Could you imagine going to every single documented country, let only doing it solely by foot, bus, tram and boat?

Well this guy,
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 Graham Hughes has done it.

He’s not planning on it, he actually did it! At the end of 2012 Graham Hughes finished off his trip with some champagne in South Sudan.

“I travelled alone, without any back-up and on a shoestring budget of less than $100 a week. I kept costs down by CouchSurfing with locals and hitching rides on cargo ships whenever possible.” -Graham Hughes

“It was an adventure of epic proportions. I spent four days crossing open ocean in a leaky wooden boat to reach Cape Verde, I was imprisoned for a week in Congo and was arrested whilst attempting to sneak into Russia.

I ran the blockade into Cuba, blagged my way into Eritrea, ran around Iraq, spent seven days in Tibet and taught schoolchildren in Afghanistan.

I met the Prime Minister of Tuvalu, rode on top of a 18-wheeler through the northern badlands of Kenya, hitched a ride on a cruise ship to The Dominican Republic, joined a Bwiti tribe in Gabon, screamed at the ocean in El Salvador and watched a space shuttle blast off in the USA.

I’ve fed the crocs in Australia, hunted the dragons of Komodo, befriended the orangutans in Borneo, played with the lemurs in Madagascar, washed the elephants in India and eaten live octopus in South Korea.

I tip-toed into North Korea, took the slow boat to Nauru, danced with the Highlanders of Papua New Guinea and was rescued from Muslim fundamentalists in The Philippines by a ladyboy called Jenn.

I set the Guinness World Record™ for ’The Most Countries Visited in One Year by Scheduled Ground Transport’ and, on Monday November 26 2012, became the first person to visit all 201 soveriegn nations of the world without flying.” -Graham Hughes on

Talk about a relaxed vacation! And just to continue the pursuit of adventure, i think i’ll travel around the world too.. maybe by foot.