Published on Apr 13, 2018

The Mandela Effect and the Affected: There was a reality. It seemed stable. It seemed that we could rely on it to always be there. Then one day that changed for thousands of us. We have collectively assembled to compare notes. We stopped looking for outside confirmation from our circle. We are no longer searching for “How” or “Who” or “Why”. We are now searching within. Subscribe to this channel Contact: – Enjoying this channel? I could use your support so that I can continue doing what I love and produce more content at the volume I wish to produce. My videos will always be free. The support option is provided for those who see value in what we are doing and would like to help. Thank you to those who have signed up. 💲Patreon: 💲Paypal: The Mandela Effect has changed more than labels, logos, movies, books and songs. The Mandela Effect has changed lives. The Mandela Effect has changed the behavior of those around the affected. The Mandela Effect has caused many of us to feel isolated. This channel is dedicated to those affected.