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microphone (1)How World History Has Instigated the Blood Feud Against Syria

Transcribed on November 11 & 12, 2015 by
Rhode Island Jim♫ – P®et of the “Common” Man™

(02:48 / 01:58:17) Alexandra Meadors: Good morning everyone, this is Alexandra Meadors from galacticconnection.com. and this is the prerecorded interview for November 3, 2015. Now before I dive into the interview itself, I just would be remiss if I did not take the time to personally thank each and every one of you, who are out there anchoring grids of light, performing stabilization missions, preventing desired earthquakes, and even utter wars, believe it or not. Everywhere from down the West Coast of the US, to overseas, maybe possibly in the Mid-East.

I mean, do you have any idea, what this reflects, regarding our passage through some of the most trying years of our lives, such as 2013, 2014, and 2015. Now, I say to you, not only have we had assistance from Mother Earth, but we have had significant shifts within ourselves.(3:55) In being able to process the data, and the information that has been bombarding us. Don’t forget, that we lead the trail. We are the trailblazers. It is up to us to process this information properly. Now I’m not trying to say that it’s right or wrong, but it is important for us, to take the information that we are learning today in this interview, as well as any others, and take right action. That right action is not to imply that we want to go into a warlike situation. And because we are responding to this data that’s coming in in a new way, we are no longer having a knee-jerk reaction to the presented news.

We are actually sitting back questioning, observing, considering either: A) who wrote the article, B) what is their agenda, and C) is it true? Now it’s very difficult for us to determine what is true and what is not. Who wrote an article about somebody’s personal story, because everybody has truth in their stories. But I wanna say this to you. Let’s just try to envision how false flags energetically flow throughout the world. Due to the alternative media, these stage performances are designed to catch us off guard. And they trigger that sick feeling in our stomachs. And this deep grief within our hearts because ultimately when we hurt or murder another human being, we are also being affected ourselves. And the key word here, is another “human” being. But this wave is also designed to travel around the world and destabilize us. Slow down our progress and our growth. Impact us in a way of creating insecurity, separation, and ultimately causing us to feel we are totally powerless that such a perceived affliction could even occur.

But the reality is, almost all of this, is a stage performance. There’s very little that is not being presented in a false light. And it is up to us now, to make that decision, when do we want to begin this new heaven on earth? Is not merely just enough for us to do our spiritual work. It is up to those that are blazing the new trails to start taking action. We need you now. The truth is, we are making progress, and we are messing with the energetics because we are wise to them. We are fully owning our ability to observe, not react and take action,accordingly.

(06:58) And we are doing superbly well, when it comes to really hunkering down and cleaning out ourselves, and the mis-creations and the pain and the suffering that we have experienced throughout all of our incarnations. However, we need to do more and we need to do more in this reality. Now why do I begin this interview with this intro? It’s because I’m about to interview someone I feel represents the epitome of taking action, to that which has presented itself as a lie, and through his action taking, he has uncovered treasures, and I mean treasures of information, that are literally educating the world on how to envision countries, and leaders, politicians, politics themselves, agendas, wars and who allies whom.

These are all very crucial, crucial pieces of information and data, that we need. That honestly, we really haven’t had access to. So we are literally standing at the edge of a cliff, receiving so much data and information. And, typically, how do we respond? Do we jump off that cliff in hot pursuit of the war lovers and the love haters? Oblivious to our plight, forgetting to pull our own parachute cord because we ourselves wanna stop this? Or do we follow our passions, by taking action to demand our own sovereignty in all aspects of our life, so that we can exemplify that which we want to exemplify to all those who still remain unaware and asleep?

Here’s the key, what do we want to show the 7.whatever million (billion) people as to what we need to do next to take back our planet, our lives, our sovereignty, our joy, our health, our water, our food, I mean the list goes on, there is so much to do. We are the ones that this world is waiting for. We are the ones that were blessed with the enlightenment early on, we were blessed with the knowledge early on. We are blessed with the ability to see this, without becoming polarized.

So it is very important, please take note that it is now time for us to step out and take action in this 3D reality, and I can think of no better person to fire you up, and put a fire in your belly, than that of Mike Harris of Veterans Today. He’s very knowledgeable, he knows a lot of what’s really going on, and he has been privy to backroom meetings, with, directly with – keyword here guys, directly with the cabinet of a lot of other countries such as Syria, so please stay tuned to this interview, it’s very important. We are at a critical time, and it is time for all of us to take right action. Stay tuned, and as I always say “I love you guys from the bottom of my heart”! Thanks for being there for me.

(10:43) Hi everyone, this is Alexandra Meadors of galactic connection.com and I just wanted everyone to know that I’m kind of running around my head cut off because I’ve been in the middle of moving – again, believe it or not, but I wanted everyone to know that this is the recording for tomorrow, November 3, 2015 and I have a really exciting guest today, I personally feel, because many of you are very familiar with Veterans Today, and this is by divine grace that I was inspired to interview him, this morning I should say, huh Mike? It feels like it’s been all night long.

And for those of you who have not been following, VT, or veteranstoday.com super diligently, they literally are one of the most profound, most, I mean their strength in the fact of what they’re presenting to the world as far as what’s really going on, on the ground and we talk about that all the time in our other interviews. I felt very compelled today to bring Mike on to really hunker down into the complex situation over in the mid-east.

And for any of you not familiar with Mike Harris, he is the financial editor of Veterans Today, he’s also a radio show host, a former GOP Finance Chairman, and a gubernatorial candidate for Arizona, and a Senior Vice President of Adamus Defense Group. Gee, I don’t know if I can keep going on with this Mike.

MH: Never stopped us before.

AM: He’s an expert in full contact mixed martial arts. His long-term expertise in such has gained him a lot of respect, and the nickname “Iron Mike”. He was part of the Veterans Today group that attended the “Damascus Conference to Combat Terrorism and Religious Extremism”. We will be diving a little bit into that today. Mike gave about 25 television interviews that were broadcast to literally millions of viewers in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Iran.

And in these interviews Mike emphasized and supported the historical declaration by keynote speaker Veterans Today, Senior Editor, and Chairman Gordon Duff, which everybody knows Gordon Duff. His name is very commonplace. Anyway, with that said, I just want everyone to hold tight, because we’ve got some really interesting information to review today, and Mike is always got his head and his finger on the pulse of what’s really really going on, and Mike, I would like to start the interview out with, most people are reading so many variable articles out there about the news in the mid-east, there’s so many different perspectives about what’s really going on there, what do you feel really sets Veterans Today’s broadcasts and interviews, etc. apart from the rest?

Mike Harris: (13:43) Well first let me say thank you for inviting me on –

AM: Oh, you’re welcome.

MH: It’s my honor and privilege to be your guest –

AM: Thank you.

MH: – and then to answer your question, what separates VT from the mainstream media, is that we actually go there. And we talk to people, we meet people. We go out in the field, we talk to the man in the street in Damascus, we talk to the man in the street in their homes. Well, we, we, we go out and see real people, And we make connections and we make friends. And we make friends with regular people, we make friends with government officials.

The Syrian Minister of Justice, I’ve been his guest in his country twice now. I’ve met with the Chief of Intelligence for Syria. I’ve met with the Grand Mufti several times, and the Grand Mufti for those of you who don’t know, he is the top Islamic scholar, legal scholar as well as religious scholar for the country of Syria, he’s a very senior man. And by the way, his eldest son was murdered by ISIS, about 16 months ago. And so if there’s anybody who’s got a dog in the fight against ISIS, it’s the Grand Mufti. Because you will never meet a kinder, more generous, loving. genuine human being, who is truly looking into the spiritual nature of why we are here as human beings as this man.

AM: Adios

MH: And like I said, he is the genuine article.

AM: Fantastic.

MH: It just radiates from him.

AM: Well thank you for that.

MH: But that’s how we do it, is by going there, and we don’t take a story off of writers, or Reuters, or write a blog about it and say “well in my opinion, because I got this off the news wire” . No, we go! We see, we talk, we experience, we eat the food, we drink the water, we talk to the people who are there, and that’s what gives Veterans Today its edge because there’s no filter between us and our perception of what’s really going on is.

AM: You know, it’s one of the reasons why I was really motivated to interview you is realizing you have somewhat of an intimate, I’m going to use the word “behind closed doors,” relationship with the top Syrian government right?

MH: Yes, with cabinet ministers themselves.

AM: You’re getting this direct hand, right.

MH: Yes we’ve met with a dozen of the Syrian generals who are running the operations on the ground against ISIS, met with them, we’ve briefed them, they’ve briefed us. We had information to share, they had information to share, and collectively between the collaboration, we have a much much more accurate idea, of what’s really going on there compared to what you see in the mainstream media. And folks, let me tell you this: whatever you see on television, in the mainstream media, it’s bunk, it’s BS, it is stories that have been crafted to shape your opinion in a way that they want your opinion shaped. And If they have to eliminate data, or leave out things or embellish things in order to get you to think or feel a certain way, they will. And so, you really have to be a bit discerning when you watch the mainstream media because 98% of it is politically driven for their agenda, so never forget that.

AM: I so agree. I couldn’t agree with you more, and the other thing I’d really like you to do because, you’re such an expert in this particular field, and that is: please help all of us who try to read and follow this information, and it becomes quite complicated because there’re so many different factions and people involved. Now you have the Russian Federal Army that’s just kind of entered the scene and you also have the Free, I thought that was interesting, the Free Syrian Army, correct?

MH: Oh, it’s not free at all, it’s already cost the US taxpayers over $500 million, it’s the expensive Syrian army. Let’s put the right spin on this.

AM: Wow.

