dragonflyshipDavidEarth has always had its connection with extraterrestrial beings. We
have come to Earth many times at different points in your evolutionary
process and assisted you in advancing your technology, your knowledge,
your wisdom, and your life itself. Sometimes we have come in physical
forms; other times we entered Earth by being born with Earth bodies, and other times we have implanted ourselves among you.

We have starbases in systems that for us are very near to Earth, such as in the Pleiades and Orion systems. This makes it easy to observe
what is unfolding on your planet. Humans have observed some of our
starships while others are vibrationally above your ability to see them. They are all over your known outer space.

We are connected to higher beings on your planet. Usually it is a
mental connection because this is the best connection. So many of your
entities wish that they could see an ET, yet many do not realize they
have already done so but we will not walk among you in our own forms.

We come there to help you bring in the New Age or Golden Age of Earth as some of you have termed it. We wish for you to have a more evolved
planet so you may experience times of peace, joy, and brotherhood as we
do upon our advanced planets. But know that you will never experience
space travel beyond your own solar system until you evolve to these
qualities and move beyond the tendencies of aggression and non-love
throughout the Earth. All advanced beings who observe planet Earth can
see the potential of their star brothers and are waiting for you to
reach the point where your natures become such that you can join your
space brothers in cosmic travel.

Those of you we consider starseed will, during your sleep state, be
traveling with us, working with us, and are being trained by us. When
the time is right, what you have learned will come into your
consciousness so you may do the work you have been trained for, work
that will assist in the unfolding of a more evolved planet Earth. Those
who have been chosen are of the awareness level that they really care
about your planet, have no fear of their star brothers, and continue to
show they have open minds.

We see you as our brothers and sisters and want the very best for all who reside on the Earth plane. The problem we currently see with Earth
beings is similar to what your Master, the Christ had when he walked
upon your planet. Because we are advanced many of you have the awareness that we are better than you. However, we do not see this from our level but see you the same as ourselves but at different levels of
technology. The truth is, we are connected in oneness with you. We see
you as evolving just as we are, only at different rates and speeds.

Though you are our brothers and sisters, if some of us would approach you in our basic energy forms with consciousness, you would be very
awed and that is not what we desire, nor do we wish to be worshipped. We desire you to see us only as your brothers connected in a great cosmic
oneness. Until you reach the point where you see all life in equality,
though unique, you will not be able to be comfortable seeing us in our
true-life expressions.

It is truly a wondrous journey that we all travel in our lives. Your
star brothers have worked very hard to assist in helping you create a
New Earth with a raised consciousness, but without the lifting of your
collective consciousness there will be no change. We are trying through
many of your human expressions, to get you to understand that there is
so much more to you and to your planet than you are currently able to
see. If you can ever comprehend the wonder of your own being, of your
planet, the wonder of all that is around you; and if you can ever
overcome that which is termed fear; and if you can learn to utilize the
greatest power within you which is love, then you are indeed going to
have a Golden Age beyond your imagination. This will be a period of
great enlightenment and I think all of you are of the awareness that
something truly wondrous is going on around you in terms of
enlightenment, regardless of the chaos being cleansed in your physical
world. Vibrations really are getting higher.