This should be read by every Lightworker, Light Warrior, Star Seed, Indigo, etc.  I have come across some astrological information that June could be another difficult month of “compression” as The Dark are on the last leg….-A.M.

Part One of A Channeled Message
Received Through Mercedes Kirkel on March 17, 2013


children of the sunBlessings dear ones. This is Sol, spirit of the Sun, coming to you today. I am especially moved to come forth because of the time period that you are in right now, being right before the spring equinox, when my power of blessing through the Sun is becoming stronger and stronger, and you are becoming more aware of it. You are about to pass through the midway point, where my blessing energy will be available to you more than half of your time, because there will be daylight more than half of the time. So I come in joy. I come in strength. And I come in blessing.


I come with a message for you today about clarity and purity. In the time ahead, I am suggesting that you stay true to your clarity and your purity. I see this as something that the Sun may be of help to you in. You may turn to the light and the blessing of the Sun for helping you to be strong in this aspect of staying in clarity and purity.


It is possible in times ahead that you are going to be tested, that there will be confusion, fear, and for some a sense of darkness. I want to let you know that, while this may be very real for some, it is not necessary for you to assume this or go into it. It is possible for you to stay in your clarity and your purity of the light. This is what I want to consider with you and support you in at this time.


Because of your connection to all beings, you are affected by what other beings experience, especially when many beings experience something similar at the same time. In your reality, as you know it, it is possible for a kind of wave to go over people, where many people are experiencing something similar. Oftentimes, especially in the past, this has been a lower-frequency energy. For example, there can be a fear that spreads over many people, a kind of collective fear or mass fear. One person’s fear ignites the next and suddenly it takes off like a wildfire. I am sure all of you are familiar with examples of this, if not from your own life, then having heard about this happening in other people’s lives. It is one of the great challenges of the third dimension, particularly with the emotion of fear. It is easy at the third dimension to fall into fear and to have it overwhelm you.


All of you are becoming stronger in the light. All of you are coming to know that you have choice, that you can consciously choose the light. The more that you choose the light, the more you are attracted to choosing the light and the more it becomes easy to choose the light, the more you are supported in choosing the light. This is very core to your spiritual growth, both personally and collectively at this time—that you are more and more choosing the light more frequently, more continuously, and you are more and more able to stay in the light. As you do this for yourself, the light is strengthened more and more. This becomes a new kind of wave that you are creating on your Earth—a wave of light as opposed to a wave of fear or darkness.


It is not something that you need to create in others, ignite in others, or try to convince others in one form or another to join you in, just as you do not need to do this with darkness. Your light becomes the attractive beacon that draws others. Indeed, for most of you, when you become involved in trying to get others to do this, you often lose your own strength of light. That is because trying to get others to join you is rather an old way of doing it. The new way is simply to be the light, to shine the light, to enjoy the light, delight in the light. Others will, of course, see it, for light is completely visible.


Light, as you know, is stronger than darkness. Darkness is truly only the absence of light. So whenever there is light and darkness together, light prevails—unless individuals choose to shield themselves from the light. They have this choice and this shielding has happened for a long time in your world. The time of this occurring is not over. There are still beings making this choice. But the scales are tipping. The light is becoming stronger, is being held by more people, including all of you.


This is a great joy to me. I revel in the light. My work and service and enjoyment has been to bring the light to you in this form, most directly in the form of your Sun, which the Earth circles around. It is so natural to make the light the center of your experience and to stay attuned to the light, the way the Earth stays attuned to the Sun, with the Sun in the center and the Earth circling around. It is a form of instruction that you know at the core of your being, through your connection to Earth and Sun. This is a time when you can bring this forth.


I am especially encouraging you in this because, in the future, it may be that there will be waves of the old still occurring in your world—waves of fear, waves of darkness. I come to emphasize and affirm that it is not necessary for you to go into this. You can hold to the light. All the things that you do and know already are things that support you in this. The more that you do these things—such as meditation, associating with others and focusing on the light, giving your light to others, all the ways you know that magnify light in your life—continuing to do these, and even strengthening in doing these will continue to be valuable. The more that you do these, and the more that everyone does these things, the more that you quicken the process of strengthening light.


Light is the great transforming power, along with love. Of course, they go together.


This is the message I share with you. Do not fall into fear when you see others falling into fear. Or if you do, be kind and gentle with yourself, but remember the light. Bring yourself back to the light. Know that you always have that option. It is always available to you and it is the highest path.


