Posted: Jul 24, 2008 8:00 PM PST

By Cdavis

They are common prescription drugs, many in our medicine cabinets right now, but these drugs can be deadly. Topping our list is the widely prescribed pain reliever Lortab.

Spartanburg Pharmacist David Smith says, “You can excessive palpitations it can cause the heart to burst it can cause a lot of things.”
Smith, who has been a pharmacist for more than 30 years, says the Hydrocodone in the tablets can be especially dangerous when mixed with alcohol.
Coming in at number two is a similar drug, Oxycontin.

According to Smith, “Of course it has hypnotic properties too and when you take it in excess it is certainly a dangerous drugs”

Not only can this drug slow your heart, but this opiate can be highly addictive.

The number three most dangerous prescription drug is Percocets. Going by the generic name Endocet, even the FDA says they can cause the body to slow down and hinder breathing when taken in excess.
Smith says, “Schedule 2 drugs are drugs that the FDA consider to be real dangerous drugs.”

Number four is blood pressure medicine. You may know it by many different names including Caduet, Avapro or Zestil to name a few. According to the pharmacist, taking allergy or cold medicine with blood pressure medicine may cause your heart to race and could result in a heart attack.

Five is popular cholesterol medicines like Zocor. Smith says something as simple as grapefruit can cause your body to absorb the statins controlling the cholesterol faster than it should and that could create muscle damage.

Be extra careful with number six, blood thinners.
The pharmacist says taking too many products with aspirin could cause you to bleed internally.
Smith maintains, “You combine too much you get less clotting ability.”

Finally a drug prescribed to many children comes in at number seven. Adderall is used for hyperactivity. Smith says the drug can cause extreme highs or lows in some people and if not watched carefully it is easy for someone to abuse.

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