Age of Autism

The Maine Senate has just agreed with the House to remove religious and philosophical exemptions. The governor will sign the bill, which will go into (side) effect in 2021.

From Ginger Taylor, “What happened in Maine:

The house had voted to pass LD 798 removing philosophical and religious vaccine exemptions last month.  Two weeks ago it went before the Senate, which passed the bill, but then passed an amendment to restore the religious exemption.

4 Dems voted with the Republicans to keep the religious exemption.   The vote was 18-17 for the amendment.

The House then would not pass the Senate version, and sent it back to the Senate, insisting that they pass the version with both exemptions removed.  Those four Senators were basically beaten to bits.  The news papers ran their names, their party berated them, and one caved.  Senator Dill.

Today they revoted and the measure passed with both exemptions removed, 18-17.

The Governor Mills was a primary proponent of the bill.  Her sister Dora Mills is a pediatrician and public health official who has been the face of vaccine sales in Maine for more than a decade.  She will sign the bill with glee.

Green voted to remove exemptions, red are the stalwart Senators who need to hear your gratitude for defending your rights.