Remember to remain neutral and stay in the observation cockpit folks! Enjoy this ride!-A.M.
michaelellegionI Am forwarding this great Channeling from St. Germain thru Kathryn May, which helps to clarify the so-called “differences” from different Channeled sources of exactly what happened to Malaysian Flight 370 and where the passengers actually ended up.  It also helps to confirm what I have also been tuning into since I was informed by Ashtar and our “Friends Upstairs”/Galactic Federation, of their Intervention and [some] of the reasons why they caused the plane to disappear.
I Am also forwarding to everyone on my email list a copy of the actual radar reading (for those of you who have not seen it) of Flight 370, that distinctly shows how a couple of UFO’s/Light Ships that were in the vicinity changed shape back and forth from initially appearing as a round or disk shaped craft, to suddenly appearing as a normal looking earth plane, and then back to a UFO, and then they both totally disappear off radar.  This little “cosmic show of higher dimensional metamorphasing” from one shape to another occurred right around the moment that Flight 370 totally disappeared off of radar.  This is, indeed, very significant and telling documented evidence of Higher ET Intervention, and their involvement with what happened to it.
Here, I wish to mention that even though I tend to agree with at least 90 % of what Cobra has shared through his radio interviews and internet postings, and I will continue to be very supportive of him and his dedicated work of helping to free up Earth’s humanity from the cabal, I have had a few moments of friendly “agree to disagree” of not totally accepting a few of his statements.  One of these was his statement that ‘comet Ison’ was just a comet, rather than a mothership.  
The reason he specifically stated this, was in response to what most of the other ‘prominent’ Channels who share things with others on the Internet, including myself, were specifically told by each of our space contacts that this so-called ‘comet’ was indeed a large mothership.  One must understand that Cobra isn’t really “into” channeling, because he thinks that it cannot always be trusted.  
And the other main disagreement was Cobra’s statement in one of his recent radio interviews with Alexandra Meadors on her “Galactic Connection” radio show, that when Alexandra specifically asked him about there having been “ET Intervention or involvement” in the disappearance of Flight 370, he very specifically stated that there wasn’t.  And when she pressed this point (which I Am assuming she did this because of her also having heard about this from other channeled sources that this had indeed taken place), he very strongly stated that this did not occur and that, quote, “they [the ET’s] would not have done that.” 
As stated, I have been very supportive of Cobra, and usually totally agree with him on almost everything that he has shared with his audiences, and I truly feel that he is a very dedicated Light Worker who cares about Earth, and has done a lot of great work in helping to Prepare for the upcoming changes that are soon to occur.  But this recent statement by him, regarding his [conscious] belief that the Galactic Federation would [supposedly] NOT Intervene, even though I and the other channels & contactees have received very clear messages specifically stating the exact opposite.  Of course, he made it sound as if he knew for sure from supposedly “knowing first hand” as he normally does from his earth and space contacts that belong to the “Liberation Group” that has been working to free Earth’s humanity from the cabal.  I assume that this was one of those few times that he did not really know for sure, but for some reason made it sound like he knew, when he really did not, and I guess he wanted to somehow make everyone think that he did, when he really didn’t.  I guess he did not want to admit, this time, that he really did not know for sure, so in order to sound “knowledgable”, he just made everyone think that he somehow “knew the inside scoop.”  When, in fact, based upon even the radar readings that clearly show how large extraterrestrial craft/”UFO”s” suddenly appearing, disappearing off the radar, and metaphorphasing into craft appearing as just a mundane airplane, which then suddenly speeded up to go 4 to 5 times faster than a normal earth jet plane is capable of doing, and then it just disappears off radar as well. 
This was also mentioned in one of Kathryn May’s earlier channelings, about this very fact, of these very radar readings that verified about Galactic Intervention & involvement, and some of the reasons why. 
But one of the most important things about this recent channeling from St. Germain, was that it also confirmed my own Attunement regarding the so-called “differences” of “where, exactly” that the passengers and crew of Flight 370 had been taken after the plane disappeared off of radar.  Various words and phrases that were used by the different channeled sources, to describe where the plane and its passengers had specifically been taken or transported to, such as “another planet”, “another world”, a “different dimension”, or “Agartha/Hollow Earth” (which is also a in a 5D level of existence) in the minds of some skeptical or cynical people, might appear to be “contradictions” or “inaccuracies.”  But what St. Germain stated in his Channeling through Kathryn May, was almost exactly, word for word what Ashtar also communicated to me a few days before, after having read these various different channeled sources explanations of where the plane and passengers were.  And remembering what it is like on other “dimensions, worlds and planets’, when one is actually in these other “existences”, whether one is “technically” or specifically in or on another “world”, “planet” or “dimension”, one can easily, at any moment, travel or transport back and forth between these various so-called “levels of existence” and such terms or words that mundane earth people tend to be “attached to” loses any real importance once you actually do go to these other realms.  Plus, since I Am very aware of the “Cosmic Sting Operation” that is soon about to be over which will effectively end the last of the cabal’s influence upon this planet (which also has to occur before the RV can occur), and which St. Germain also, in a “round about way” referred to, of why certain things are specifically stated a certain way, which can seem almost “contradictory” from one channeled source as compared to another, but actually has a purpose to confuse and throw off the cabal, so that this all `helps to more quickly end’ their influence once and for all.
