We at GalacticConnection.com believe that no one should have to pay for information. Knowledge is power and should always be free, especially during this historic period on our beloved planet Earth! It is so important for people to have easy access to the real news, NOT THE FAKE NEWS that has been regurgitated and recycled throughout every mainstream media outlet across the world. This enables YOU and your loved ones to delve deeper and be more prepared for what is still to come, and to have a more expanded understanding from key headline news articles. This world just doesn’t make sense when you rely on the mainstream puppets reading from scripts proven to have malicious intent for the world’s citizens. Our website is designed to assist you in coping with such extraordinary change and digesting past events in a more balanced, discerning manner. We all need this!

We stand united in our efforts to consolidate the light!

If you are new to GalacticConnection.com, you may not be aware of all we do. Alexandra has been very very busy for the last SEVEN years completing her mission in preparation for the main event of ascension by gathering The Guardians, eradicating the darkness, providing healing services and training, and creating DIVINELY GUIDED tools such as her Violet Ray Galactic Essences and Oils to assist ANYONE WHO WANTS TO BECOME SPIRITUALLY SOVEREIGN.


  • Continual DIRECT communications with Prime Creator and the Love Lineage Team.
  • Under the direct and constant tutelage of Prime Creator and The Love Lineage Team.
  • Around the clock planetary and cosmic healings for ALL of The Creator’s children.
  • Eradication of the darkness, including mind control technologies and direct energy weapons targeting.
  • Informing the world on the latest alternative news via our blog and newsletter, 7 days a week with at least 25 posted articles and updates PER DAY, and that is GRATIS for all.
    Galactic Connection Daily Blog
  • Gathering the Guardians, the Children of The Love Lineage.
  • Providing unique alchemical solutions for your well-being and spiritual acceleration through Alexandra’s Violet Ray Galactic Essences and Oils.
  • Providing powerful healing sessions, implant and device removal, and parasitic extractions.
  • Providing interviews on controversial and galactic topics (Alexandra has been on a break from this as urgent planetary assistance was requested).
  • Providing life-changing, private Quantum Disentanglement sessions behind the scenes.
  • Providing QE Construct clearings for the masses.
  • Performing planetary missions to complete essential clearings, elimination of nefarious timelines, return of sacred artefacts, etc. back to Creator and The Love Lineage Team.
  • Speaker and Presenter at multiple conferences
  • Providing around the clock alternative news access to the following topics:
    • Headline news
    • Ongoing accomplishments of President Trump and other world leaders
    • Q updates on the biggest grassroots movement in the western world
    • Government
    • Military
    • World demonstrations for peace and change
    • Economics
    • Space
    • Weather
    • Technology
    • Spirituality
    • Healing
    • Environment
    • Common Law and Natural Law

PLEASE NOTICE that we have never used third party ads or administered obnoxious pop-ups to taunt you to purchase third party products and services to support GalacticConnection.com. This was the directive Alexandra received when the website was started. One cannot be assured of the goals and intentions of third-party advertisers, we only know our own intentions. Therefore we only sell our own products and services which provides a win-win solution for each of us.

It costs over $2000 a month to run GalacticConnection.com, so if you feel compelled to support us KNOW that your donation is going towards a great cause! We thank you. Here is the link below:

We love you. Be well, be aware, and be true to yourself!

From our Hearts to Yours,

Alexandra and the Galactic Connection Team