Patrick Byrne Describes Maria Butina as a Walking FISA Virus – Also Names: Peter Strzok, Bill Priestap, John Carlin, Andrew McCabe and James Comey…


After appearing on Fox Business, former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne appeared on Fox TV with Martha MacCallum.  In this interview Byrne explained his impetus for contacting the FBI in 2015, about Russian national Maria Butina, surrounded a low-level security clearance he held and a responsibility to report suspicious contacts.

Mr. Byrne then names Peter Strzok, Bill Priestap, Andrew McCabe and James Comey as the top of an operation where Byrne was instructed to guide Butina into the contact circle of republican presidential candidates in 2015, and then back away.

Curiously, if you get beyond the confusing mess of communication, what Byrne is describing does factually align with what is already known. However, Byrne is describing an aspect to the DOJ/FBI operation that has not been discussed very much.

Byrne is describing the DOJ-NSD and FBI using Russian national Maria Butina as an unwitting, walking, FISA surveillance virus.


In addition to Strzok, Priestap, McCabe and Comey, Patrick Byrne cites “Carlin” as one of the “suits” involved.  Carlin is likely a reference to John Carlin who was head of the DOJ-National Security Division until October 2016.

John Carlin was the person who lied to the FISA court about non-compliant FISA-702(16)(17) searches; and then resigned only a few days before the Carter Page FISA application was submitted and approved.

Putting the issues together it seems Patrick Byrne is describing how Maria Butina, a Russian national, was allowed to run around in republican political circles by the FBI so they could create the impression of Russian infiltrators in/around the Rubio, Cruz and Trump campaigns.

Perhaps Patrick Byrne’s reporting of his security driven concerns was used to initiate legal FISA surveillance on Maria Butina.  That sounds like what he ends up describing.

As a Russian national the DOJ/FBI wouldn’t need a surveillance ‘warrant‘.  That would make Maria Butina essentially a walking Ebola surveillance virus, and any American she came into contact with would be infected for legal FISA-702 surveillance.

Makes sense if you think about it..

Run Ms. Butina into Rubio, Cruz and Trump campaigns and violá legal FISA(702) searches, surveillance and subsequent legally authorized unmaskings etc.   Per the interview that is what Byrne appears to describe as happening from December 2015 through April(ish) 2016.

Staying with the nuggets within the word salad of an interview…. After April 2016, Patrick Byrne is asked by the FBI to re-engage with Maria Butina, only now targeted exclusively toward candidate Trump.   Byrne is asked to develop a romantic relationship and introduce Butina to people politically connected in/around the Trump campaign.

Maria Butina was the walking FISA ebola virus.  Ultimately, after the field narrowed, the Trump campaign became the target.   To keep an arms length from the obvious motive of political surveillance, the FBI used Patrick Byrne as a civilian handler for Maria Butina.

Along the way Patrick Byrne suspected this was all sketchy.  His work as a civilian handler for a Russian national, positioned as a Russian agent, by and for a politically motivated FBI operation, is what Byrne is now revealing.

Yes, the way Byrne describes it is weird; however, behind the odd descriptions, what he is describing does make sense.

Now read the letter (full pdf below) from Butina’s former lawyer to Inspector General Michael Horowitz and U.S. Attorney John Durham:


Details Behind Patrick Byrne Allegations of FBI “Political Espionage”…


Former CEO Patrick Byrne has given four primary interviews where he outlines his knowledge of a 2015 and 2016 political espionage operation being run by the FBI.

Fox News, MacCallumFox Business #1Fox Business #2CNN, Cuomo

After a review of the interviews, and extracting specific points therein, here’s an overview.

The substance of Mr. Byrne claims does seem to align with what we already know about the DOJ and FBI activity during the 2016 election cycle, including the FBI operations.

First, Patrick Byrne claims he has spoken to the DOJ on April 5th, 2019, and again on April 30th, 2019.  Mr. Byrne states he told the DOJ all of the information he was aware of during those two interviews covering approximately seven hours of questioning.

The current public statements Mr. Byrne is making are not with the approval of the DOJ or any investigators therein.  His decision to go public with this information comes as a result of conversations with a life-long mentor and confidant, Warren Buffett.  Mr. Byrne states he has known Warren Buffett since Byrne was a teenager and Mr. Buffett was in his mid-forties.

According to his CNN interview Byrne talked to Buffett in June of 2019 about how he could be a witness in the DOJ investigation authorized by Attorney General Bill Barr and being conducted by U.S. Attorney John Durham.  After listening to the details, Buffett recommended Mr. Byrne go public with the story.

However, in order to go public Byrne would need to separate himself from his role as CEO of Overstock, the company Byrne founded.  Mr. Byrne resigned yesterday, August 22nd.

Byrne explains he told Buffett about his April conversations with the DOJ and Buffett said it didn’t matter… Byrne still needed to go public with the story. It sounds like there are several motives for going public; perhaps one is personal safety.

To verify his April DOJ discussion, Byrne points to two references:

♦First, the movement of Maria Butina from harsh isolation in prison on May 9th, ten days after he delivered his testimony to the DOJ.  According to Byrne Ms. Butina was moved to a very different White Collar facility based on his information.

♦The second reference point Byrne highlights is the May 13th DOJ appointment of John Durham to look into the origination of the Russia investigation events. Byrne says this too was a direct result of his two DOJ sessions April 5th and 30th.

If Byrne is accurate; and if his claims of him personally being an operative of the FBI with instructions to engage Ms. Butina inside the political espionage events structured by corrupt FBI officials are genuine; it would appear Special Counsel Robert Mueller facilitated throwing a bag over Ms Butina in an effort to keep the corrupt FBI intelligence operation hidden from the public. This would explain the Mueller demand for strict solitary isolation and confinement.  [The reports are indeed troubling]

Again, if Byrne is correct, it would appear that extremely significant and exculpatory Brady material -evidence that could easily prove an entrapment defense- was intentionally withheld from Ms. Butina’s defense team.   Alarmingly this points to ongoing corrupt officials that still remain inside the current DOJ.  Ms. Butina was collateral damage.

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Overstock CEO Gave Exculpatory Evidence on Maria Butina to FBI, Her Attorney Says

August 23, 2019

The attorney for Maria Butina, the Russian national serving time in prison for failing to register as a foreign agent, told senior Justice Department officials in late July that the CEO of had provided exculpatory evidence on Butina to the FBI as part of a years-long non-standard relationship with the bureau.

The July 25, 2019, letter by Butina’s attorney, Robert Driscoll, matches the allegations Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne made on Fox News and CNN on Aug. 22. Byrne resigned as the CEO of Overstock the same day due to the concerns that his involvement with the government investigations may impact the company.

Byrne told Driscoll—as well as Fox News and CNN—that he kept the FBI appraised of the details of his interactions with Butina while maintaining a romantic relationship with her. As part of the reporting, Byrne told the bureau he was convinced that Butina was “not an agent of the Russian government or someone involved in espionage or illegal activities,” Driscoll wrote.

Investigative reporter Sara Carter first reported Byrne’s allegations in late July.

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