Here, I must state something that I Am always very cautious about, which I doubt would occur or rather would be allowed to occur by the Higher Forces in this particular case, but I must  mention it in case the “powers that were” might attempt to do so.  And this has to do with the fact that in the past, often after some very important event, often regarding a “false flag” that the cabal secretly instigated behind the scenes, and the facts were suddenly discovered that the cabal had assumed would never be discovered.  Or, sometimes after info. (as in this case of Flight 370) was channeled about the true facts that often contradicted the “official, corporate controlled mainstream media”, the cabal would then actually “suddenly come up with [falsified] ‘documented facts’ that appear to support the “official” version of what had occurred.  Yes, to ‘convince’ most [undiscerning] masses of humanity, that those who had uncovered the true facts, either/or by specific investigation and/or by channeling from Higher Forces, that they are just “dillusional” or “insane”, etc.  To put doubt in the minds of those who still do not realize how sophisticated the cabal’s black op “damage control” section actually is in manufacturing falsified “evidence” to support their fictitious “official” story that they want the masses to believe in.   Or, the very least, to  “put a spin” upon the events that actually occurred, to give  another impression in the minds of the normally ignorant public.
Of course, since the cabal normally thrives on “surprise, fear and stealth”, of doing things covertly behind the scenes, and the fact that I know that they tend to also closely monitor info. available on the Internet and that is posted on blogs, websites, and that is forwarded in emails.  The fact that I Am specifically mentioning this here, of how they might attempt, in their desperation, before they are totally out of the way, to do this very thing, of “suddenly [supposedly] discovering new evidence of actual wreakage, luggage, complete with a few [cloned] dead  bodies of those who were on Flight 370.”  Again, since I have specifically mentioned about how I Am ‘hip’ to how they have done these kinds of things in the past, and how I Am warning everyone else to be alert to such an attempt in this case, I doubt that they would try to do this now, but one never knows, when you are dealing with the cabal, what they would do in their desperation, as they prepare to be forced by the Higher Forces  to be removed totally out of the way in a very short time.  I mean the small “false flags” such as the “Sandy Hook School [hoax] shootings” and the “Boston Marathon event” were just two examples, in which were exposed because of how sloppy the cabal was in their desperation to convince everyone that these were real “terrorist” events, rather than the fact (which is well documented in numerous videos, that have been shown many times all over the Internet), of actors actually playing roles in these events.  The cabal has always bragged that they “hide things in plain sight”—well, it IS now in “plain sight” because people all over the world are “waking up” and actually seeing how these false flags were accomplished.  And this is partly because of both everyone suddenly Awakening into greater discernment, and also because of how sloppy the last of the cabal has become in their desperation.  And this very fact, of their desperation, it is possible for them to still attempt to suddenly manipulate everyone into believing that a more “mundane”, earthly explanation had occurred, that caused Flight 370 to disappear, rather than the true facts.  That ET Divine Intervention did, indeed, take place, and that this is a “precursor” for other much more dramatic planetary scale Events that are about to occur, first the eminent RV, Disclosure, and then ultimately open First Contact.  
What is interesting, is what I just read in an Associated Press article on the Internet, right after I finished typing out the last few paragraphs, about my concern of the cabal [through their corporate controlled mainstream media] of attempting to suddenly come up with somekind of “fake evidence” that will “explain away” any form of ET Intervention, and attempt to even claim that they had actually found the plane, even though they really hadn’t.  This article was titled, “Satellite Clue Ends Wild Theories, Hope for MH 370”.  The article initially gives the strong [FALSE] impression that they had actually found real, substantiative, documented evidence of having found the plane and that it was positively identified as the downed flight 370.  But upon further reading, the article mentions about the Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, made an announcement that they had [supposedly] found where the plane had gone down, which was only based upon “an analysis of the plane’s last known signals to a satellite, which showed that it went down somewhere in the desolate waters of the Southern Indian Ocean—and that all on board persished.”  Of course, the writer of the article of this corporate controlled mainstream media, then also admitted in the article, that Najib’s statement “offered some resolution—the plane has surely crashed—but little else.”  Next they admit, “No one has [actually] found the plane, or the passengers, or the answer to why all this happened in the first place.”
So there you have it, we are just supposed to take their word for it, with absolutely no physical proof, just some vague statement of supposedly having found some satellite image that “proves” that the plane went down, and everyone on board died.  End of story, Yeh, right, Just like they told us that some Navy Seals [supposedly] killed Ben Ladin a couple years ago and then “buried his body at sea” (even though we never actually saw his dead body).  Plenty of evidence shows that not only did he die back in 2000 before the false flag of 9-11 was carried out by the cabal, but that his real, original identity was that he was a CIA agent known as Tim Osborn, who posed as an “extremist foreign terrorist” known as Bin Ladin.  A number of whistleblower ex-CIA agents have all stated this.  This is just one of many thousands of cases of the cabal, as well as the corporate controlled media making up false information for various political reasons.  
And anything that would indicate that something “out of this world” was really responsible for Flight 370’s disappearance, rather than some “mundane, earthly explanation”—even though the radar readings clearing show and document this fact—must be covered up at all costs. 
So it will be interesting to see how much more in-depth their “official explanation” will continued to be pushed upon us all, or how soon, which is often the case in other past situations, the cabal may attempt to come up with another story about some other mundane event to attempt to take our attention away from this event, to attempt to make us forget about it.
Or will they, as I suggested earlier, attempt to “suddenly come up with more [faked] irrefutable proof” that they had indeed [supposedly] found the downed plane—except, as with so many other faked news stories manufactured by mainstream media, none of these new photos (which may include “debris, suitcases, bodies, etc.” that is supposed to actually be from Flight 370) will be the real thing.     
Michael Ellegion