By Top Right News
November 15, 2014


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Paul LePage is sending a message to Washington: putting Americans over illegal aliens is a winning strategy.

Fresh off a stunning re-election in a three-way race for Maine’s governor, Paul LePage is not wasting any time making good on a major campaign promise: to slash funds for cities who give welfare to illegal aliens.

LePage — called “America’s Craziest Governor” by Politico — was widely expected to lose by the media and even Republican establishment earlier this year. But he confounded the conventional wisdom of “moderation” on immigration in “middle of the road” Maine, by putting his fight against illegals in Maine front and center. Voters rallied to his side when he rallied to theirs.

Yahoo News reported:

Maine’s largest city has begun clamping down on spending as newly re-elected Republican Governor Paul LePage makes good on a campaign promise to cut funding to cities and towns that give aid to undocumented immigrants.

In an internal memo released on Wednesday, Portland city officials said they had frozen hiring and cut travel and overtime spending after their requests for reimbursement from the state for assistance provided to families with children in emergencies had gone unanswered since July.

Tea Party-backed LePage, who was re-elected last week with a strong mandate to reform the state’s welfare system, had threatened in June to cut funding to municipalities that give state-reimbursed general assistance to undocumented immigrants.

Tell your city councilors and selectmen to stop handing out your money to illegals,” LePage said in a radio address.

Portland does not distinguish between documented and undocumented residents, and has argued state law forbids them from denying aid to residents in need, a position backed by Maine Attorney General Janet Mills, a Democrat.

This shows how crazy and out-of-touch are Democrats on this issue — they are actually willing to cut jobs for citizens in order to keep handing out welfare cash to illegal invaders — and exit polls showed that many Democrats and Independents were with LaPage on this one.

The LaPage victory paralleled a stunning result in Oregon on Nov. 4th, when 70% of voters in that super blue state rejected drivers licenses for illegals, a staggering margin that outpaced the margin for any other candidate or measure on the ballot.

Immigration patriotism wins. Will the new GOP majority finally get it?