MH: They’ve trained a total of six people for that $500 million, and then all the munitions and other weaponry that they were given in order to fight the Assad regime, they have since that tendered it over to the people of ISIS, and so there’s a lot to be exposed here, and this is an in-depth subject. (18:18) And one thing people need to realize, the US government is not a monolith. It is very fragmented, there are competing interests within the US government. Some of them are, are, really believe in the Constitution, some believe what our official foreign policy is, but others don’t. Others think they’re smarter, others have their own agenda. Others see ways of profiting from this conflict, this turmoil, and one thing I hope everyone realizes out there, is that there are certain people and certain interest groups that profit off of human suffering. Those are the ones that we’re targeting, those are the ones that have to be dealt with.

AM: Oh man, God! Well, now, how about Hezbollah is that how you pronounce it?

MH: I was a guest of Hezbollah for about six days in Lebanon. We were in the compound, we were sort of locked down by them while they were trying to take our pulse and figure out who we were, what we were and ahh we won’t go with interrogations so let’s call it interviews –

AM: Wooow

MH: (Mike laughing) we were interviewed at length by Hezbollah management, and we passed.

AM: And so now what is your perception of what role they play within this conflict overseas?

MH: Well, first of all, Hezbollah is a militia. They have been recently taken off the terrorist watch list, because they are a legitimate political faction who is trying to defend their people in their country. You have to remember that Israel has gone into Lebanon numerous times and kills and murders people. That’s what Israel does. And if you sit there, and you’re unprotected, and unorganized, you’re, you’re, you’re cannon fodder, you’re gonna to be slaughtered by the thousands. And Hezbollah is in response to Israel’s aggression. This was a self organizing group that came together and said look, we can’t let these Israelis come up here and keep killing us, let’s organize ourselves, and let’s fight back. Let’s give them some resistance.

AM: That’s fantastic. Well now I noticed in one of the articles I reviewed that you said literally, that the counter-terrorism group, no, I’m sorry the terrorism group was comprised of over 100 countries, and 4 terrorists organizations?

MH: Well, you have to understand what ISIS is. ISIS is a construct. The primary players behind ISIS, are elements within the US CIA, Israel Mossad, Turkey, Turkey is up to their eyeballs in this, they are the ones who are enabling Syria to be looted, and then you have Saudi Arabia as well. But these are all foreign intelligence organizations that have created a terrorist threat. Now you have to understand, terrorism has become an industry. And there’s two sides to the industry. There’s the side that commits terrorism, that is the threat itself, and there is the side that is counter-terrorism which is there to fight and eliminate the terrorist.

Okay, well they both get budgets and if there’s no terrorists, there’s no budget for counter-terrorism. So, understand the dichotomy that is at work here. No government agency ever wants its budget cut. So, do they really want to eliminate terrorism? Or do they want terrorism to be a perpetuating source of cash flow for their agency, going forward? This this how sinister, this is how dark, this is how disingenuous this whole thing is, it’s really a, it’s really a sad state of affairs, and it’s all about the profit and the money.

And we can go back to, let’s go back to the Cold War. Because, I’m going to give you some background here, that will help, maybe set the stage.

AM: That’s be great.

MH: You have to remember that the Cold War, we had this enemy called the Soviet Union, and they were the bad guys, they were evil, they were causing trouble in the world, and so we had to build up our defenses. Nuclear defenses in particular, OK? Now, here’s another, remember this well folks, and that is the Department of Defense is the largest corporate welfare program on the planet. Okay. There’s no ifs, there’s no ands, there’s no buts! Okay, during the Cold War, every year we were adding another 1000 ICBMs everywhere, there was construction projects, they were building these things. Let me tell you a secret. They were building junk, okay? They were building stuff they knew they were never going to have to use. All it had to do was look pretty in the silo, so when the congressman came by and says yup, that sure is a big ICBM, I’m impressed. And it never had to work. These were constructs, they could’ve been mockups, who knows? (23:39) But the defense contractors loved it, they were making a ton of money. They were highly profitable things and it’s just another way of fleecing the American taxpayers. You look at how the US military has put itself together. If you look at the Navy. Everything in it had been around …(unintelligible). Whell carriers were first introduced in the 1930s, the USS Langley was a wooden deck aircraft carrier, the biplanes flew off of.

AM: Yeah.

MH: The model, the platform hasn’t changed since, it’s gotten bigger, it’s gotten more sophisticated, but it’s still the same platform. Well the Russians and the Chinese and others around the world said you know what, that’s a big sitting duck. Let’s develop weapons systems, that can take that thing out and I’ve been saying this for a number of years, that the carrier groups are so vulnerable, if we got into it with the Russians, they would sink our entire carrier group inside of less than 20 minutes.

AM: Yeah.

MH: You know you you look at how US weapon systems, I mean, just do some homework on the F 35, the unified joint strike fighter. These things are created from the get-go to have problems. to have systemic problems that “well, we built a, the first 150 of them for you know 100 billion dollars but we’ve noticed, we’ve got these glitches and we need another $55 billion every year going forward in order to address the problems we discovered.” That’s not how it works. These problems are built in, designed in from the get-go, in order to create ongoing cash flow – for all uh.. the defense contractor, whoever won the contract and all the subcontractors. That’s how it works, this is corporate welfare, at its worst.

It puts our servicemen, young men and women in harm’s way. Ask any Vietnam veteran, how much they love the M16? I mean, these things are put out there known to have defects, known to have gaps in their stated capabilities, just for the effort. “Well, we have to protect our young, we have to upgrade the system.” It’s a cycle, is a spiral that they get themselves into, and you look at the Russians. The Soviet Union collapsed. Okay. Russia still had the job of defending themselves, their territory.

AM: Right.

MH: They had to develop, not just cost effective, but combat effective weapons systems. So they’ve got these missile technologies that have taken the West by storm, they don’t what to do. They’re scared to death of the Russian cruise missiles. They fired them from the Caspian Sea and their target’s in Syria. Very impressive, speed, range, everything about them. And the Russians have not even shown us what’s under there –

AM: I was gonna say.

MH: – the tip of the iceberg, that the Russians are holding a lot back. The Russian air equipment can outperform anything that the US makes. It’s, it’s incredible that they’ve had to have effective military contractors, military-industrial complex that is cost-effective and combat effective, unlike the US, which is just a milking of the gravy train since the end of World War II.

AM: Let me ask you something, going back a bit to when you were talking about, it’s just been a stage performance, where they’re creating the ICBMs and they’re showing the politicians “see what we built” and they keep the whole contractor/subcontractor situation going which I’m very familiar with because I was in the security industry for many years. How do they pass that on and snow the military personnel that are running those you know, overseeing them, making sure they’re running properly, firing properly, that they’re maintained properly?

MH: Well, the maintenance issue, first of all, you can’t, you can test, they’ve got test hardware built-in them. So if you have – prime example: Volkswagen, okay, there’s this whole recent scandal with Volkswagen – whenever you hook up the ?? (must be talking of emissions, but can’t understand) – it runs as clean as can be, however on the highway (again, can understand, but basically it runs worse than under “test” conditions) an excellent example of how they can circumvent the testing cycles in order to show people that That’s a prime example, on the surface that normal people can relate to. That is an oversimplified example, but that is the analogy that I’ll use today.

AM: (28:35) So basically just even that phase of it, that stage of it is all a complete stage performance. It’s just like the false flag stuff.

MH: Yeah, it is. I mean, why should you build, I mean, who in their right mind is going to build 10, 12 thousand nuclear devices or nuclear ICBMs with MIRV with 5 or 7 nuclear warheads on them? Do you know what would happen to this planet if you ever used those?

AM: Yeah, dead.

MH: Yeah, we’re all dead, everything’s dead and so they knew, they weren’t going to be used! So every shortcut they could take, every….. they didn’t have to perform, they knew they’d never have to perform, and so there you go.

AM: You know what’s interesting that you’re even bringing this thing up, my husband served in the Navy, but he was enlisted, and he used to sleep underneath them. I remember he was telling me the story, and he said when he got out, he was really curious like, how is it that I was sleeping under these, and yet they were telling everybody to be careful of the radiation output? Right? And the more he’s dived down that rabbit hole, he’s found that there was no radiation. Literally!

MH: Yeah, and there you have it. And so, just because they say it’s a nuclear weapon, is it really a nuclear weapon? In many cases, yes, and in many cases, no! I mean, were they all frauds? No. Were many of them frauds? Yeah probably. I’m guessing yes.

AM: Amazing.

MH: So just gives you an insight as to how the military contractors think, and that is if they can cut corners, if they can enhance their profit line, just a little bit, they cheat, it’s what they do. Like I said, this is the largest corporate welfare program on the planet.

AM: Wow, I’m familiar because I’ve called on McDonnell Douglas, all those guys, I’m very familiar with them. Well do the audience a favor, I would love for you to share the whole Damascus conference that you headed up, and I know that you worked alongside Gordon Duff and Jim Dean and Colonel Jim Hanke, is that how you say it?

MH: Colonel, James Hanke, yes there ya go, I tell you what, let me just give an applaud for Colonel Jim Hanke. 74 years old, 6’5” tall, 260 pounds, ahhh, the guy is uhhh, I can’t imagine what he was like at 25 or 30 years old! Because he’s fearsome as he is right now.

AM: A force to be reckoned with.

MH: He’s an Army Ranger, a joint special operations command, 3000 parachute jumps, over 300 Halo jumps, including Halo jumps carrying nuclear weapons. The guy is truly a force of nature, and one of the nicest guys you’ll ever, ever, ever meet. I suspect he’s not really a colonel, but he’s probably much higher ranked than that. He’s just ahhh, sometimes they don’t wear their proper insignias, just to keep a lower profile.

AM: Yeah.

MH: One of those kinda guys.

