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Blessings of the Season to all of Master’s
Wonderful Students

 By now you will have received VFF’s Annual Appeal letter and are deliberating as to what your level of generosity will be this year.  The VFF Board so appreciates your continued support and offers you its……………

Top Ten List of Why You Should Be Verrrrry Generous This Year:

10.It’s not cheap to seed a New Age.  After all, there are classes to establish and transformative practices to set in place!
9.Transforming Piscean Patriarchy into Aquarian Love and Peace?  Hmmm. Is this a good goal, or what?  Do I want to be a part of this? I DO!
8.The Divine Feminine is on Her way!  Let’s create a HUGE worldwide welcoming committee of open hearts for Her!
7.We are the fortunate ones with an opportunity to lead the way!  Bow in gratitude for this incredibly auspicious life!
6.The only way to create a WE is to be a WE!  Dive into this WE movement with complete abandon today!
5.The results are in!  The chakra work being done in the current RMES class is reverberating out and benefiting the entire Planet (you)! And this is just the beginning!
4.Practice makes Perfect!  Generosity creates generosity and abundance for All!  Why pass up this opportunity to partake?
3.Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude…For our Precious Teacher, for Kathlyn.
2.It’s Great Karma!  It’s as simple as that!
 DRUM ROLL………..and the number one reason for being very generous:
1.Invest in Master!  There is not better return for your money!