Durham/Horowitz Sets Sights on Senate Intel Committee – A Deep Dive

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Rand Paul BLASTS Lindsey Graham for Empty Promises on Investigating Ukraine Scam, Russian Hoax

Facing Scrutiny Lindsey Graham Runs to Tick-Tock Hannity for Help – Together They Proclaim The Investigative Brilliance of A Strongly Worded Letter…

The crowd has realized that Senator Lindsey Graham is playing a role and has no intention to do anything to stop the malicious impeachment of President Trump.  Last night Senator Rand Paul went on the record and called attention to Senator Graham’s duplicitous lack of action…. Oh dear, people are catching on.

To protect himself from the disinfecting sunlight of scrutiny, Senator Graham runs to the office of Sean Hannity for protection.  Together they pitch the idea of a strongly worded letter as an action that might provide Graham some more time to hide and get away from the pesky spotlight….  Tonight, they sell it:


In the background Senator Graham knows a democrat Senator will oppose the resolution (it only takes one). Because the procedure for a single senator to bring a resolution vote to the Senate Chamber requires unanimous consent, the resolution can also be blocked by a single senator.

[Don’t disregard which outlet Graham is using to sell his plan, that too is by design.]

This strategy provides Senator Graham the optic of doing something, being blocked by democrats…. which he expects, and actually accomplishing nothing.  That’s the plan; and it’ll probably work.  Too many people are fooled by the Decepticon tricks.

…”We may have to modify our New Year plans”…  LINK