AM: I bet. I’m familiar with that, because I’m an Air Force brat myself so, my dad was a colonel in the Air Force was a fighter pilot. So, tell everybody about this is, because I feel this literally anchored Veterans Today’s intentions, successes, the infiltration of getting into some of the more ‘behind closed doors’ involvement with the other cabinets, really finding out what’s really going on.

MH: It absolutely did, this was sponsored by the Minister of Justice, and the purpose there was to, for Syria to illustrate to the world that “we are here, we are legitimate, we truly want to combat terrorism!” And so they brought people from around the world, you know of the 300 attendees, there was probably a dozen who were truly interested in stopping terrorism. The balance there, where there for the “free lunch”, or were there to cause dissension, within the ranks. Because that’s something you have to worry about.

They will put ringers in place, to try to bring the thing down. But when Gordon made his speech, which was really a historic speech, identifying for the first time what the nature of the terrorism in Syria really was, it’s a step. If this would be 200 years ago, it will be called “Pirates and Brigands”, because that’s what they’re doing. They’re going in and they’re asset stripping Syria. They’re stealing oil,

AM: Yeah.

MH: We know that, and I’ll tell you in a minute who’s buying the stolen oil because it’s an eye-opener (33:44) but they’re stealing artifacts from Turkey, a 600 truck caravan entered Syria, went to Aleppo and over a period of several weeks, disassembled an entire Renault automobile plant loaded it up on trucks, went back into Turkey and it’s never been seen again. Okay

AM: Whoa!!

MH: So they’re going in, and they’re stealing the industrial base of Syria, they’re stealing everything that’s not nailed down. It’s piracy that’s occurring on dry land. And it’s a….I’ll remind people of a similar model. This has happened in history before.

If you look at the Bolshevik revolution, that happened in 1917, the term then was “we are preparing for communism, and were going to “collectivize” everything”. So they set out, the Bolsheviks went out into the countryside, and they killed people! They killed the bourgeoisie – that was anybody who owned a business, anybody who had a trade, anybody in education, those are the people they killed.

Over the time they killed 20 million in the first three years, and they killed 100 million over the duration of the Soviet Union. But when they collectivized the assets that these people held, they were never seen again. They went in and “asset stripped” Russia on top to bottom. This is the same model that’s being employed in Syria right now. It’s the asset stripping model under, only this time it’s under, instead of being under the political banner of communism, it’s under the religious banner of ISIS and the Islamic State.

But, if you look at the actions, the actions are the same!! They’re going in, they’re killing people and they’re taking their stuff! That’s the long and the short of it! And that’s what’s going on, on the ground in Syria. Now, one of the points that we made at the conference was, you know, if you’re stealing oil, that oil is not getting to the refinery by itself. People aren’t carrying buckets of oil to the refinery. It’s being loaded on a truck, it’s being loaded on a train, it’s being loaded on a tanker ship someplace, and somebody’s moving it.

Who’s ever transporting it, is also contributing to the terrorism. Okay, now the oil gets to the refinery. The refinery buys oil for under market price, they’re paying about $18 a barrel, right now, for stolen oil. That’s what makes it attractive to them. So, whenever the oil is delivered, somehow ISIS is getting paid. Someone’s paying ISIS. The bank, who is clearing that transaction, is also contributing to the material support of terrorism. This is something that they’re doing, and the buyers of the oil, I’ll tell you now who,…..see let’s talk about oil for a minute.

West Texas crude has its own unique chemical signature. Brent Crude, from the North Sea, off the coast of Scotland, has its own chemical signature. Oil from Iraq, and the oil from Syria also have their own unique chemical signatures. We have irrefutable proof that BP and Exxon Mobil are the two largest buyers of stolen oil from ISIS. Although BP and Exxon Mobil are supporting, providing material support for terrorism. Understand that! That these two, very, very large, powerful oil companies are the ones who are paying the paychecks, buying the munitions, buying the guns for the ISIS fighters to use.

AM: So they’re the financial arm for ISIS, BP and Exxon!

MH: They’re the end-users who are writing the checks to buy the oil. And so you know what, shame on them. One of the things we did on our recent trip to Syria in September, by which I left there, September 21, exactly one week before the Russian bombing campaign started, so I was there relatively recently, about five or six weeks ago, we let the Syrians know this, who’s buying it, and we had legal counsel with us, US legal counsel with us that the Syrian government is retaining. In order to file civil suits against BP and Exxon Mobil because they are knowingly buying stolen goods


MH: – from a terrorist organization. (38:31) So that being said, you know, we’ve been gifted with this one wonderful thing called the “Patriot Act” and the NDAA where our government can now can go out and rendition anybody who’s providing materials for terrorism. So what about the top 50 executives at BP and Exxon Mobil? What about their boards and directors, shouldn’t they be picked up for questioning?

I think it’s time for the US government to be a little more proactive about their approach of stopping terrorism and they can go and send a very brief strong message, and so these things need to be done.

AM: Well, wouldn’t that be applicable to every politician out there?

MH: Ahh, I think it could and it would, we can talk more about that later, but these are issues, these are things that we have to look at they gave us the tools with they gave us the Patriot Act. They never intended to have those tools used against them, so how do “we the people” use the tools that they gave us in order to bring justice and stop this insanity and the support of terrorism by large corporate entities within the US. That’s something that has to be addressed! And once the civil suits are filed, if the Justice Department does not intervene and does not take part in this, the plan is to file a Writ of Mandamus. against the Department of Justice to compel them to do the job .

AM: You broke up there, to file a what?

MH: A Writ of Mandamus.

AM: A Writ of Mandamus – okay, thank you – thank you for that clarity.

MH: That is something you can file against a government agency isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do. It compels them to do their job.

AM: Well hey, audience, all you guys listening, let’s really pay attention to that statement because we are all about taking action, and this is probably a huge golden key to bringing forth a new world that you all would agree.

MH: It is, it is. Let me give you another piece of the puzzle. If you’re someone out there, and you bought, you stopped at a gas station that is owned by Exxon Mobil, or is owned by BP and you put gas in your tank. They have unwillingly made you a supporter of terrorism, so you have the right to file a class action suit against these two companies, in order to clear your name because you are knowing co-conspirator in this process. So there are numerous, numerous avenues that opening up here for people who want to crush these corporate behemoths and see them broken up into a million pieces, or better yet nationalized. This might be one of the first cracks in their armour.

AM: Yeah, you know, and I really do feel like so much of that which they created is now finally biting them in the butt, because we’re using it against them. You know, the Patriot Act, I’ve always thought about that, like, when is it going to be their time to be shown, proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they themselves are terrorists against the people? You know?

MH: Well, you bring up an excellent point, and I want to point to the chairman of the Senate Armed Forces committee, Senator John McCain, model Senator from Arizona who entered Syria illegally and met with terrorists from ISIS!

AM: Yes, I was going to ask you about this.

MH: Promised them munitions and material, now realize, John McCain is the only US Senator who’s ever been charged with treason. He was given ahh, what you call it? The word eludes me. But they gave every prisoner that was held by the North Vietnamese amnesty, in order to not have him be the only one with amnesty they gave it to all of them, because he had charges of treason brought against him by the commanding officer … (loss of audio)… prisoners in Hanoi held there. He was the only guy who had to face that so they everybody a blanket amnesty so it would not single him out. Don’t forget who this man is, he’s a traitor to his country, he always has been, he always will be. Just like his father before him was a traitor, who covered up the USS Liberty incident. We can go into these things, there’s a lot here. There’s a hundred rabbit holes to go in. The bottom line is, and I want people to realize this – is that our country, the United States, we have an active fifth column working out there that is not aligned with the stated goals, the stated interests of the United States. They are not interested in defending the country, they’re not interested in defending the people, they’re not interested in defending the culture that we have here in the US. (43:38) A lot of people out there know that there’s something wrong, they don’t quite know what that something wrong is, but the things that our government does, don’t make sense, and that’s why! Is because we have people who are actively working to bring this country down.

AM: Yeah, no question about it! And I actually was gonna to ask you a little more about the politicians, because I think in another article I read of yours, there was only one politician that you felt within all of the Congressman who had signed the AIPAC (44:11) is that what it’s called?

MH: Who did not sign the AIPAC oath of loyalty to Israel.

AM: I really want you to talk to everybody about that, that’s just mind blowing.

MH: We have 534 senators and congressmen out there who have signed an oath of loyalty to Israel. Which, the way it’s worded, the way this oath of loyalty is written, it puts Israel more important to them, then their oath of loyalty to the United States Constitution. So here’s what AIPAC does, and they’ve done this several times. Fulbright, Senator Fulbright, he was one of the first guys to come out and speak against Israel. And so what they did to him is they found someone to run against him, and no matter how much money he raised, AIPAC would give his opponent more.

Very much more, this is the sad truth about US politics and you can look it up. It’s easy to document. 96% of the time, the candidate with the most money wins. Think about that, let that one sink in. 96% of the time, the candidate with the most money wins. And also remember about AIPAC, JFK before he was murdered in broad daylight in Dealey Plaza. He had signed an executive order that ordered the American Israeli foreign affairs committee to register as a foreign agent of Israel. He was killed and three weeks after that Lyndon Johnson reversed the order and – the Executive Order, and therefore AIPAC can operate with impunity now, even though they are funded and operating as a foreign intelligence operation, within the United States.

AM: They’re operating as a foreign intelligence operation?

MH: They always have been. That’s why JFK signed the executive order in 1963!

AM: Uh, oh, you’re stuck. We’re having serious technical difficulties here. Mike can you hear me?

MH: I can hear you fine. I got the little screen thing that came across and said internet problems so –

AM: Okay, I’m gonna turn my camera off and that’s gonna take up less –

MH: Bandwidth .

AM: Bandwidth, okay so you cut off right where you started talking about Kennedy.

MH: Okay well you have to realize, you missed all of that, then?

AM: Yes.

