love2There is sooo much information out there right now, that it is hard to know who or what to believe!

1.Was Malaysia Flight 370 diverted to Diego Garcia by the US and China?
2. Is Putin backed by the “tall, Nordic ET’s”?
3. Is Prince William really the anti-Christ?
4. Are the bad guys really modifying our weather for their purposes?
5. Structures built on the Moon?

It’s hard to know what is real (?), and what is dis-info these days. A guide that might be helpful in separating nuggets of truth from the chaff of illusion is this site:

The best indicator of what you personally believe is your heart, not your head, nor your mind…but your gut heart reaction to events as they unfold in the news. The news I refer are those articles found in alternative media news as the MSM (mainstream media) is sooo off-base! My heart tells me that from all the news I have read and the research I have done about what I have read, that our spirituality is NOT to be denied and that the most important aspect of my life is how I FEEL with LOVE being the strongest force in the world.

LOVE conquers all including any and all evil plans perpetrated by whomever. These will be forfeited by active LOVE felt by so many in our world. So…I read, and I research, and I have decided that although I do not have exact details of what will be taking place, nor the exact timing, I do have assurance that whatever manifests in my world, will be a direct reflection of how I FEEL. And, the more LOVE I FEEL, the better I FEEL. like most of us, I really like to feel good; therefore, I will LOVE indiscriminately bringing the best to manifest in MY world.

So…check out the links above, or any other for that matter, and see how you FEEL about them. Research actively, and…

Enjoy!   Cynthia Rose   (