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ashtarwithufosWith imminent Announcements and First Contact closing in its about time to try to learn more about about these Space Brothers- the members of the Galactics and the Head of the Ashtar Command, specifically, in more detail. This would assist every person to get familiar with them before they arrive and perhaps ease any anxiousness or worry to a degree for those open to it or just curious. Or in denial..still.I feel that much has been written, filmed, reported and discussed about possible existence of these beings but much less is actually being covered and shared about them, who they are, why they are here and where they come from. Believe it or not there is plenty on the World Wide Web and from contacts/contactees and experiencers to help fill in the gaps, uncover the mystery and ‘put a face’ to the names.
Lord Ashtar & Commander of the Galactic Confederation

There are reportedly millions of starcraft in our solar system at any given time and many are said to belong to the Ashtar Command. But what is the Ashtar Command? Is there a real person named Ashtar or is it just a label?

Commander Ashtar, also known as Lord Ashtar, is a very real albeit spiritual being and is the presiding Commander in Chief of the Ashtar Galactic Command but is also a Lord of Light, one of the Sons of Light, a Son of God. He is a non-fallen ETHERIC and Celestial Personage that has astute spiritual advancements, above and beyond the level of ascended masters we know of on Earth. Many of these original spiritual masters serving the Earth system have originated from other planets in our galaxy like Jupiter, Venus and Mars, etc (higher dimensional aspects!) or star systems like Vega, The Dog Star and, Sirius B Star Systems, along with Alcyone, the Pleiades, etc. There are also a few from within the Inner Earth and out and away beyond the outer reaches of our galaxy, as well.Lord or Commander Ashtar has an unprecedented and stellar background within the parameters of Divine, Cosmic and Universal Law and Light and has always revealed a steadfast loyalty and devotion to Divine Principle that reveals his honorable character, persona and yes, his very nature! Which has been renown throughout the vestiges of time and space for never straying or going against the Divine Will or Laws of the Supreme Deity or Creator-of-all-That-Is! Therefore his worthiness, in regarding this high status, title and Office have indicated to all spiritually awakened that no one else could ever be found that was more suited and qualified to hold such a position within the Divine and Universal Multi-Dimensionality anywhere in Creation then he!

He began his training eons ago under the Master Lineage known as ‘The Spiritual Travelers’.

Though etheric Lord Ashtar can appear to those he wishes to see him or his ships. If he were to appear before you, you would see a golden-haired, very tall being, apparently in his late 30’s or early 40s but is actually a being of untold years.Commander Ashtar’s service to this our galaxy was initially assigned by the High Council of Nine who serve as Spiritually Divine Agents of the Supreme Creator and His direct administrators while under the direct auspices of Lord Surea and Lord Sananda (the same Lord Jesus, appointed Redeemer Savior and Son of the Most High born in Bethlehem – one and the same but Resurrected/Ascended and now known as Lord Sananda, Esu Emmanuel!).

Within this universe Lord Ashtar operates through the auspices of Lord Metatron, Office of the Christ, Order of Melchizedek as well as the Archangelic Command of Arch Angel Michael and his legions of Angels.

Commander Ashtar is an extremely loving, kind and gentle man but of stern countenance and unabashed commitment regarding His mission to serve, educate and protect humankind throughout the solar system!

Here I must add that Commander Ashtar and His crew do not wish to be thought of or misrepresented as Gods or deities but as Family! He and his Command look upon us as brothers and sisters on this path of ascension and beyond. Equals. No more. No less!Two of his primary missions are to spiritually re-educate mankind to their true missions and purpose for being here, and secondly to defend and protect Planet Earth, our Galaxy and the Solar System from hostile and “dark” extraterrestrial groups, that is ETs that are only in service to Self! I would hope, with 2012 less then a year away, that many are able to both see and comprehend the difference.

Once people are able to fully understand this reality of Commander Ashtar and his renown dedication and purity of purpose to us, and our Ascension, the gratitude and blessings that would be sent to Him and His amazing crew and workers should be stellar!What IS The Ashtar Command?

The Ashtar Galactic Command is above and beyond other UFO or ET group(s) you may have heard of. They are, quite literally, the “Hosts of Heaven” who over lighted, guided and serve the Most High God, the Lord God of Hosts and His Son, Our Most Radiant One, Emanuel, Jesus the Christ during His Earthly incarnation (and after as He, known now as the Ascended One, Lord Sananda is aboard and issues orders to the Ashtar Command directly) and Commander Ashtar continues to serve and assist in supporting the Ascension of our planet which will become a true part of Humanity’s Kingdom.

Although this might sound as if it were coming from the bible this is not a religious discourse but a spiritual one! Even their ships are ethereal and of celestial make up (more about them another time) of finer stuff then metals, alloys or bolts!

Interestingly, their true interplanetary craft, the Ventlas of their forces, will appear to us and thru our optics (eyes and instruments) as a bright grouping of multi-colored lights, mostly green, red and white. They will sometimes appear a steady red and green, other times they will appear to be flashing! So, next time you look up and see these colors you maybe looking at one or more of the Ashtar Fleet!What Beings Make up The Ashtar Command?

