Published on Mar 12, 2018

Off-the-charts Cosmic Radiation inside of your body as SOUL/SOLar activity increases for higher consciousness evolution to accelerate more than ever before, exacerbated human/ego distortions/emotions as cells go “nuclear” more than ever before, taking your power back, higher consciousness integrity/honor/respect as love, coming together, seeing your own stuff, complaining is your victim energy of lack of inner power/giving your own power away, defensiveness/finger pointing/blame …. all of these for collectives in middle of akashic clearings and more. For those who have cleared your own akash, this won’t apply, unless it appears in your own reality world. Alternate realities/different timelines (vibrational planes of existence) have different realities. Each experience what is held/stored/suppressed in their own cellular body. It’s up to each to go inside, reconnect and expand beyond the current physical to understand/shift intentionally. New atomic codes, powerful DNA re-codings, the physical body weakens when it’s breaking down linear constructs and rebuilding with Quantum ones. Sleep, self-care, nature, organic and natural support… more important than ever. Read my recent writings (all of the years since 2012, all apply). Navigating Dimensions will explain the ego death, the death cycles, the intensity and how to understand and come to embody in all new ways. These are necessary to transcend physical body death. None of this is comfortable for the/our human aspect. Applying higher/highest consciousness knowledge to your repertoire is important if each desires to shift the experience to one of greater ease. As your higher self, you already get it and everything is occurring exactly as you chose it on a Soul level. The experience you have will be relative to which consciousness you ARE in every moment here. I love you. All things SOUL Awakening, Remembering, Ascension, Descension, Expansion, Transcendence, Embodiment, Multi-dimensional Mastery, Super Consciousness, Crystalline LightBody, NEW Earth, Advanced NEW Earth HUman Evolution, Global Expanded Consciousness. Free energy Quantum Energy Reports, Newsletters, Ascension Updates, Videos, Daily Writings, Programs, Media Interviews in addition to the Mastery School, Courses, Books & more! Author, Re-Educator through Highest Consciousness Existence, Quantum & Holographic Realities, Multi-Dimensional Mastery, Empowering Transformational Speaker & Writer, Ascended Master, WayShower, Crystalline GridKeeper/Gatekeeper, Galactic Guardian of Our NEW Earth Now