Janice Kay Simmons


giving birthIn the time between worlds, I am in a somewhat friendly, yet heated debate with my Councillors. There are 24 of them. In my personal Group there are 17 who are flanked around me.


“Janus you can’t do this it is too much. I know your heart and your courage, your fight and spirit. But I warn you this is more than even you can handle.”  So Speaks Germain.


Before Janus can respond, Raphael says, “Janus you remember well though your experience as Joan, how she was burned at the stake. How can you be sure that when incarnate her fears won’t take over and stop you from your mission.”


The Council members are speaking over each other. It is rare for one preparing for incarnation to actually argue with them for the difficulties of a desired Life. For the Lessons.


Finally Janus can get in edgewise. The council is being adamant. Janus must get them to agree so he presses in.  “Please Listen to me. I know I can fail. I also know I must try. My personal Council and other councils as well have agreed to go to Earth in three waves happening in 1939, 40 and 41. This has already been agreed to and New Dispensations will be granted to the Humans as well.  I know the Earth is surrounded by a blanket of very dark energy. Many will suffer and many will die in the coming years on earth. When I go in, (1939) I want to be real to those I attempt to assist. I must experience shame, agony, confusion, abandonment, trust issues in order to say to another human, ‘I have been there and done that’. Don’t you see I have to be real. I won’t be going in alone. I never do. I will enter as a composite of several SOUL Energies. I will be armed with many of their talents and skills. It has been awhile since I myself have gone in. I want to experience for my self rather than vicariously though one of my aspects. I want to experience all of the Darkness that I am able to. I will be an energy buster. There is no other way but for the Immortals to take on flesh. We must if Earth is to survive. Some of us won’t even make it through the birth process. It will be too much. Others will smell the stench and become overwhelmed and need to leave. It will not be easy for any of us. Just let me try.”


A member of the Personal Council, Sir David, Speaks, “If Janus does go in, a weariness will settle in towards the end of the life span. I am going in as well. I think most of us want to. I will show up towards the end of the life span. Janus is going in as a female this time. So, I will offer her a shoulder to lean upon.”


“Janus, Why would you want to become a female at this time. They are more wounded and abused as a rule than the males are. Male energy has run a muck. Go in with the power of your Male energy”, So speaks the friend of Janus, Sananda.


“That is exactly why I want to go in as a female at this time. I must transmute as much as I can. These are my Souls, my people. Many of them are. I came to earth 108 million years ago and have been with them in one form of Human or another ever since. I have loved them so much. I can not bare to see them all perish by self destruction. This last ditch effort has been agreed upon. Please agree and give me what help you can.”


The Lovely Meera, Sixth Seat of the healing of Shambalah speaks. “If you insist on going, then I will see to it that you have return exit points. (NDEs) At each point you will have the choice to stay or leave and return to us. There will be no recriminations. (Karma) Your powers will manifest because of your love. When it does and the dead walk, the cost will be more than you heart may be able to stand. You will lose friends and children will walk away and husband as well. You will often walk alone during the times of the greatest darkness. If you make it to 2012, I will come to you. I will bring into your life comfort, peace and joy. At that time you will return to the fullness of your being, unafraid.”


With one voice the Council speaks, “Do you agree?”


“I do.”


And so the baby takes form and is born dead.


To be continued….