Member Nations within the Command are comprised of many beings, in semi-solid or Light Forms, etheric or celestial such as the Elohim or Creator Beings, Angels, Intra Dimensional ET’s, Ultra-ET types, Lords and Ladies of Light, Divine Beings, Devas, Dolphin and Whale beings, and more. Representatives from higher dimensional planes, galaxies and star systems are present, no matter from where, if they are a part of the Ashtar Command they are “Of Service to Others”, it can be no other way. Millions and millions of nation members and beings come under the Auspices of The Ashtar Command at high levels of Spiritual development, both ascended or ascending working toward the Ascension of both us and Mother Earth who they call Gaia. It must be noted here that many Humans, of the Human Template, are there in their original (non-fallen) Divine Image known as the Adam Kadmon. All of Mankind is destined (or is in the process of being returned) to this Divine pattern of the Adam Kadmon. It is why what happens here will be a part of the successful and inevitable Ascension Process spreading throughout Space and Time – all of Creation and is the reason the Ashtar Command stands ready to assist us with millions of ships stationed around or near this planet! And is the very reason that no nuclear detonation, spills or leakages or any doomsday scenario will be allowed to manifest. Period! As it goes against the Divine Decree of the Creator of All That Is and these ‘angels’ on High – The Ashtar Command, in the millions are here to allow Ascension to come to us and this planet undisturbed, uninterrupted and in Peace!

The New Jerusalem – is it a Ship or a City?

First of all “The New Jerusalem” is the greatest of all the mother ships in constant orbit around our world but with thousands upon thousands of inhabitants can also be called a city! It is shaped like a huge square and operates like a literal Space Station! Its orbital distances vary between five hundred to one thousand five hundred miles above our planet! The New Jerusalem, existing in the etheric realms, has hundreds of thousands of beings that live and work aboard her full time. It also has advanced and spiritually sophisticated monitoring equipment to assist in the mission of uplifting Earth’s vibrations (and more) and has been orbiting our Earth for nearly two thousand years since the very birth of Jesus the Christed Master . It has the immense circumference of fifteen hundred miles while using advanced technology, devices and instruments equipped with profound surveillance and monitoring aspects of our surface and everyone up on it. These are the headquarters of the Command and one of the largest of the Mother Craft Designs. Divine orders and instructions are issued from this craft, which is celestial and is literally a city! If seen thru the eyes of the spiritually awakened, out-of-body or ascended it would appear to be a Crystal City of Light! Multi-colored lights and Precious Gems! Most of the star members aboard her are natives of one or another of the planets in this solar system, but also have those working from other far flung solar systems. The New Jerusalem is therefore, the largest “Abode of Heaven” a literal floating celestial realm, the embodiment and the headquarters of Lord Jesus Sananda , Lord Ashtar, The Galactic Confederation and The Ashtar Command!
Prime Mother Ships and their Purpose

These Mother Ships are usually ‘anchored’ and parked very high up just within or outside our atmosphere and at or above one hundred miles in diameter. Many are much more and can be described as entire self-contained cities complete with gardens, grass, trees with all types of life support and well appointed accommodations for millions of people! They can literally be compared to entire planets in some quarters! The comings and goings of smaller craft from these mother ships would be something to watch on its own! But what we humans think of, as vast empty space is actually abuzz with activity! (see link below for what NASA just released about our astronauts seeing them!)The technology to remain invisible – at will- is one all Command ships have whether in the physical or etheric range! And when traveling faster then the speed of sound their ships do become invisible as an aspect of their source of power and technology.

It is said that seven of these great Crystal Cities afloat in Space are said to be in readiness as “Heavenly Abodes” for us, should the need arise and do vary in size starting at a minimum of one hundred miles in diameter and much larger.

These mother ships have twelve levels, in general, but have many features and facilities you may find both surprising and familiar: Medical Complex with complete and technologically advanced patient facilities, dental and physical care, recuperation and healing centers.

Ashtar Command Headquarters, the Great Rotunda Meeting Hall are on specific levels in each mother ship. Earth evacuees maybe brought to this Great Hall for any necessary group gatherings. If one wishes to visit the Observation Deck or pilot control center, they can be visited by appointment only.Housing is imminently ready for Earth’s evacuees and would include finely appointed staterooms for individuals and apartments for families and beautiful expansive dining and lounge areas. There are numerous communal dining areas, nursery care areas, laundry facilities and information offices, vast libraries, endless concert halls and various entertainment centers and technology. So there would likely be very little boredom or “culture shock” to deal with if mass evacuations had to be initiated.

What other Ships Comprise the Ashtar Command?

“Share” is a real midway station also orbiting the Earth, it is not square but circular and of a smaller circumference. It is in permanent orbit, from where ships from all over the Cosmos, stop, check in and receive their instructions or orders if approved. This is an incredibly vast Station, which also houses thousands of volunteers and permanent workers.

