by Georgi Stankov and Carla Thompson, November 17, 2013

magneticfield crop circleIn the course of the last week, since November 9, I made three key assessments on three major events of ascension that determine the pace of this process and immediately informed you on our website in real time. This retrospective is given in case you might have forgotten how closely I and you are following Gaia’s and humanity’s ascension pulse on their way to the higher dimensions.

I made all these assessments and forercasts based on the analysis of the energy and wave qualities in my field, while putting them in close correlation to past experience and evidence. This is the scientific-explorative method I have used in the last two years to define any major event in the long and very convoluted ascension process of this planet and its population. All these announcements and their validity have been comprehensively documented on this website.

1. On November 10, I informed you that the last Super Portal of ascension has been successfully opened on November 9:

Breaking News: The Superportal of Ascension Was Opened on November 9, 2013

In fact this news concerned the annual 11.11 ascension portal which we first opened on 11.11.11,  as I always receive these opening energetic waves from the Source 2-3 days earlier,as a wrote on November 10:

As I have reported many times in the past, when a new cosmic portal is opened, I receive the energies as a cc-wave and a classical ascension test run 2-3 days before this event reaches the earth and humanity. Then I read the latest message of my young Swiss friend Marc (see below), where the coming of a Superportal of Ascension is announced for the coming days. I send this message to both Carla and Jahn and asked them for further information. Carla received immediately a very powerful message from God, which is actually a final confirmation of our imminent transfiguration into ascended masters who are firmly rooted in the universal concept of creation based on love and responsibility for Al-That-Is. Then Jahn sent me this morning a message from the ascended masters that also announces the coming of this huge ascension portal and how humanity negates this fact and dances in deliberate amnesia on the edge of the raging volcano.”

What struck me in Marc’s message of the same day (Nov 9) was the following announcement:

This “Super-Portal” will be activated now when your moon will reach its highest peak, meaning when Luna in her next phase will reach her maximum of effectiveness she also will trigger the opening of this very portal. ”

Since that day I was expecting something big to happen around full moon, November 17 as this was considered to be the most powerful day in this moon cycle. Today, we most probably witness the initiation of the MPR in the earth’s core as I shall show below.

2. This very precise assessment of the Super Portal of Ascension, in the opening of which I actively participated by enduring in an endless stretch of personal sacrifice the incessant bouts of massive cc-waves and perennial headaches since October 23 must have mollified the Elohim to make for the first time since they are channelling to Carla a prediction on the final outcome of the MPR. This happened on November 12th, one day after the official activation of the 11.11 Megaportal of ascension:

Finally!!! The Elohim Confirm in a Surprising Message: The MPR is Progressing Smoothly after the Opening of the Megaportal 11.11 and Will Occur in Two Weeks on November 23-25

“ begin their phase transition from one nuclear representation into another, the other, being the full engagement into a complete structural enhancement for instant realisation of fifth dimensional energetics. This event commenced with the opening of this recent MegaPortal [November 11] and once begun, shall now continue until its completion, that is, until full fruition of the electro-magnetic superposition [super-impression] requisite of the fifth dimension and higher….The energies now build following the nuclear re-ordering and soon the magnetic energy must instantly peak.  This process should take a fortnight, following which a ripple effect through Gaia’s physical body shall impressively manifest. This spectacular event is the final culmination of a very long process of energetic re-encodement, then re-alignment, followed by re-expression.

In my scientific introduction to the physical background of the MPR in this same article, I clearly predicted that the MPR will first occur in the earth’s core and will manifest with a certain time-lag of a several days on the surface of the earth as terraforming events. The reason for this delay is the inertia in the response of the more dense layers to this profound energetic transformation of the entire electromagnetic, quantum structure of matter:

The magnetic field of the earth is largely created in its nucleus, which is believed currently to be of fluid iron, but this is not correct. However, for our consideration it does not matter of what stuff the earth’s core is. It is important to know that now this nucleus is steadily building its electromagnetic gradient, which will lead to the visible MPR. During this time, the accumulation of energy is not visible and we perceive this period as static. I described it yesterday as an energetic plateau.

When the threshold is reached, this gradient, LRC, will undergo a phase transition and will flip-flop within the blink of an eye. Into what?  – Into a new 5D reality. The whole matter of Gaia will be transfigured into a new 5D structure of higher dimensional energy, which is completely different to that of current 3D matter. It will then obtain the property of superconductivity and will lose its electromagnetic resistance for ever. That is why I gave you these examples with superconductors and semiconductors above.

However this very short moment of phase transition will not immediately affect the more dense layers of the earth and the earth’s crust. The propagation of this transfiguration in the earth’s core will need some linear time of probably several days, as the Elohim told us, due to the inertia of these dense layers of earth’s matter. Hence we must reckon with the actual occurrence of the MPR in the earth’s core before the actual terraforming events begin to manifest on the earth’s surface.

3. And finally yesterday, on November 16, my HS urged me very strongly in the morning to begin with my measurements of the magnetic North Pole again, which I have stopped more than a month ago as nothing seemed to happen. To my greatest surprise (actually not, as I expected it somehow) I observed a huge displacement of the North Pole of 20° to the east on my compass. I published immediately this result as it seemed highly significant to me being the first most reliable information that the MPR has commenced in the earth’s core.

Breaking News: The Magnetic Pole Reversal Can be Measured Now!

This result was then confirmed by some members of the PAT

while others could not measure any deviation of the compass needle from past observations. To this I shall say more below.

At the time of my first measurements of the earth’s magnetic field yesterday, I still did not have the classical cc-wave with an excruciating headache which have always accompanied every MPR on a lower 3D and 4D earth since May this year. Later on in the day Carla informed me that she has been hit by such a cc-wave with a very strong headache and feels very badly. This wave reached me early this morning and since then it is peaking without any interruption with the full spectrum of clinical symptoms, as is the case with Carla since yesterday. Other members of the PAT reported today that they experience the same wave and symptoms. This is for me the most valuable information that tells us that the MPR has already commenced in the core of the earth of this upper 4D timeline or is shortly before making a reversal.

To underline this conclusion I will publish my correspondence with Carla as of today where we found that the magnetic field of the earth is currently undergoing huge and highly erratic fluctuations which is typical for the last stage before the final reversal takes place. This type of erratic, chaotic behaviour has been experimentally observed in similar magnetic disequilibrium systems shortly before the magnetic field flip-flops and changes the poles.

However we must always bear in mind that the actual MPR is a much more complex energetic process, where the reversal of the magnetic poles is just one external manifestation of this intrinsic process which transforms in the first place the entire quantum, subatomic structure of matter and photon space-time.

But for our considerations as humble humans, this latest announcement is highly significant. When confirmed – I have asked both Carla and Jahn to ask their sources for external validation of my experimental observations and conclusions (and Carla has just received a message from the Elohim which I shall publish below) – the onset of the MPR on November 17 during the full moon will be the most powerful proof that in a couple of days the “shit will hit the fan” on the earth’s surface and we can expect our ascension.

This prediction fully coalesces with what the Elohim have told us on November 12th – namely that in a fortnight (counted from Nov 11th) the MPR will reach the surface of this upper 4D earth and will unleash all the big changes we have been expecting for so long. Hence the ascension plot is now reaching its culmination point and the excitement is rising by the hour, just as the magnetic field of the earth is now fluctuating each hour in a “maniac-depressive” manner  as I currently measure it.