Thanks to Mirza for this “find and a much needed message to The Ground Crew:

Excellent presentation, long time not seen something similar; powerfully touching miss – presenting of Yoga, Religious dogmas, law of attraction so called ”Secret” teachings, don’t think ”negative” and many others issues. This cannot be overlooked by any means and there are not enough words out there, to stress that this is absolutely a must watch and a.s.a.p. integrate it into practical life.

Culmination of someone’s knowledge is in action. Action with force if needed, to help self and taking care of others in self defence.It is inherit masculine balanced potential out there, against of misuses of any kind and shape.

Today males are in the form of the foetus very hard hit by variety of chemicals, resulting in increase female oestrogens and more altered passive semi-male creature. Designed to sit beside computer not protesting anything. Going along anything government want from them to swallow.

Sikhs of India swore to fight Turks ( illuminatzi of that time ) although today, they are pristine in presenting Kundalini Yoga, wearing turbans, ZZ Top look like beards and singing :

” Ray man eh bidh jog kamaa-o
Oh my mind, practice Yoga in this way

Singee saach akapat kanthalaa
Let Truth be your horn, sincerity your necklace

Dhi-aan Bibhoot charaa-o
and meditation the ashes you apply on your body

Lord Krishna spoke Gita 5200 years ago on battlefield of Kurukshetra, not in café, not in ashram – but right there where 50 million people, within 18 days will decide, whether to fight or not Dhuryodana’s malafide ET  ( Dhanavas ) masters!