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Part 2 of A Channeled Message from Sol

Received Through Mercedes Kirkel on March 17, 2013


Question: Sol, you’re like us in that you’re born and someday you’ll die, the energy will leave. How close to us are you? Is there uncertainty in you about what happens after?


Sol: No. I am existing at a higher dimension, where time is not perceived the way that you perceive it. So I do not perceive myself as being in something after, the way that you do.


I also am so profoundly connected to God that I have no need to be of concern. I experience tremendous… what you might call bliss, peace, harmony, clarity about my purpose. And in that is tremendous trust that I will do this as long as it is part of the great plan. And when that is not so, I will be moved to whatever is part of the great plan at that point. I trust it will be equally perfect.


I cannot remember your question anymore. Would you please ask it again.


Question: Birth and death and what we become after seems like total uncertainty. It seems like we hold onto certainty…


Sol: It is uncertainty as you see it from the third dimension. To me it is simply waves of the ocean changing. I am still the ocean. Why would you hold onto a particular wave? It is simply one form.


It is the knowingness of yourself as God that makes all the difference. There is no uncertainty in God. In that absolute certainty, you can allow all change—all arising, appearance, disappearance, changing, reappearing, moving into another form, whatever it is. It becomes a great beauty, a great expression, the way you enjoy a flower.


So if that is not your reality at this moment, rather than placing your concern or attention on uncertainty, the path is to find your connection to God, to know the certainty of that connection and allow that to expand more and more. Allow this expansion in a natural way, not a forced way, not a forceful way, but a natural way.


It’s really like falling in love. In the third dimension, many of you have the experience of falling in love. It’s really a glimpse of the great glory you will know when you fall in love with God. More and more, you become merged with God and God’s qualities become your reality. At that point, you will know the certainty of God.


Question: I’ve heard that we’re shifting into the Aquarian energy, where people will eat food cooked by the Sun. That intrigues and excites me. How can we get to that point of choosing a diet that’s cooked by the Sun?


Sol: Eating food that’s cooked by the sun is one aspect of having a life altogether that is infused by light and love, in this case the light of the Sun and the love of the Sun. Diet is—especially at the third dimension—a primary aspect of life. It is an aspect that supports and sustains you. It also brings you great pleasure and that is a very good thing, a very valuable thing, an aspect of God. Delight is pleasure.


There are different ways of approaching this. One is that as you eat more and more pure foods—pure in the sense that they hold life-energy, the life-energy that came through the Sun and the Earth, and the joining of the two—you are supported more and more in that energy within yourself. So it is of value to you to eat a diet that is optimally natural in that sense. There are many things being added to foods through technology that are taking away from this purity of light and love, the Earth- and Sun-energy that has been infused into food, and blocking that. So it is of value to you to eat foods that are as pure as possible, which many in your world label as organic. That is a very valuable process.


Eating this way also supports the process of light and love infusing your world, because when food is not grown in a pure way or an organic way, the chemicals that are used interfere with the Earth’s energy of holding light and love. So just in a very practical way—for the Earth, for all the beings on the Earth, and for your own body—eating natural foods supports that process at many levels.


That, in turn, supports the spiritual process, which, as you say, is going through an emergence into a new age at this time. As you grow in this spiritual process—this ascension into what you could call the Aquarian age or the fourth dimension, there are different ways of referencing it—you will more and more be operating at the higher frequencies of light and love, including higher frequencies in the third dimension and moving into the next dimension. As you more and more operate at these higher frequencies, they have a purifying effect. So the effects of this toxicity on the Earth, through your food stream but also through many other avenues, will be lessened. You will have a healing effect upon this toxicity, through the light-energy and the love-frequency that you yourself are carrying, along with many others. It will have a power of healing. And you will be personally less affected by these physical and energetic forms of toxicity as you move into higher levels.


At these higher levels, you will naturally gravitate toward the purity of food substances and all substances that are carrying the higher frequencies of light and love. As you are more attuned and resonating with the higher frequencies within yourself, this is what you will be attracted to outside yourself. It will be a natural process of more and more being attracted to these foods and also, more and more, these types of foods being sufficient to truly sustain you to your optimum level.


When you are operating at a more dense frequency, you may require more dense foods. This is not a judgment upon anyone, or what they eat or take into their body. But there is a physical reality that everyone has a certain frequency they’re operating at. And at that particular frequency, there will be optimal foods for them. It is to your advantage to take in what is optimal for you at your present time, as opposed to having a preference through your belief system for what you would like to be eating, which may not match what is actually most supportive for you.