MH: OK well, JFK, before he was murdered, signed an executive order that compelled what we now call AIPAC to register as a foreign agency, so that their activity will be tracked and that’s okay, they can operate but they have to register as a foreign agency. Kennedy was murdered, and then three weeks later, Lyndon Johnson rescinded that Executive Order that allowed AIPAC to operate with impunity, without being registered as a foreign agency. You have to realize it AIPAC is funded by Israel, always has been, always will be. And is essentially a foreign intelligence operation that ahh, been sent in to undermine and corrupt our Congress. That’s what AIPAC is, that’s what they are, that’s what they do.

AM: That’s amazing. The fact that that has come out because so many people are always scratching their heads trying to figure out why the politicians have absolutely no allegiance to this country, or to the people. And part of it, you can go down the one rabbit hole of basically they’re all lawyers, right, they’ve all taken the BAR.

MH: Well most of them are yes.

AM: You know, mostly all of them. And if they aren’t, they still have in some way, shape, or form taken some form of allegiance, down that legal path. But just the fact that that has been uncovered, really sheds a light as to who these people are there are so-called representing us.

MH: (48:38) Well, they’re not representing us, you have remember that a politicians first goal is to get re-elected.

AM: Yes.

MH: That is their #1 fundamental goal, be re-elected. And AIPAC issues threats, they have carrots and sticks. And the carrot is well if you vote this way we’ll make sure you have plenty of money for your next election. And like I said earlier, 96% of the time the candidate with the most money wins. And the stick is if you don’t do what we tell you to do we’re going to fund your opponent next time and you’re not going to have a prayer. Look what they did to Cynthia McKinney, they redistricted her right out of existence.

AM: Yes.

MH: Phil Fulbright, Sen. William Fulbright, they over-funded his opponent. Dennis Kucinich, another one, redistrict out of existence! I mean, these are politicians who had the backbone, the spine, the testicular fortitude to stand up against AIPAC. And they get shoved to the side, they get put out of a job and no politician wants to be put out of his job. They want to get re-elected time and again.

AM: So that really does show that they’ve truly sold their soul to the devil so to speak. Now let’s get back to ISIS itself. The first question I want to ask you is, how do the people in the various surrounding countries, whether it’s Syria, Iraq, Iran, I mean, etc. Jordan, how are they perceiving ISIS? Is it obvious to them that this is an American, United States funded, covertly run operation?

MH: Yes, absolutely and it’s not just the US, like I said it’s Israel, it’s Turkey, it’s Saudi Arabia. Those are your 4 main players that have created ISIS and they are viewed as savages. That’s how they view ISIS. Having met with the Grand Mufti, having discussed ISIS with him in depth and he says these people ISIS, they’re not Islam, this is not what we are these other heretics. These are people who should be punished most severely under Islamic law for their heresies. And they’re not what they say they are, they’re not what they’re supposed to be. And ISIS springs from Saudi Arabia because Saudi Arabia has been funding and harboring Islamic extremism for 40 or 50 years now, trying to spread it around the world and create this Islamic enemy.

That is not the true nature of Islam, like I said, the Grand Mufti is a sincere kindhearted loving man, and it radiates from them. This is a guy just has that Ghandi-esque gentleness to him. It’s a beautiful thing to see and encounter someone who you can just tell he’s not enlightened, he’s so enlightened. It’s that type of… You know you’re in the presence of an enlightened soul when you’re with this guy.

AM: Fantastic.

MH: And for him to talk about ISIS this way, these are savages. These people are, if anything, demonic .

AM: Yeah.

MH: And the fact that they’re capturing women and selling them as slaves, they’re beheading men, they’re doing all these acts of barbarism and savagery. This is…. the people of Syria, the people of Iraq are scared to death of ISIS, because they don’t want to happen to them. They don’t want to happen to their wife, their daughter, their sons.

AM: Right.

MH: They just don’t want it. All they want to do is live their lives in peace, and be left alone.

AM: You know, and that leads me to the next question, which is, you had mentioned in one of your writings about the Russian Federal Army has literally checkmated ISIS and I was wondering if you could just talk a little bit about that?

MH: Well see, the US has been going in there for a long time in violation of Syrian sovereign airspace, they’ve been going in there conducting bombing missions, but they haven’t been bombing anything. They been bombing empty countryside. They haven’t been bombing any targets. Russia went in there and starts bombing the real ISIS targets and Russia has shared the battle maps with VT, we know where they’re at. We know where ISIS is, we know where they’re hitting it. When I was in the Minister of Justice’s office, he shared their battle maps as to where ISIS was. They have a list of the top 500 commanders of ISIS. They know who these people are, and these people are now being hunted and the Russians came in, the Russians have a very effective bombing campaign and and they (53:38) they know where the bunkers are, they allow them to congregate there so they felt that they were safe and they’re bombing the snot out of them right now.

AM: Wooow.

MH: It’s about time.

AM: Yeah it’s a long time will overdue isn’t it? And you know, we’ve even talked about it. My husband and I talked about this many times where one our key allies over there is Saudi Arabia. Look what they do to their women.

MH: Look at what Saudi Arabia’s doing in Yemen right now. If we can go back to the situation on the ground in Syria, the Syrian army has been fighting valiantly and brilliantly. However, now they have reinforcements. They’ve got Hezbollah militias coming out to support them in their attempt to eradicate ISIS and they’ve got the Iranian Quds force coming in to help them eradicate ISIS in addition to which they’ve got Russian Spetsnaz now on the ground as well and it’s – I wouldn’t want to be a member of ISIS right now. I would, you know, 35% of them have been killed, and another 30% are on the run.

AM: Wooowww.

MH: And they going to be running into Turkey. So now you’re gonna have all these disaffected savage terrorists loose in Turkey. How do you think the Erdogan government’s gonna deal with that one when it happens?

AM: No kidding now and how are they able to distinguish and decipher – who is truly part of the ISIS faction? I mean, I would imagine some of them are not wearing any kind of uniforms to depict who they are allied with.

MH: Well they’re not, the Syrian Minister of Justice, like I said has a list of 500 top ISIS commanders and names, photographs, dossiers on them. So that they’re going to be looked for – the average ISIS soldier, you have to remember something, these people who are fighting for ISIS, they have nothing. There is so little economic opportunity because the wealthy in this world are hoarding so much, and we don’t really have a global economy per se.

They’re people who have, ahh, just desperate people who’d do anything, for any kind of a job or living and they’re are not loyal ideologically, to what ISIS is. It’s just that they get paid, and it’s something for them to do. It really is a difficult and meddlesome problem, the way that our global economic system has concentrated more and more wealth into fewer and fewer hands as a function of time.

AM: Yeah, yeah, and going into the poverty-stricken areas and you know, basically taunting them with more income than, say, the regular armies of that actual country, right?

MH: Well more income and the fact is, look, you can have all the women you can capture.


MH: (laughs) You know, so there you go.

AM: So sick.

MH: It is so sick, is an ancient ancient model where you go in, you plunder, you rape, you kill and that’s what they’re using to take these very uneducated illiterate young men and turning them into murderers.

AM: It sounds just like Old Testament stuff here, Mike.

MH: It’s a known template that’s worked against humanity here for thousands of years, and it’s time that we broke the mold and change the paradigm on how humanity treats each other.

AM: Well it sounds like the tide is turning in favor of the people over there now that would be my next question is, do you feel that this is a fairly swift action, considering the superiority of Russians missiles, and technology, their planes, etc. etc.? I mean, do you feel that this is something that could be quickly snuffed out?

MH: Well if you listen to John McCain, yesterday, he said that we needed to, John McCain said this, he said that we need to do to Russia in Syria, what we did to them, in Afghanistan, and that is flood them with Stinger missiles and other anti-aircraft type weapons and things in order to make this a very expensive venture for the Russians to do. Again, McCain, as head of the armed services committee, is in the position to do a great deal of damage to our country, cause us a great deal of prestige and get the United States involved in another war that we don’t want. Don’t forget that the US spent $7 trillion fighting Afghanistan and Iraq for what? We got nothing from it. There’s no upside, there’s no benefit to the American people.

AM: Very true.

MH: That’s money that could have been kept in our pockets, we could have spent it domestically, on our own infrastructure. Just doing any number of things that would have benefited the people of the United States, instead of benefiting these few profit hungry military contractors. (58:46) The Halliburton’s, the Northrop Grumman’s, the Boeings, the McDonnell Douglas, not McDonnell Douglas umm…, anyway you get the point here .

AM: Yeah I do.

MH: There’s a few military providers out there who provide munitions, and systems of war to the military, they’re making money hand over fist. They love this, they need a war to make their quarterly profits. The rest of us, don’t need this, we don’t want this, and it’s up to us to force them out of that business.

AM: Now, you brought up a good point that the war in Iraq, I know several men and women who came back from that. In fact, several have passed away – and to me it was just another experiment, of bio-warfare on our own people. I wanna share a story, you just got to hear this.

I dated a guy who said that he was on the front lines, and when they were given the go-ahead to actually march into the front lines of Iraq, what they found was, all these men huddled up behind these sand dunes and they were actually in suits and ties. Many of them were wearing regular street clothes. When they interrogated them, they found they had been yanked out of their stores and places of business, and forced to go fight on the front lines. When they arrived there, they were waving white whenever they could find T-shirts, flags and saying please, please, we don’t even want to be doing this war.

We don’t even have any kind of training to be a soldier and as the story went further, they asked them – they were shooting a specific missile every single day into the Americans camp at a specific time every morning and they thought oh, these guys are stupid. Why they doing this? This is really stupid, we’ll blow it out of the sky before even arrives here! So it was very predictable, and they then realized later, that every time they blew them out of the air, that they were transporting, basically through the air, bio-warfare germs! And that was, I feel one of the tests that Iraq was used for, and you mentioned in one of your articles about there was some new intel that about 3000 ground troops are being ordered to go to Syria – ummm

MH: Yes to act as human shields to protect ISIS.

