Problems Within The Social Security Administration Are Mounting 
What began back in late 2010 as a regional SSA scandal alleging fraud and “case-fixing’ of disability appeal claims by an SSA Judge with the Office of Disability Adjudication & Review (ODAR) office in Huntington WV, now has federal authorities and US Senators focusing their attention on the national ODAR offices also. And, according to an inside confidential source involved with the Office of Inspector General’s Office, (OIG) as the total magnitude of both the local WV scandal and overall problems within the entire ODAR completely unfolds, government officials will ultimately hold SSA Commissioner Michael J. Astrue accountable for what occurred.
“It’s my understanding that between this scandal and other problems within his office, Astrue will be replaced at the end of his term.” President Bush appointed Astrue in 2007; his six-year term ends January 19, 2013.
Since assuming his role as Commissioner, Astrue has been plagued with problems that seem to be ever mounting. There is the unsolvable three-quarter of a million plus backlog of pending disability appeal claims that sit idle years before a final decision is rendered. Add in the high number of SSA employees that are leaving the agency, and the ongoing debate on how SSA officials will fund Social Security benefits for current recipients and future generations. Now, there is the recent US Senate Subcommittees report addressing problems of policy abuse and procedures by additional Administrative Law Judges in other ODAR offices across the country.