Published on Aug 16, 2016

Alexandra Meadors engages in a very enlightening conversation with the multi-dimensional and dynamic Michael Ellegion, as he reflects on his conscious memories of being a child Contactee in 1959 and the synchronicities that unfolded with those that he would later meet in Ufology. He explores how that the early trailblazers in Ufology actually confirmed his conscious recall of being on the ships at a young age and his memories of being present at the Councils. Michael Ellegion goes onto describe how he first became involved with Edgar Cayce and trained with him so as to become an eloquent and effective channel for Ashtar and many other Masters.
Michael explains how the Cabal tried to take his life in 1979, 1982 and 1985 in a number of ways, most recently, by way of hitting him with psycotronic weapons and how he was subsequently rescued and taken aboard a ship by the Elohim, who healed him and restored his life force to his physical vessel.

You can purchase Michael’s book “Prepare for the Landings. Are you ready?” here:…

You can click on the link below to sign up for Michael Ellegion’s private Workshops for those that wish to learn the techniques that allow them to become a clearer channel, as well as become attuned and re-introduced to Higher Beings that we Volunteers in Earth embodiment/Light Workers have known before we came to Earth; all the while on our individual and collective missions to liberate this planet and bring the Golden Age.…

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