing story and she had an incredible accident in (what year was that?) 2007 where she like, ripped her whole face open and everything, look how great she looks now.

Laura: Well………

Alexandra: Anyway

Laura: It wasn’t quite like that

Alexandra: It was like that

Laura: well, it ripped, I got ripped all the way through to here

Alexandra: Okay, it’s not the same

Laura: My nose was really half off, I broke all my teeth bones and my upper palate and half of my orbital bone

Alexandra: Okay tell them how many screws and plates you had in

Laura: 7 steel plates and 34 screws in my face but

Alexandra: Excuse me, 34 steel plates

Laura: No no no no

Alexandra: 34 screws and seven steel plates and that’s not ripping your whole face apart okay well I don’t know how to describe it, then anyway. Check it out, it goes towards a good cause, you know doing stuff like this really is kind of paying the way to help her with all the work she is doing with National Liberty Alliance and trust me, she is as dedicated to this as I am to GC and all of you, so check it out.

Laura: Thank you, it’s on Amazon.

Alexandra Okay everybody well, take care, I hope you’re not in hot sweltering heat like I am

Laura: I’m sorry

Alexandra: (laughing) Hey, I’m just trying to get used to it.

Laura: Yeah I know

Alexandra: Air-conditioning is a great thing (laughing).

Laura: it really is.

Alexandra: What would we do without it?

Laura: We would be sweating in front of this camera

Alexandra: Yeah, yeah, big time we’d be sweaty pigs. So stay tuned, we have a lot more stuff coming and I know I keep saying that, but it is coming slowly but gradually, and of course as always because of lack of human resources, lack of financial resources. So if you feel compelled to join our team, and also work together with Laura, we are going to be working more and more together, I definitely feel that. Drop us an email and we will go from there. Okay, so lots of love to you guys, don’t forget to continue checking out all the new things. I’ve finished, my Removing The Veils alchemy set, and the only thing that’s keeping me from putting it up on the web is the box which has to be special ordered and the labeling and stuff so we are getting close on there, and the cost like we have to make a special box and all this stuff . So hang tight because I’m excited about what came through with that and lots of other cool things. If you have any other questions, you know where to reach us, check out the daily blog, It is 24/7, seven days a week and it is gratis, so please pass it on to all of those because we do a lot of the work for you, kind of blow through so much of the articles and intel that’s out there. If you don’t want to spend the whole day surfing, we try to do a lot of that work for you and give you the pearls that we think have some pertinent information, and you are free to read, so take care and I am honored to be here as usual to serve those of you that are unbelievably enlightened and amazing and constantly teaching me and I love you to the core.

Laura: I forgot to give my website

Alexandra: (laughing riotously) well, tell them

Laura: LauraLegere.com

Alexandra: And it’s spelled……

Laura: l-a-u-r-a-l-e-g-e-r-e . com, sorry

Alexandra: Okay, well, we’ll talk to you later and you guys hang in there [01:25:45]


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