Auxiliary Mother Ships (Back up)

These huge space ships are mother ships and are believed to have the capacity to house up to one hundred scout or shuttlecraft, but cannot facilitate third dimensional beings (that’s us!) These are the ‘maintenance ports’ of the Ashtar Command where ships can be stored, maintained and “repaired” in general yet are very comfortable and Star crews live and work on them for extended periods at a time.

Are there Ships in Third Dimension of the Ashtar Command?

These star ships have been described in a book written by noted author and former contactee Tuella, who lived in New Mexico just outside Las Cruces during the last phase of her physical life. The book, among many she wrote, is called ‘On Earth Assignment’ (still in print, available thru eBay and Amazon and other links below). This book goes into great detail and describes these ships, just for us, as being perfectly round, about a hundred miles in diameter, and comprised of twelve levels (each level equal to what we call a single story or floor) in height! They stay in readiness and available at any given time, to support and assist third dimensional (not Ascended completely) Human Beings and also have the ability to adjust those humans frequency level to that of the ship as needed comfortably and easily. By the way, these ships are sufficient in number and capacity to accept and support innumerable humans in complete comfort and peace for several years if necessary. (Scotty – Beam me up!)

Shuttle Craft

These, by their standards, are much smaller but can be up to twenty miles in size and length. They are equipped for sudden and speedy assistance in the physical evacuation of people and beings away from life threatening situations or areas in any dimension, including ours! These facilities however are temporary but very comfortable for any types of Beings. Just a note, for those who are wondering; for their own safety and peace-of-mind, those in physical bodies are usually transported while asleep, to first these shuttle craft for initial rescues, rehabilitation, recuperation and later if needed to the larger mother ships for extended dwelling and living.

Scout or Pilot Ships

These are smaller ships, usually circular, which by their very name indicate their purpose or goal. They do reconnaissance and check out conditions of interest or where problems may lie (chemical dumps, etc), and report back to the Command. They have the ability to materialize and dematerialize (mat and de-mat) and cloak or uncloak as demanded by the mission or assignment.
What are the purposes and Activities of the Ships?Many of the regular ships are stationed far above the earth and are more or less stationary for long periods of time, keeping track of the Earth on their monitoring systems. Others move about, discharging their various duties. Small craft do surveying, and larger craft with extended range, are capable of operating in space and visit planets in other solar systems.

There is an order and hierarchy to where each ship is set. These are in the shape of rings positioned and set up, levels deep, about the planet. The first, or inner ring is comprised of several “spokes” that consist of several specialized liaison and defense fleets. Supervision is the primary purpose and secondary are any offensive or countermeasures deemed necessary. Our basic foundation and purpose is to suspend your secret governments’ continued use of any weaponry, guarding your dimensional star-gates and to carefully monitor any artificially created distortions fields in our natural time waves.Many have duties that monitor and balance your planet’s grid systems, temper down volcanic eruptions, and tone down earthquakes as well as other aspects about us, Earth changes, etc. We effectively surround this galaxy and your world as its guardians and monitors, keeping secure all evolving Souls according to Divine Plan. We are the peacekeepers as well as guardians within this sector using very advanced technology to make it so.

The Ashtar Fleet Operations is committed to transport specific types of supplies that cannot be teleported to our bases. Those bases are said to be many and located beneath all of your major Earth continents, oceans and seas as well as connected to a vast array of crystal cities and communities that comprise your Inner Earth.Some of The Ashtar Fleets, within this Command, specialize in multiple venues. Some of them are Spiritual Education, True Scientific and Spiritual-based research and the support and assistance of Ascension of planetary worlds! We, along with our ground-based crews are here to assist the Earth and her population as she transcends from dense third dimensional bodies, to etheric-physical bodies of Light capable of ascending with her into the fifth dimension. You will be the first ever -in all of Time- to walk both in Spirit and Physicality!

This is what Ascension is all about and I can’t begin to tell you how critically important it is as a whole. So, you might begin to see that their presence is not only to help us help ourselves with all the social, economic and ecological ills of our world but to inspire faith, trust and knowledge in the One Divine Source, and to ‘awaken’ everyone from their slumber to their unique, intrinsic Divine nature and purpose according to the Divine Plan. The Ashtar Command will always encourage and support unity, harmony and the peaceful co-existence of all Beings, all races and all life.Tuella – One of the Earliest Ashtar Contactees and Author
For me, Tuella was the first source of information that the Ashtar Command even existed! That was almost twenty years ago and it has been a stunning revelation every step of this journey! Links to her books are below and although over 25 years old still revelevant in many ways to this day!
Open Message from Commander Ashtar of the Ashtar Command

“We, your elder brothers and sisters from many worlds, are eagerly extending our hands to welcome you into the galactic family of which you are a part. Know that you are part of a vast universe so magnificent that even we cannot do it justice with our descriptions. We can assure you that it is teeming with life and filled with love, wisdom and creative opportunity. Know that you are precious in the sight of your Creator…that you are the Divine heirs to a kingly inheritance.

It is our delight in being of service to you and we are ever ready to respond to your specific requests. We bless you in the Love of our Most Radiant One…peace to our dear ones on Earth…we are the Celestial Hosts known as the Ashtar Galactic Command.”
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