AM: Yeah.

MH: Because you don’t want your special operations out there – let me just share a couple of things. Number one, the special operations community, since the murder of Seal Team 6, after the bogus raid to kill Bin Laden, understand that that never happened. That was a stagecraft, it was scripted, Bin Laden’s been dead since December 2001.

AM: I’ve heard that too.

MH: That was merely a ruse and then Seal Team 6 was used as the blot instrument to go get bin Laden, they were all killed, the special operations community, noticed that. They are not as trusting of their chain of command.

AM: Absolutely.

MH: As they have been in the past.

AM: Yeah.

MH: Number 2, and this is really really really critical. If you’re a member of the military, in this day and age, and you go over and you serve and your trained and you know how to fight, and you know how to do the things that the military requires you to do, once you’re out of the military they have no use for you, they don’t want you around because you’re a danger to the system that created you.

So you will find 28 suicides a day, you will find people dying of exposure to depleted uranium, you’ll find all of these things have been set down as “Gulf War Syndrome”, all of these things have been created so that you don’t have a large core of combat veterans out there, who are going to live to be 45 years old. They want them dead sooner than that, they do not want these people living long and productive lives, because as the police state tightens its grip on the United States, these are the most likely people who can offer some credible resistance. The last people that the Powers That Be, that the Kazarian Mafia overlords want, is for these people to be able to offer them any resistance at all.

(01:03:36) So anybody who joins the military these days, don’t do it, you’re nuts. They have no use for you, except as cannon fodder, and once they’re done, once you’ve done your time of service, they want you to die and die quickly!! So they will insure that that happens to you because you can’t refuse injections if you’re going into theater, and they will inject you with anything! They will inject you with everything, they will inject you with things that will destroy your system, 10 years from now!! Don’t trust them, don’t be part of it, don’t play the game, say no, I’m not going to go.

AM: Well, I mean Mike, their even injecting them with nanotechnology, where they can literally stop their brain function in the blink of an eye. You know, and this is not space-age stuff we’re talking about, this is really going on.

MH: I know it, I get it, I see it. I understand completely what’s going on, but you know the people who are in our military, and anyone who is considering joining our military understand that they don’t want you to survive once you’re out of the service. They want you gone!!. They don’t want you to retire and go live out the rest of your life, they don’t want you to. They want you as dead as quickly as possible.

AM: Yeah, it’s just so unfortunate and…

MH: No, it’s not unfortunate, it’s downright sinister. It’s sinister.

AM: It’s disgusting, it’s beyond disgusting. Now you know, and that brings up another point. Can you just alert everybody as to the way in which the Air Force, you talked about the 10th Air Wing that just did a series of bombings in Syria and please talk to everyone about that because I want everyone to be aware of just what’s going on.

MH: Let’s talk about that because there have been two sorties flown, two F16s each, one of them targeted a water purification plant that supported the city of Aleppo which is really the largest city in Syria. Without that water purification plant people are going to have to drink untreated water, out of the Euphrates River. If they drink untreated water out of the Euphrates, Euphrates is known for having cholera, okay. You drink the cholera, you’ve got this migration of refugees fleeing Syria because of the war, they drank the water out of the Euphrates, they can make it 3 to 5 days before the symptoms of cholera will take over – and then they have cholera, and then other people in that area get exposed to it.

And so it was really a bio-weapons attack using existing (loss of audio) … by taking away the ..(loss of audio).

AM: So you’re basically saying it wasn’t what we would think of as the conventional warfare, it was just a bio weaponry attack! Man, are they messing with us?!?!

MH: Well, that’s just it, we’re talking about issues here that are (loss of audio)

AM: Very controversial.

MH: (loss of audio) … the second sortie. The second ….US F16’s out of Turkey, went and struck the civilian power plant and put two and a half-million people in Aleppo in darkness. They’re still in darkness, these are… (loss of audio)

AM: We are really running into technical difficulties, Mike.

MH: And here’s what’s significant about these things. For the first time now, F16s don’t take off without orders from a chain of command. There’s a General someplace, who signed off on those two missions.

AM: Haaa.

MH: And that General needs to be held accountable –

AM: Yeah.

MH: – for striking civilian infrastructure targets in a foreign country. He committed an act of war against Syria, and this brings up another program – another problem. This is this something that people need to be made aware of. It is not confirmed that either Obama, or the Joint Chiefs of Staff are in command of the commanders on the ground in supporting these Syria and Iraq efforts right now.

AM: Okay.

MH: It is highly likely that we have commanders that are reporting to an alternate chain of command right now, that are not following the constitutional mandates, and/or have broken ranks essentially, and who are trying to get us into this other situation. Now remember that it was Dick Cheney when he was Vice President illegally and unconstitutionally took command of the Joint Special Operations Command. And so we’re still trying to ferret out who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.

AM: I bet, and that gets tough too, when you consider all of the artificial intelligence and stuff that’s over there.

MH: (01:08:57) let me give you some background on something, okay?

AM: Sure.

MH: George HW Bush, we know that he was at Dealey Plaza on the day that JFK was killed, as a CIA operative. We know he was there, he was part of it. We know, that he was Director of Central Intelligence for 11 years. We know that he was Ronald Reagan’s Vice President for eight years. Served on his own for four years. We know immediately afterwards that Bill Clinton, who was also a CIA asset, reported to George HW Bush for eight years. Then we had George W Bush in there for eight years. So we have over 50 years of George HW Bush influencing US government, which he could pack our bureaucracies in every agency with people who are more loyal to him than they are to the Constitution of the American people!

And that is one of the large causes of why we have such a dysfunctional government. I used to call it, mismanagement, and that implies incompetence but I call what’s happening in the US is mal- management, which implies evil intent, and so we have had a government managing this country, by evil intent for a very very long time. And we, the United States have become exactly what we accused Nazi Germany of, and exactly what we accused the Soviet Union of, we are the aggressor, we are the bad guys, we’re on the wrong side of history. And I personally don’t want to be on the wrong side of history. I want this to be the America that I was raised to believe it is. And not this strange place that I find myself living in now. This is not the America that I was brought up in. This is something else.

AM: No, not at all, not at all, and in fact, I was going to ask you, when you start talking about America, throughout your –

MH: You’re breaking up.

AM: Oh shoot – can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?…Mike?

MH: Can you repeat that?

AM: What I was going to ask you was, there are articles that you write, where you used United States, and there are articles that you write where you used America and I would imagine, at least from some of the intel that I have received and read that there are clearly two different pathways now, with United States government. And it’s kind of what you alluded to, where there is a – there are factions that really do believe in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence – they do want to be here to protect and serve the people, and then you have the other ones that have been in power for a very long time. Do you feel that that separation between those two factions is becoming much more clear, much more distinct?

MH: Absolutely, it’s becoming more and more obvious every day that the bad guys are in charge and have been for a while. I was introduced about two weeks ago, maybe three to a young Marine Corps captain, he’s with MARSOC, which is, they’re special forces. He’s due to be promoted to major and you have to understand that he’s going from being a company grade officer to being a field grade officer and I have never heard – let me rephrase that – I’ve not heard that much dissatisfaction out of active duty military in the officer corps, since Vietnam.

AM: Wow.

MH: Okay, since Vietnam, and so that’s where things are at, that’s where things are going. The young up and comers are the ones who are still clean, still untainted, haven’t been bribed or human compromised or whatever else, yet. That is our hope for the future because you have to understand that no active duty military is compelled to obey an illegal command or an illegal order. So they’re starting to figure this out, they’re starting to get it. I do believe that there is a lot of guys in there and Gordon and I have talked about this, the entire Pentagon, the CIA, the entire Department of Defense needs to be bulldozed and reconstructed from the ground up, and this includes the service academies –

AM: Yes.

MH: – because the service academies have been corrupted, they have been sidetracked. (01:13:34) what they’re teaching is not relative – the US does no longer, they don’t want generals of the caliber of a George Patton anymore! They don’t want generals of the caliber of a McCarthy anymore – uhh, MacArthur. They want guys who are going to follow orders right or wrong, no matter what it does, no matter where it takes them. They don’t want guys who are actually capable enough to go out and win a war, and win it clean and do it fast. They don’t want that type of individual in there anymore, they want the kind who are going to do what they’re told, no matter what .

AM: Yeah , and not question it at all.

MH: So they’re screening for a different type of individual than what made this country great. They want the yes men, that’s what they want. They don’t want the free thinker, they don’t want the guy was going to do the right thing because it’s the right thing. They want the guy who’s going to do what he’s told!

AM: You know Mike, I gotta ask you this because I’ve asked several other people that I’ve interviewed and this is the question that never gets answered or it’s a question that is so hot and so secretive that it could be a problem to get the answer correctly.

MH: I’ll do my best.

AM: Okay and that would be isn’t there already a behind-the-scenes, under the radar, faction of men and women, who are already, I’m gonna use the word – fighting – for this cause that you’re discussing with me today?

MH: Well, that’s what Veterans Today is about, that’s who we are. That’s what we do. We don’t get paid for this. This is all free, we don’t take advertisers, because we don’t want to be influenced by the threat of withdrawing the advertising money once we build up an overhead. So we don’t take a dime. We do this for free, it’s all volunteer work, because this is work that has to be done. And it’s, and yes, there are people out there who are working actively to bring this type of positive, proactive change about.