I encourage you to celebrate. Celebrate the light at this turning of your year, this marker point of spring equinox. Let it be a doorway for you into increasing the light continuously in your own life and your world. Let it be a blessing, a celebration. Give your thanks and give your intentions for being a light-carrier, a light-blesser, one who brings the blessing of the light to yourself, to others, and to the world. This, more than anything else, will change your world, and of course change yourself.


So I come today with this message and this blessing to all of you. I ask you to take a moment now to focus on light at your heart—feel the light, experience it, go into the light. Let your whole being be bathed in light. Especially allow your mind to be bathed in light.


You might get a picture of yourself in this light, becoming a light being. For indeed, that is what you are all becoming. Imagine yourself going through your day, doing the things that you do in your day in this state. How might your day, your experience, your world be different? How might your speech be different? How might your conversations with others be different? How might your experience of the world be different? How might your world change?


Invite in the light. It is your birthright and destiny. And so I celebrate this with you, endlessly shining my light of blessing upon you.


Now I ask for your questions. What questions would you like to ask of me today?


Question: Can you give us insight into what solar flares and coronal mass ejections are about?


Sol: It is actually a form of blessing, which is always going on. But at certain times it happens in terms of a concentrated form that’s directed toward you. Light is really a form of sustenance. At the third dimension on Earth, you experience it especially in the physical form through your Sun. But light is really a way of supporting your whole reality here.


The Sun is an integral part of the process of light that allows all to continue. The Sun is food. It is food for plants, and then the plants feed beings. The Sun is a source of transformation that allows for growth and change. When you have these very concentrated forms that come in certain bursts, it is an opportunity to support you to move into a higher frequency, really, to make a shift in your reality grid, you might say, that is supporting you and sustaining you, and to allow that grid to move into a higher state, a higher frequency. So these are free gifts, you might say, blessings to help you, if you are open to it, if you are ready, and if it would be supportive for you to move in this process, which many of you are calling the ascension process, where you are moving into a higher state of being, a higher level of frequency, a higher consciousness. These bursts of energy are like super foods, for those who are ready to receive them, to support you in this shift within yourself to a higher state.


For those who are not ready, these bursts simply pass by. They will have other opportunities at other times to receive this kind of support. But at this time there are many who are ready. So the Sun, as a living being, is responding to your readiness, responding to the Earth’s readiness altogether for moving into this higher frequency, this higher stage of beingness.


Question: Three years ago someone mentioned to me the Sun behind the Sun. I’m assuming now that the Sun behind the Sun is this spiritual light that’s different from the physical light that we see. Could you say anything about that?


Sol: Yes. At different levels of awakening, different levels of awareness, you become aware of what you might call different forms of light. At the third dimension on your Earth you are all familiar with the Sun, the physical manifestation of light. Just as you are a physical body, but you are more than your physical body—you are a spiritual being inhabiting your physical body, so it is with your Sun. The physical Sun that you are familiar with at your Earth level also has a spiritual body, you could say, a spiritual being. I am a part of that spiritual being. And there are other levels, as well.


As you know, there are many, many suns in your galaxy, in your universe, many stars that serve the same function of creating and emanating light. And that is simply at the physical level, also. There are subtler levels beyond that that are connected with spirit beings, as well. And then there is more beyond that to this immense system of planets, stars, solar systems, galaxies, universes. There is more beyond your own universe. There are other universes. And there is a sun at the center of all this, which has been called the great central Sun, which is a very, very high frequency and also associated with spirit energy, spirit beings at a very high level.


Really everything is a manifestation of light. And everything has a spirit and is part of the web of spirit, the great manifestation of spirit, and is connected to spirit at its source. So there could be many levels that you are connecting with that are beyond the Sun and yet related to the Sun. All are true.


What is valuable, is to find what serves you, what supports the light in you, what connects you with spirit, what helps you the most with your spiritual path and spiritual growth. That may change over time. There may be a particular form that you are connected with for a time. And then that grows and changes into another form. You are the one who will know and be guided to what is the most powerful and available form for you at any given time.


Of course, relative to the physical sun, you must relate to that at the physical level and take care of yourself physically. There is guidance about how to do that, so that you don’t hurt yourself physically by looking at the Sun, taking in the light of the Sun. You only want to do that in a safe way. But this can be one form of receiving the blessing and the energy of the Sun. Often it has been recommended to do this as the Sun is just rising, as a safe time when you may do that.


But you can do this at anytime through your meditation. You do not need to be physically gazing at the Sun to receive the blessings and energy of the Sun. You simply need to open yourself to the Sun’s spiritual light.


This is a vast topic and a vast source of exploration for you in your spiritual process and your spiritual growth. I encourage you to explore it, to make full use of it. In your case, in particular, it sounds like that may be an empowered form for you.


[End of Part 1]