Published on Nov 7, 2018


In this video I talk about what this Mercury Retrograde will bring as it journeys through the Sagittarius and Scorpio decans. Mercury’s alignment with the fixed star Antares and how the Sun/Mercury/Jupiter conjunction affects each sign. November 27. Sun conjunct Mercury at 5º 03′ Sagittarius. CAZIMI (Exact) at 1.16am PST, 4.16am EST, 9.16am GMT. You are good from 2.5 hours before and after these times. For personal readings recorded onto mp3: For the Mercury Retrograde Meaning Post:… Artwork “The Magician” supplied by J Swofford at:… Support me on Patreon: Horoscopes found at these times: Aries 24.16 Taurus 25.51 Gemini 27. 02 Cancer 28.11 Leo. 29.08 Virgo 30.04 Libra 30.51 Scorpio 31.45 Sagittarius 32.25 Capricorn 33.15 Aquarius 34.04 Pisces 35.11