This is a short interim message for you in light of the ‘cosmic gift’ we have at the moment. For those of you who may not be aware, we are currently moving through the beginning of the next & final sequence of GAP days (Galactic Activation Portal days) for 2012, and the energy through them is increasing in intensity.
The first wave of 13 days takes us from 10 September up to the equinox, and it is a profound time of Chaos and Transformation – hence the title of this brief newsletter!

Letting go of as much of our baggage as we can is so very important for the next 52 days of this complete wavespell cycle. Keeping things as they are is no longer an option as we are being called to deep renewal and realignment during this cycle. I could feel things opening up at a whole new level from the 10th, so we are certainly being assisted in a divine way as we enter this period.

The Mayankin website has a great post highlighting the energies and cosmic opportunity Here, and if you browse the site you will get more details on the specifics of each GAP day.

I suggest that you use whatever tools or assistance you may have at your disposal to assist in the letting go process over this time – bodywork to release from the tissues is great (I recommend the Antaneea Technique if you have access to a therapist). Take epsom salt baths, stay aligned, eat fresh food as much as possible, do EFT, meditate – whatever works for you in order to consciously release the remaining dross.

Stay aligned and hold your intention to flow with the incoming energies – do your inner work and you will stabilise your new foundations. You will feel lighter, clearer and gain clarity on your own journey. It may mean a change in direction at some level and in some area of your life, but whatever the challenges, you will come through it.
Let go to your Higher Self, surrender to your supreme guidance, and above all LOVE yourself through all the experiences. Your diamond self is emerging, and like steel tempered in the fire, the ultimate strength of the diamond cannot be realised without the heat and pressure of deep transformation.

Everything that is breaking down (or appearing to) is happening so that your ultimate self can be given expression. New foundations cannot be built until all the rubble is cleared away, so let it go!

There are a few tools and articles below to assist you and provide additional insight for this time. The shift is intensifying and the energies are getting stronger.

We can either be blinded by the light or the ones who are shining it.

Let’s shine!!

With love from the diamond that is in and of all things.

Julie x