Many people who are on the spiritual path desire to be eating foods that are lighter. They might desire to be vegetarian, or vegan, or raw foods, or breatharian. And in fact, at different stages of ascending to higher frequencies, these various diets will tend to be more appropriate. But they may not be the most appropriate for you at your present stage, or any particular stage. And if they’re not, it will not be supporting your spiritual growth to be trying to take in a diet that’s not attuned to your current frequency.


It is part of your awareness, and in some ways responsibility, to find the diet that is most supportive for you. For some people this includes animal foods; for some people it doesn’t. For some people this may include cooking; for some people it doesn’t. It may change for you over time. It may change from this moment to that moment. So it is part of staying in tune to yourself and what is most valuable for yourself.


But it is good and often helpful to be aware that over time, particularly as you grow into higher energies, your diet may change. It very likely will become lighter and you will be eating foods that are higher frequency, lighter foods. You also may be eating lighter quantities of foods. Eventually you may be living solely on the sustenance you receive from air, from light, or you may not. This is to be seen. But it will be a natural process that will unfold naturally. And while it is understandable that you may look forward to a time when you are sustained by other things than perhaps you are now, do not try to force it. It will become your natural movement when it is right for you.


One of the biggest traps is to become overly serious. This blocks the light. Joy, fun, pleasure are all things that open you to light. Do not become overly serious about your diet, while still staying attuned to what is most supportive of you and staying in service to that.


Do not become overly serious about any aspect of your world. Do your part. Stay in the light. Stay in joy. Trust in the power of light. Enjoy the love. And you will be fine.


Question: I used to be a strong spiritual seeker. I reached a point in my life where I realized and embraced the fact that I was always part of the thing that I was seeking. I was a spark of consciousness in a sea of consciousness. I’ve never been separate from it. From that place I looked out at my world and realized that this is just a divine play of consciousness, with lots of sparks of consciousness all interacting and playing in this divine dance with each other, some pretending that they’re separate, some embracing the consciousness that they’ve always been part of. And there’s no death. It’s just consciousness changing and moving between forms.


The more I’ve embraced this as my reality, the more I realize that it really doesn’t matter what I do. So what do I do? I’m not motivated by fear anymore, which is the main thing that used to motivate my direction in life. Without the fear, there’s no motivation to do very much at all. Do you have some insight on this?


Sol: I feel tremendous joy in hearing your expression. I see delight increased through your words and my heart is happy.


This is truly a very accurate description of the process that all beings are moving into. Different ones will have different experiences as they go through this. For many, there is a shift that occurs at this point from being propelled by this desire for reunification, which shows up in every form. Oftentimes beings don’t realize this is what’s propelling them. They think it’s about getting a job, being successful, having a family, having fun, whatever it is. But those are simply manifestations of this intrinsic movement that beings have to know themselves in union with God.


Once that has occurred at the core level, where there is a shift of knowing yourself in this union, all those things that propelled you before tend to fall away, as not having that force of propulsion moving you to want to do this or that. At that time there’s often a shift into service of others. So that is one form that can manifest at that stage.


At a deeper level it’s really a shift from a kind of unconscious motivation, generally associated with fear. The fundamental fear is the fear of separation, which is separation from God, ultimately. This sense of separation and fear that has been motivating you prior to knowing your reunification with God shifts into passion and pleasure. Passion and pleasure are, in general, manifestations of soul purpose. They’re often associated with service to others and the whole. But there can be different forms that this takes. Oftentimes it takes the form of being called to certain work in life. Some feel it as a kind of calling or mission that you have passion about. You don’t have to think about it, it simply is drawing you.


But it may not take that form for everyone. It may take the form of simple beingness. In that beingness, you are still always offering service, through your state of being. In truth, that is the fundamental service we always offer.


Your soul knows its path. As long as you are here, there is a purpose for you being here. It may not be apparent to your mind what that is. It is a matter for your higher self to direct you and inform you, for your highest good.


There are times when it is not necessary to be doing anything in particular. There are reasons for this, which may not be apparent at the time you go through those periods. If you are used to knowing—the way that most beings are used to at the third dimension in the Earth plane—this may feel uncomfortable. It may be helpful to communicate as directly as you’re able with your higher self (or to have support in communicating with your higher self, if that feels valuable to you)—to be able to come to peace with the degree that you know or do not know, understand or do not understand what this period of time may be about for you.


So those are your supports through this process: your connection to your higher self, and your connection to your passion and your joy, even if your passion and your joy come in very still forms.


Now I believe it is a good time for us to come to a close for today. I thank you all for your being. I thank you all for the spiritual light that you are, for attuning to the light of the Sun, the light of the universe, the light of God. I thank you for this time we have had together, which has been a great celebration for me. And I offer you my blessings. Blessings of light to you all.




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