victory to the light yeah!So as many of you know, I thrive on digging and presenting some of the victories we are experiencing across the nation through various avenues such as the law.  Considering our courts have been essentially locked down by back room deals full of collusion, bribery, and heavy-handed, cabal-influenced threats and corruption of being above the law, it gives me great joy to see some unexpected victories pop up for the citizen, throughout our nation.  Judges are showing cajones in hot areas involving big bucks and heavy political involvement.  If you click on each of these links, you will find victories supporting everything from gay marriages, voter fraud, public viewing of records and bloggers….take a minute to see how much progress we have made through the month of January 2014.  I am not a lawyer and I don’t claim to know the full implications of these rulings but they certainly reveal a move towards supporting the underdog more often than not.  There is a sunburst of hope for us all…Stay strong, stay true to Victory for The Light!!!

Love Alexandra

Oklahoma’s Ban on Gay Marriage Is Unconstitutional, Judge Rule

Judge rules in favor of Muslim woman on no-fly list

Judge Rules In Favor Of Voter Fraud

Federal Judge Rules Chicago Gun Ban Unconstitutional

U.S. Court: Bloggers Are Journalists

Pa. Voter ID law ruled unconstitutional

New Mexico doctors can help terminal patients die, judge says

U.S. to Expand Rules Limiting Use of Profiling by Federal Agents

Judges challenge U.S. SEC over ‘conflict minerals’ rule

US judge rules in favour of solar power over gas

New York agrees $18m settlement with 2004 Republican convention protesters

Judge finds SC prison system violates rights, threatens lives of mentally ill prisoners

Federal judges change rules to allow public to view records

Nevada Court Rules Dog Owner Can Sue After Police Killed Pet

New Law Brings Changes to Uniform Code of Military Justice

Judge orders Catholic school board to face tribunal over firing of transgender teacher

Texas Court Demands TransCanada Respond to Eminent Domain Appeal