#LIBERTYRISING De-Funding Agenda 21, Trolling G7 #OCONOSLURES

Jun 7, 2018

The DOJ is releasing more intelligence to the Congress as the House fights out the pay-for-play losses on the floor. Agenda 21 public/private partnerships are hit hard with a 15 Billion dollar rescinding of resources! Ok, it’s the Penny that drops…. Once again, YT killed 2/3 of this video. I will try to get the rest up tomorrow. This week has been a rough one on trying to post on YT. Thanks to everyone who supports You Are Free TV! I am very appreciative of your amazing comments and over all positivity! Thank you! We are FREE! Let’s Pray for ALL to Be Free~ 6pm Prayer Wave World Wide! If you would like to support YAFTV with donations: Pay Pal: This is not a personal email, only a donations email, thank you!