Thursday, November 29, 2012 21:12

Although dinosaurs are seen and reported all over the world, the hotspots seem to be localized in central Africa, near the coastline of a region in Papua New Guinea, and within the bleak territory of northwestern China.

The species in New Zealand are alive and well. Their existence tends to prove that some dinosaur families may have survived to present day.

Four cases from the past several years are explored. And the final article investigates the possibility that intelligent dinosaurs may walk among us today!

Two dinosaur species found alive in Papua New Guinea [LINK]

Sensational eyewitness reports—collected by determined exploration teams seeking evidence of the creatures—have led serious researchers to the conclusion that two distinct animals fo exist.

The detailed descriptions of both monsters match that of the incredible pterosaurs: ferocious flying dinosaurs thought to be extinct for nearly 65 million years!

Confirmed: African natives kill dinosaur [LINK]

Do dinosaurs still walk the earth? Many researchers including some university scientists believe so. Dinosaurs have been reported all over the planet for thousands of years. Some have slipped into myth as dragons, others into modern legend like Loch Ness. Yet from Papua New Guinea to South America, from Canada to the United Kingdom, and from the hidden lakes of Russia to the steamy jungles of central Africa, the reports of dinosaurs and monstrous beasts persist. Recently, new evidence has emerged increasing the credibility that African natives killed a dinosaur in a ferocious battle between desperate tribal warriors and an enraged, savage, prehistoric swamp beast…

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