Friday, 3.2.12

I was walking home from the gym today and recognized how incredibly clear my vision has gotten over the past few months.  I mean we are talking laser beam clarity at a distance!  This is especially noticeable for me since I have stuggled with little vision in both eyes since the accident in 2001.  That has all changed now but for many years I continued to wonder what life would be like to see clearly again!

A while back someone warned me that when I could see again I would know my way and I believe that moment has now come.  I literally felt like the fish that swim at the very bottom of a lake, bumping into objects that jarred me from day to day.  All the things I enjoyed doing such as reading, needlepoint, making jewelry or even going to the batting cages were a forgotten reality.  Instead I was pushed to go within…and that Force was so powerful, consistently prodding me along for the last ten years.

So as I was walking home I sensed the aliveness of that around me.  It was as if i was I was in a bubble streaming down the street oblivious to the chaos, noise, and traffic around me.  I thought to myself, “now here is a peaceful moment!”   Realizing this moment, I began to see the sidewalks, benches, and walls as being “alive” and it was then, as if they were all communicating.  As it is difficult to put into words, I can only say it was a glimpse into where we are headed…and it is beautiful!  We are finally going home and I found the pathway to getting there.