AM: Yeah, and I’m one of them too, I run this blog and it costs me an immense amount of money, and I, it’s all volunteer, so I mean I’m just saying there has to be when I talk to the number of people I’ve spoken to that are prior military, they have their eyes very open. It is very difficult with the internet age for especially the young men and women that are going into the services to not be aware of the level of corruption and the lie, the farce that they have been presented when they were enlisting or went through the Office Academy – Officer’s Academy, that sort of thing. So I just keep wondering, there has to be some sort of Army or some sort of sets of battalions that are actually fighting for this worthy cause, by this time.

MH: Well I wouldn’t say that it breaks down to battalions, I’m sure that there are enough people out there to make up many battalions who are on this side, but you don’t know, if you’re an officer and you’re in a chain of command, with other officers, you don’t know if the guy next to you is on your side or if he’s with the bad guys.

AM: Yeah, that’s true.

MH: And so you kind of got to keep a very, very low profile. What you think in your mind is probably about the last sanctuary that any of us have, yeah, this age of surveillance. Everything we write, everything we type, everything we email, text talk on the phone all of it is constantly monitored by the NSA, so in particular if you’re in the military, if you have clearances and you’re working on sensitive security type pet projects. You have to really really really keep your nose clean and not make any waves otherwise, who knows where you’ll end up. You’ll end up being Pat Tillman.

AM: Yeah, yeah, yeah, good point. Well, let’s share a little bit of good news, and that is that you just released some really cool intel about the success of bringing down some of the key aides and leader of ISIS. Is that correct?

MH: Yes.

AM: Okay, can you go over that a little bit because it sounds like there’s been quite a few success stories around that?

MH: (01:18:19) Well that’s just the tip of the iceberg, when I was there in September meeting with the Minister of Justice, he share the dossiers, he opened up his files, and showed me “this is who we’re going after” and so that process has started. The Syrians now have reinforcements, they knew, they know who the bad guys are, their intel on the ground over there is outstanding.

AM: Wow.

MH: And so they know, and this is, there’s more to come. I think one of the most significant things that’s happened in the past two weeks was the capture of that Israeli Brigadier General In Iraq who was leading ISIS. I’m sure that he is being interrogated thoroughly and I think we’re gonna get a lot of good intel out of that.

AM: You’re referring to Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi?

MH: I’d have to look up the name, we published it on VT, we had his serial number, everything that goes with it. You know, he, he is made, we’ve clearly got Israeli fingerprints all over this. You know, there’s no dodging that bullet now.

AM: So now that you have that information and now that you have the proof, where to next? Is it truly any meat in the international court of law?

MH: Well, we’re going to find out aren’t we? That’s an interesting thing, because the world is becoming more and more bifurcated and this is something that the bad guys have wanted. They miss the old Cold War. That was a gravy train for these guys. They loved it because, you never had to go fight and yet you could clip coupons and just deliver more nukes every year and so they miss that!

They are losing control of the world financial system, and what they need right now is a masking event. A masking event is something that will cover up your all of your misdeeds in a manner that allows you to say well this all occurred because of the war, we don’t have those banking records anymore, they were destroyed in the war. You know, this is the last attempt of scoundrels to stay out of out of prison, or from being executed because that’s the, that’s the level of crime that they committed against humanity is at these are not imprisonable crimes, these are executable crimes. These are crimes where they should be hung by the neck until dead!

AM: Mmm-hmm, Yeah there’s so much blood, and like you were referring to before – this is beyond shooting somebody in the temple, I mean, we’re talking really horrific, barbaric, beyond our comprehension kind of stuff that’s going on over there.

MH: Well it is, and it’s sad but it’s a reality we have to deal with, and it’s not just the guy who’s taking the knife cutting the head off, it’s not just him, but it’s the guy who’s ordering him to do it and it’s the guy who’s paying for him to do it. It’s all of this, it’s all of these things, you know, the whole issue is who’s providing the material support for terrorism? Because if you cut off the material support, ISIS is going to go away in less than two weeks!

AM: So BP & Exxon are on the hot seat? How can we, the audience listening to you assist? Is it applicable for us to

MH: Well stop – actually stop buying their products, number one, you know, don’t buy from BP and don’t buy from Exxon Mobil, just don’t do it. And number two, there has to be a class action lawsuit brought against them because anybody who’s ever bought a gallon of Exxon gasoline now has standing to file or to join a class-action suit against Exxon Mobil or BP. And let’s break them that way. Let’s force our government to have to take criminal action against these companies.

AM: And I’d like to put a little request out to the audience as well, anyone who has the time, If I had the time, I’d be doing it, but if anyone has the time to research all the corporations that are being run by BP and Exxon, please submit that to me. If you can come up with a list.

MH: And go up the food chain in the other direction as well. Find out who the largest stockholders in Exxon and BP are and follow it up that way because that works both ways, who they own and who owns them? Who’s on the board, who is each board member representing? What interests are these board members representing? Are they representing Blackstone, are they representing Carlyle group? Who are they representing? Find out who owns the shares, who owns the blocks of shares that dictate who the board members are going to be?

AM: (01:23:26) Yeah, that’s a great idea, now Mike to go back a little bit, you really emphasized in one of the articles about the FSA only really being in the south. That their supposed maps are showing that they’re really not infiltrating certain locations. Can you talk about the significance of that?

MH: Are you talking about ISIS being only in the South?

AM: Yes.

MH: Well you have to understand, ISIS – well, there’s two main points of ingress and egress, one of them is in the south over the, it’s on the border of Israel, Syria and Jordan there, that’s one ingress, egress point and the other one is through Turkey.

AM: Right.

MH: And Turkey is a leaky sieve right now, I would say probably 70 or 80% of the men and munitions that are coming in, are coming in through Turkey. And one of the things I want to go back to, we talked earlier about, that there is a shipping company that’s moving the oil, there’s a bank that’s clearing the transactions, there’s a refinery that’s processing oil, there is an antiquities dealer in London who is selling these artifacts that have been stolen from Iraq and Syria. Just understand how big the scale of this criminal conspiracy that allows this to happen is. This is an enormous criminal conspiracy.

This is really what I call the Khazarian Mafia. It’s a transnational, trans-generational criminal conspiracy and has been doing this for a very very long time. Decades is not really enough, centuries maybe a better commentary on this, but this has been going on for a very long time. And these are very deep relationships. I mean, if I go to the bank and try to take out $2000 bucks, they want to report me to the Fed, not, that I have $2000 bucks to take out, but that’s the limit. But how are these guys, clearing these transactions for tens and hundreds of millions of dollars, if they’re not being helped from the inside? That the thing do people have the get their minds around is how big and how pervasive, how ubiquitous, this criminal conspiracy is that’s making this whole war profitable.

AM: You know, you brought up a really good point about the Khazarian Mafia and I know you talk about that a great deal, and the fact that this actual kind of desire to take down Syria and to take down Russia, goes all the way back to 1020 AD. Can you just summarize a little bit of what is the history behind this absolute desire, almost consumable desire to bring this portion of the world down?

MH: Well, ahh Khazaria used to exist, it was a very – it was an empire that existed between the Caspian and the Black seas, and overlapped both of them little bit on both sides and essentially if you ever watched a movie Road Warrior, that was their behavior. Anyone who came into their land, they would kill them, rape them, steal whatever, whatever, whatever. The Persians, now we call them Iranians, and the Russians, out of Kiev, by the way – that used to be the capital of Russia, had enough of this. And they collaborated together and in about 780 AD, they went to the to the King of Khazaria and there were two Kings of Khazaria, one was called – the invisible King was called the Kagan and the visible King was called the bek (01:27:28) and they put the (?) and said look, you guys – prior to 780 they were Ba’al worshippers, which you know, human sacrifice, sacrificing children, blood rituals all that kind of stuff.

They were told point-blank, said look, if you don’t adopt a Western religion – something with a moral grounding in it, it’s all out war. We’re going to destroy your empire. Okay okay, so you look – the Khazarian Kings looked at Judaism, they looked at Christianity, they looked at Islam. They rejected Christianity and Islam. They adopted Judaism as their mantle of religion that they put on over their underlying religion which was to this day Ba’al worship and things went okay, a little better for a while but around 1020 Persia and Russia decided enough, they haven’t changed their ways, we have to destroy these people. What do you do with a rabid dog, you kill a rabid dog, so they made the decision to kill the rabid dog. After that, you had the remaining Khazarian’s who fled, got out of there. They infiltrated Poland all of Eastern Europe, the Ukraine – what is the Ukraine these days. They just sort of hid out. They put themselves in ghettos to isolate themselves for protection.

(01:28:45) And the rest is history. But they’ve are not forgotten this blood feud. There is this, this is a 1000-year-old blood feud that’s been going on because they didn’t appreciate getting their empire destroyed and they didn’t appreciate getting their people scattered to the four winds and they’ve been trying to destroy Russia and Persia, what we call Iran today – ever since then. And that’s where this animosity comes from! That’s where it’s from, it’s an irrational 1000 year-old blood feud that they really brought on themselves because of their lawlessness, their lack of respect for other human beings.

AM: That is really interesting and you know, history repeats itself, and that would definitely be a cycle that needs to be, how do I say this.

MH: That cycle needs to be broken.

AM: Yeah, and neutralized you know.

MH: Well the thing is, your look at what happened to Russia in the Bolshevik revolution you realize you’ve got Putin coming out and saying that 87% of the Bolsheviks were Khazarian Jews (01:29:51) and you look at this, you look at the murder of 100 million Russian civilians and all their assets and resources stolen.

AM: Yeah.

MH: It’s pretty amazing, and you wonder why we have rich Jews. OK you know, if you kill 100 million people and take all their stuff, people get wealthy from doing that, and that seems to be where it is. You look at, what was it 1954 – the overthrow of the elected Prime Minister of Iran – he’s called the Shah, one of the most brutal regimes ever, and then people are angry because the Iranian people had enough of being, having a dictator put in power by a foreign intelligence agency! Well I don’t blame the Iranians, I side with the Iranians. That’s what all people want. Everyone wants to be a free and sovereign people and to be able to chart their own destiny. To choose who’s going to lead them, and to choose how they’re going to be led. That is a fundamental human right. This is not something that can be imposed upon people by the outside.

