A hats off to my friend Lady of the Woods…a true Spiritual Warrior who is totally dedicated to her cause…-A.M.

Dear Ensouled Ones,

I mean no animosity towards organic portals or roboids, but I do want to address the ensouled ones here, because they are the ones who need help the most.

To the Original Humane Being whose LIFE is an unbroken SoulFul connection all the way back to the original moment of Creation Of Life Eternal……I am presenting to you information which will help open theapocalyptic veil of secrecy that has been over the eyes of humanity on this planet for too long. It is not just a ”worldly” situation we can observe with detachment as being ”out there”, it is as intimately personal as it gets.

I am absolutely convinced of soulless ones living amongst us who look exactly as we do having human bodies, but who do not have the Life Spark of the Ensouled Ones complete with Virtue, Compassion, Aspiration, Love, Concern, Care and many other Divine qualities. They do not know who they are either………but those with soul live in pain with these ones. I have seen they lack aspiration though they have desire….this desire is purely biological. They plod on through life engaged in the mediocrity of biology and superficial interests, work, money, sex. Their eyes flat. They cut you off when you speak because their minds are simple and do not engage deep thinking, or when pretending to engage you, blink alot and show a strained patience. They do not ask deep questions, and dismiss anything not of their interest, are quick to ridicule, and are not burning with a need for deep understanding but simply express wants and desires. I speak more of these things here.


The devil/satan/alien/demon/grey whatever is a roboid and he creates more of them, just like an interesting synchronistic parallel found in Lord of the Rings with the orcs…..synthetic creations bent on takeover.


https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQljK9-SV0FOdvxA4DgpQFMeKLkDHkeKDYUJ8FeQEVGeBbLTrdC        https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQlEPC-MfdC0Uqg4rIx1iD5iwMj48foWo2FPs2bB9vN70fAroIOKw


This is why these things are NOT of God, NOT ”an aspect” because they are synthetic, an uncreation as I spoke of in my Archon Series……they can NOT be included in the Creations of God because they are artificial intelligence, they lack Divinity.


Only high ignorance believes/thinks that ”evil” is ”an aspect of God”…..evil NEVER WAS AND NEVER WILL BE an aspect of God or God’s Creations. It is the most unnatural, ungodly creation of A.I.

Only these orcs/organic portals/synthetic/artificial intelligent ones will teach that>

Their greed/desire is to be US or destroy that within us that resists them.


This entire planet has been duped by a far more clever entity/entities.


I have just discovered a man, a scientist who discovered this as well but did extensive study into this to find out just what is happening. He was blessed with a clear mind and an innocent inquiry, trained in how to do extensive research, and how to recognize facts whether or not they appear ”wild”…….facts are facts. While I have never been interested in the greys at all, it turns out they were key to the mystery of ”how” this vacant soulless one got here and why they persist. And this explains why throughout history on Earth is rife with psychopathy and violence because they’ve been merging their synthetic selves with our Organic Living ones,and this MIX DOES NOT WORK……but produces derangement and psychopaths which are rampant on this planet.


Image of author Nigel Kerner   Nigel Kerner began asking the questions that led over a period of thirty years to the publication of his two books with a question asked to him by his son Darren, then twelve years old:

“Dad, are UFOs real?”


This man who articulately and courageously exposes all of this is Nigel Kerner, and I encourage anyone who is wanting to be an Active Ensouled One on this planet to listen to his interviews or read his book. I do not need to read his book, I just needed to find others who have seen what I have seen and I have spent the last 2 days listening to 8 of his interviews. He explains it wonderfully in any number of them one of which I will post here.His page for his interviews here.


I found one that was exceptional as he was explaining much of this in a wonderfully clear way transmitting the entire scope of this issue in simple to understand terms and I saved the link last night after listening to it about 4 times. This morning when I went to copy that interview it was taken out and I could find no other source for that one. But thankfully his message has been given through many others and his books are available too.


The question even of the word and term ”abduction”, and its meaning takes an entirely new depth! Even that has been twisted and I learn about its true meaning. Abductions are not just people taken aboard crafts for experiments or whatever by aliens or men …..it has never been that trite. But is has always been about the one thing that makes the original Humane Being ”special” or ”different”……it is our Soul…..but what is ”soul” ?? I’m not sure, but I am most grateful I feel this within my self and its extended connection to the Divine in all directions in time and space. I feel eternal, with Soul.

Whilst no civilized being can be impressed with humanity there is something we possess that is prized in the Universe……..why are all these off worlders here?? what could a persistently violent and destructive and ignorant species possibly have?

It is certainly not our intellect or machinery, but definitely something we don’t even understand about our Selves and is precisely why we do not even know something is after IT.

In fact, we have NEVER been taught about what we truly are being systematically taught how we are just biological and to ”obey” either religion or government. Nor have we been taught what Soul Really means, though hints and truths can be found for those with eyes to see……and why are human history records and libraries, relics, and evidence to these Truths hidden in vaticans, Smithsonian, museums and private collections full of this information is consistently destroyed, hidden, or kept by controllers. The entirety of human history has been rewritten to describe humans as ”evolving from apes”……


why do any lies exist?

what is the truth?

why do humans not have their entire memory of their entiresoul journey in memory?


Below is embedded part one of 11 parts. It is well worth going through it all, and listening to how this man came by this information, but mostly all of the extensive information he has garnered in over 30 years of studying this one thing I never wanted to know………..who are the greys?



Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls - Book Cover           Who’s abducting humans?








playlist link here



This one is especially good too especially the last half hour……..


Image of Dr John DeSalvo


28th July 2012

Nigel Kerner talks with Dr John DeSalvo.
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And this one is his last in January of 2013 with Heidi Hollis