AM: (01:30:55) Well the other thing you pointed out, which I think is really important for everybody to be aware of is the Bashar Al-Assad regime, I had no idea. 86% of those that voted in Syria, voted for him.

MH: And guess what the voter turnout was?

AM: What?

MH: 93% of the people who could vote, voted – 86% voted for him.

AM: Wow.

MH: Yeah, let me tell you about Bashar Al-Assad. There’s two leaders in the world today who I respect above all of others. One of them is Vladimir Putin and the other one is Bashar Al-Assad. And I respect them for the same reasons. Here are men who are defending their country, they’re defending their people, they’re defending their culture. They can’t be bought, they can’t be browbeat, they can’t be intimidated, they can’t be sold out. Those two men are two examples, I wish we had leadership like that in the US, and not this bunch of prostitutes that pose as politicians for us in the USA here.

But let me tell you a little bit of history about Bashar Al-Assad. He never set out to be president of Syria. He went to medical school. He was an ophthalmologist, practicing in London. His father was getting up in years, and was going to retire, and suddenly, mysteriously, died. There is speculation that he was murdered, speculation haven’t said he was. So his brother was in a position to take over. Well, his brother was assassinated, that we can document. So Bashar Al-Assad was a guy who never wanted to be president, and to portray him as a dictator is just absolutely ludicrous. This is a man like I said, who cares about his country, cares about his people, who cares about his culture, and he’s doing everything he can do to protect them.

And the same may be said of Vladimir Putin. I think that that is the leadership model is lacking in the USA, where we have – who’s for sale? Remember, 96% of the time, the candidate with the most money wins. Who’s for sale? What do I have to do to raise campaign money? Who’s butt do I have to kiss to get a donation? What promise do I have to make to get a donation? What do I have it do not have well-funded opposition? We’ve got the wrong class of politicians, and we’ve got the wrong class of people serving in this country, and until we rectify these things, we’re going to get more the same.

AM: (01:33:34) It’s so well put, Mike, is so very true, and unfortunately it’s been going on for such a long time, I don’t think that any average American and I’m going to say United States of America citizen actually, and you know how many of us even really think that that’s possible because we’ve been so snowed for so long. There is so much corruption in the United States, it’s just, you know, I know it’s everywhere, but in particular they are focusing on Syria, Iran, Iraq, isn’t this because they’re one of the last remains of countries that are using actual gold coins. They were not jumping into the world banking system?

MH: Look at who is independent of the world banking system. And one thing I’m glad to see is that there’s going to be an alternate Swift system, which is Rothschild controlled. And that’s this BRICS system. I really hope that it is as is presented and it’s not just a Trojan horse. I have to be skeptical. You know until it’s up and proven and functioning as we hope it does, I’m going to be skeptical, but you look at the five countries who were left. I mean, Libya was one, Syria’s another, North Korea’s another, Cuba just got brought into the fold here, from the Obama regime, Iran’s being brought in to the fold with the Obama regime.

And by the way, this Iranian nuclear deal, anybody who has any doubts about this – don’t! Because this is a great deal for the USA. This is a good deal for us. It’s a bad deal for the oil companies, they don’t like it. Because it’s going to, once that Iranian oil is available on the open market, people in the United States are going to be able to buy gas for $1.29 a gallon.

AM: OMG, that would be fantastic.

MH: And think about that, just remember a year, a year and a half ago we were paying $4.19 a gallon.

AM: Yes.

MH: What do you think the oil companies like more, do you think they like $1.29 a gallon, or do you think they like $4.19 a gallon?

AM: Yeah, exactly.

MH: I know, it’s, it’s, it’s a sad but true thing, and there is one other aspect I want to point out here. Under George HW Bush, you know, Bush 41, the US began the process of outsourcing key strategic, military, and intelligence functions to private contractors, Okay.

AM: Okay.

MH: That trend has continued along, and primarily the US government was the main consumer of those services. Not anymore. Now, any corporation can go out and contract with a Blackwater, or a Kroll, or a Dynatech or any of these out there who are for hire; military and intelligence operations that are as anything as good, or better, than what the US government currently has.

So it’s changed the world. There are mercenary forces out there that are for hire to the highest bidder, any corporation, so if you’re Exxon Mobil, since they’re the bad guys today, if you don’t like the price of oil, let’s go to an oil-producing region and blow up the pipeline. And say it’s terrorism! Let’s go create some havoc out there, that’s going to cause the price of oil to spike, so we can regain our profitability. Think about it, it’s just food for thought. It’s what’s going on in the world today folks, it’s how it is. But there’s a whole other military and industrial complex out there that’s working, besides one that’s paid by the US government. There’s a whole other one in parallel, that’s being paid by private corporations out there that are trying to direct human and world events.

AM: You know, the bottom line is we must stop looking at those are supposedly representing us with naiveté!! We must start educating ourselves and start empowering ourselves with knowledge and that means reading anything to do with them. You wouldn’t go in and have your surgery on your brain without checking out the surgeon. So why are we doing the same thing with the people that are overseeing our water, our food, our men and women who are being shipped off to these ridiculous wars that do nothing for us, our economy, etc. I mean it just blows my mind.

Mike, tell me something, I read a long time ago that one of the “aces in the hole” was getting the Mideast countries to not be so fractionalized and operating more as a joint force and that a line in the sand was finally drawn, which caused them to start aligning together, working more with their own cultural background versus the West and all the corruption, etc. Do you, do you agree with that, and if so, you know when that line in the sand was actually drawn, like what was the ultimate thing that ISIS and Al Qaeda, and all these things that have been done, what was the ultimate thing that really turned the tides?

MH: (01:39:07) Well, I can’t point to any one thing, but I have had it suggested to me as a bit of a prediction, that there is going to be an Assyrian power rising up there that’s going to unite the Arab peoples, in their own best interests. I don’t know when, I don’t know where and maybe you know 10, 15, 20 years off, but you’re starting to see the trends of it because tribes that used to be adversarial to each other, even though they were Arabic peoples, are now starting to realize that we’ve got a bigger enemy than each other. We’ve got this other, you know, Khazarian force out there, and those controlled by it, that we have to deal with!

So there’s going to be, hopefully some alignment. You look at what Russia is doing and trying to get a central Asian combine compact going to where there is a central Asian power that’s co-operative with itself. China is opening up a new Silk Road in order to not be boxed in by US naval power on both land and sea. And there’s a number of developments that are happening to where other peoples of the world are realizing what a threat that this Khazarian-controlled US has become to them, and like I said, we’re on the wrong side of history right now. We’re not the United States we were raised to believe we were. We have been hijacked, we’ve been subverted. This has been going on for a very long time and it all goes back to the well spring of one event, and that was the creation of the Federal Reserve.

And why do we, as Americans, when our Constitution says that only Congress shall have the power to print and coin money, why did we outsource that to a bunch of European private bankers? And to have to pay interest to them to use currency that’s in circulation today. This is madness and it gives them power over us, that we have to undo, we have to cause the end of this here, it’s time.

AM: Absolutely, and to pay a foreign entity for usage of income – I’m sorry, Federal Reserve notes within our own country is just ridiculous.

MH: It’s stupid.

AM: It’s so stupid. I mean no cooperation would even consider running under that model, period, let alone an entire country. Now, a couple other things that are popping into my head. Number one, what is the low down as far as you’ve heard recently regarding the Ukrainian situation?

MH: Well understand, the Ukraine and Syria are tied together and also understand that Boko Haram in Africa is funded by the same people who provide material support to ISIS. All of these things are happening as a co-ordinated effort by what I call the bad guys, alright. Ahh – Ukraine was twofold. First of all, you have to understand this guy Poroshenko, Porky, as they call him, Yulia Tymoshenko, Yatsenyuk, the prime minister, remember, these are the grandsons and granddaughters of the same Bolsheviks who murdered 50 million Ukrainians by starvation, 100 years ago. (01:42:37) Nothing has changed. People, remember your history. Look at who these people are, look at who their grandparents were, look at who their great-grandparents were. These are the Bolsheviks, these of their sons and daughters. They’re still hanging on to that blood feud. Okay? Don’t, don’t forget it. You know, it’s time to start killing the rabid dogs!

AM: I totally agree, and you also brought up China. How does China fit into this Syrian equation?

MH: Ahh, China is – how do I say this – sticking their toes in at the edge of the pool, they’re not sure if they want to jump in yet or not. But you have to realize what China is in the global scheme. The US is very threatened by China’s ascendancy, China is without a doubt, the largest economy in the world. The US economy has been stripped and shipped overseas. I love our government – it tells us we have 5.2% unemployment. But yet we have 7.9 million people who are unemployed, and we have 96 million who are of working age, not in the workforce.

(01:43:51) I don’t care what kind of word games you want to play with this, but if you use the same metrics that were used in January 1981, when Ronald Reagan was inaugurated into the presidency, we would have 43% unemployment in this country. But the mainstream media can’t tell us that because people would be in a panic, our stock market would tank, yada yada yada. It doesn’t mean it’s not real, it doesn’t mean it’s not happening, it’s just that they’re doing nothing but perception management now, because we do not have an economy in this country anymore, it has been broken. This was broken by the globalists through efforts by NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA, now this new transpacific partnership.

These things have been unmitigated disasters for the American workforce. The American worker was, the American worker had his nuts cut off by the globalists and the politicians who support them. And I’m really sorry but I’m a victim of this. I had a very lucrative, very high paying job in the semiconductor industry that doesn’t exist today, it’s gone! It’s in China now. You know, we haven’t built a new wafer fab in this country in probably 20 years. And so, how are we going to maintain a position of pre-eminence of anything, without a viable manufacturing infrastructure in this country?

AM: Right.

MH: And so, we need to bring our industry back, we need to close – you see one of the things China got by joining GATT was they got full access to the entire US patent portfolio.


MH: You know people don’t realize this, but yes they did, we sort of gave them the whole thing.

AM: Wow.

MH: So then they wonder about knockoffs and why do the Chinese do such a good job and how can they build things for half the price, or a tenth of the price of what it costs us? It’s not just the cost of labor, it’s also the cost of research and development. And they paid nothing for the research and development, we paid for it all. They got that for free. Now imagine what a competitive advantage that gives a nation if that happens. And, granted, they’re making two dollars a day – Apple Computer employs 600,000 people in China, they have over 30 suicides a day in their factories, and you know they’re working these people to death, literally working them to death so you can have an iPhone or uhh, whatever else, and – we can do…., we have no problems in this country, we can’t solve, and solve eloquently. We merely have to get the people who are being the obstructions to our solving, and creating our own visions for our future – we need to remove them, and get on with this. I mean we can talk about a number of things. I mean – you want to bring jobs back to the United States? Put a tariff up on everything coming into the country – 50% – if it’s not manufactured in the USA, it’s 50% at the port of entry. I don’t care whose label’s on it. I don’t care if it’s Apple computers, I don’t care if it’s General Motors, I don’t care if it’s GE, I don’t get whose label it is, if it’s not made in the United States by an American worker, it’s 50% at the gate! And use the revenue from those tariffs – to eliminate the IRS!! And allow the American worker to keep what he earns. That’s the constitutional mandate. That’s how this country was set up. We were never supposed to have an income tax, we were supposed to have funded this country off of tariffs.

AM: Yes, totally legal again, and of course, again, it’s a completely illogical model, to have somebody work full time and take – I mean, if you add up Mike, all the taxes on food, gasoline, water, even your cell phone now has about 10% tax on it. You know, it doesn’t matter what it is STG & E , is what we use out here, if you add all that up, I think we did this one day, this was a while back. It was something like 63% was taxed.

MH: (01:48:07) Do want to hear something else.

AM: What?

MH: 40% of any goods that you buy in this country, whether it’s a gallon of milk or whether it’s an automobile, up to 40% of it is used to pay interest payments – pernicious usury.

AM: Oh God….

MH: Okay, because of you are to put up an automobile factory, you got to put the capital equipment in you got to have the truck to deliver to the dealership, the dealer’s gotta finance it, you’ve gotta finance it – 40% of everything in this country goes to servicing interest on debt. And so it’s time to change these things, like I said, there aren’t any problems we can’t solve. We merely need to remove those who are profiting off of human suffering. And that’s what prevents us from solving our own problems, you know, I mean, I’m a smart guy, but I’m not the smartest guy in the room, but I can figure this out, and how come other people (Alexandra has a good laugh) can’t figure it out – come on!

AM: Yeah, human suffering and human sacrifice, you know!

MH: You look at the other distortions, I mean, there’s – the American worker has been so decimated, what we used to make in this country. You know, my first job, I always tell the story, I was a dishwasher, I was 14 years old, I made $1.60 an hour, okay, and you know what, back then, $1.60 an hour, if it was six quarters and a dime, it will be worth around $35 bucks today.

AM: Yeah, not bad!

MH: So you look at how our currency and even the coins in our pocket had been degraded. You know, if you’re making 35 bucks an hour today, your living pretty good. But we’ve got two things that have hurt the American worker, one of them is this unregulated immigration into this country of both legal and illegal, have really taken the bottom tier of entry-level jobs away from Americans. Like I said, I was a dishwasher. I couldn’t get hired at that job today if I was 14 again, because some 35-year-old Mexican guy, who’s here illegally, has got that job. We need to eliminate these distortions to our labor market. Send these people home, they’ve got a country. Go there! Take what you’ve learned here, take what you benefited from being in the US, take it back with you, change your own country, let us change ours and manage our own.

The other thing is this outsourcing and off shoring of jobs to foreign countries where the labor rate is $2-$5 a day. American workers can’t live on that kind of money, given the cost structure we have here. We just can’t do it. And so if you eliminate those two distortions, you would begin to see the American economy begin to recover and these are all things that would be good for the American people. And everybody, there’s no need for us to be stuck in this rut we’re stuck in, we can fix this! We can fix all of these problems, we just have to have the will to do what it takes, and so far we haven’t been, because we’ve been mesmerized by what they call the “idiot box”, which is really a wonderful tool of mass hypnosis and we’re told every day that – the pretty girls on Fox news tells us everything is fine.

AM: Yeah, yeah no kidding. Well, now, Mike, will running out of time here, but I want to ask one last question, because I know that I usually will receive a couple of emails regarding this: What would you say to the question within the audience, How do you distinguish between Israel, Netanyahu versus those who practice their Judaic faith?

MH: Oh boy, that’s a tough question, first of all, let’s look at the two types of Jews that there are. There’s Ashkenazis, who are all descendents of Khazars who are not true Jews, but Jewish converts from the seventh century – they don’t count. And then there’s the Sephardic Jews who were actually the Hebrews of the Bible. The Sephardic Jews are less than 5% of the Jewish population. And Netanyahu is without a doubt a Khazarian, and that’s a sticky wicket – this is a sticky thing, ahh, one of the things that people need to realize is that this bloodthirsty Khazarian Mafia has been hiding among the general Jewish population for a very long time. And no one has been more mistreated and more betrayed by them than the average run-of-the-mill Jewish individual out there, who has also been victimized by this Khazarian Mafia. And so, don’t forget that folks, just because they’re Jewish, doesn’t mean that they’re our enemy. But they could, if they wanted to, they could point out and tell us exactly who the Khazarian Mafia is because they’re closest to them.

AM: Yes, yes, no kidding. Well thank you for that succinct answer and I can’t thank you enough, and I think, would you be willing to come on again?

MH: Oh any time, just let me know when.

AM: Yeah, I think we should. Maybe we can keep everybody up-to-date a little bit more on the latest intel and we, I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the fact you are representing as truthful as you can with the information that you are receiving because it’s very sacred, it’s very, you know, secretive. It’s very umm, it could literally affect the involvement of one country versus another, and how the day plays out around the world, and I’m very aware that you have, you know, you’re completely involved at that caliber of the type of journalism that you guys are diving into so I want to thank Veterans Today and the courageous, the fearlessness and the commitment to truth and excellence, and this is what we should all be doing.

MH: Let me interject something about Veterans Today because it’s not merely a journalistic outlet. Veterans Today is a think tank, and Veterans Today is a very, very large unaffiliated intelligence agency. Understand that from the get-go.

AM: Okay.

MH: And that’s what our job is, we use a journalistic outfit, ahh outlet to propagate the intel that everyone on this planet has a right to know.

AM: Perfect, and that’s the way should be, so you are paving the way for a lot of other, you know, organizations that are desiring to do the same thing in maybe other locations of the world, so I just again wanna thank you Mike, and everyone, if you have a chance, please check out their website, if you haven’t already done so at VeteransToday.com and you will see a smattering of articles that might –

MH: Alexandra, let me give you one more thing.

AM: Sure.

MH: Veterans Today is not limited to US veterans. We have veterans from Pakistan, we have veterans from Russia, we have veterans from.60 countries around the world, we have veterans who contribute to Veterans Today. Because they have one thing in common. They’ve served, They’ve fought, they’ve done something and we understand the problem better than people who don’t, and there is a commonality among people who have fought and served!

AM: There’s no question about that, and I want to add one more thing. First of all, I’m so stoked to hear that, because I think it’s fantastic! And secondly, there is just this quality, within those who have served in the Armed Forces, as they call it, that they signed, literally took their signature on the dotted line and said, “I am willing to die for my country and my people.” That’s what they think they’re doing.

MH: Yup exactly, I mean I’m going to go back to the Pat Tillman example again because here’s a guy who left a four half-million dollar year NFL football contract in order to go serve his country because he felt we were attacked.

AM: Yes.

MH: And he was murdered by, the murder was ordered by General Stanley McChrystal, in order to shut him up about his knowledge about the drug trade, the opium trade that has been dominating the operations in the Afghanistan theater. And there is news on this. I’m going to have a guest on my radio show here later on this week, who’s going to talk about how the Taliban has changed their tactic. They’re no longer going after military targets, now they’re going out to eradicate the opium crops, with the hope that that’s going to cause the US occupation to leave.

AM: Good.

MH: So there are some fundamental changes around the world, and this is not just the Taliban and but it’s the Pashtun tribe, the Pakistanis are also supporting this who want the US out of there because that’s what this is about. It was about controlling the opium trade.

AM: That’s fantastic.

MH: And that’s one of the largest sources of funding for these dark operations that are run by the CIA. And you know what, shame on us! Shame on the American citizens for allowing these agencies to get out of control! We need to, we need to shoot the rabid dogs , this time!

AM: Yeah, yes. Well, you guys heard it, please again, check out Veterans Today.com and also please continue to recognize that the blog that I have at galacticconnection.com is a voluntary blog, its gratis and we would appreciate any donations that you can send our way. Do not forget to check out our world-renowned Implant Removal Service, and also the Past Life Clearing which is – we are having incredible results with that. So if you really want to clean out your closet, that is one way to do it. So anyway, thank you, Mike. I am so, I know this was divinely guided and I’m so honored to be able to speak with you today, knowing the amount of work that you’ve done, and we hope to talk to you soon again, we’ll see what we can set up in the near future.

MH: Don’t be a stranger, I’m here to serve, that’s what we do.

AM: Well thanks so much and we’ll talk to you soon.

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