Part 15: Mission Accomplished!!!
August 1-3, 2013
Amarillo was fairly uneventful, especially after following yesterday's ceremony. We had been warned to stay out of this city but just couldn't drive any further the night before. We didn't dilly-dally, knowing that we would be home within 2 days. Although we had thoroughly enjoyed doing this work for the planet, we looked forward to our comfortable beds and no longer living out of a suitcase... the time had come to ease back into 3D reality if that is even possible. I really don't think it will be an "ease" type transition.
The drive was a long one, where we arrived in Flagstaff around dusk. The Motel 6 was fully booked for guests with pets, but with a bit of help from our Galactic Friends, someone came down to the lobby asking to exchange their room for a non-smoking on another floor, right at the same time Steve was checking in. It was once again Room 111. We were grateful to be on the street floor with all of the dogs and boxes in tow. But the relief and excitement were short-lived when we got to the door, only to be challenged by the guest next door to us. He was worn, tired, wrinkled, and ill-behaved so we just sent him Light and thought nothing more of it, considering his actions were a bit on the paranoid side.
His dog was a rotweiller wearing a collar similar to a shock apparatus and a bark that would intimidate any thief. We both consciously chose not to interact with him any further. He had a different idea however, and not only tried to pick a fight with me, but then with Steve as well. Neither of us knew it though, since I avoided sharing this bit of news with Steve. I really didn't want him getting overly protective, and I felt I could take care of myself. His threats really triggered me, and I wondered why this was happening. Perhaps another part of me which needed healing? Seriously - I hadn't felt so jeopardized in quite some time, and I was wondering where it was really coming from. Thoughts whirled through my mind of archontic interference because of what we accomplished yesterday, but there was something more to it... I just couldn't put my finger on it.
Our dogs had really become great travelers after 3 weeks on the road, so we were able to keep them quiet despite the "guest's" door opening and closing until the wee hours of the morning. With every knock his rotweiller would go ballistic, which in turn would cause us to wake up from a sleep to keep the dogs calm and quiet.
Frankly, I was relieved they were in the room with us. There just was something not right about this guy or the motel... it felt sleezy and filthy. The longer we were there, the worse I wanted to get up and leave. The next morning was even worse. The guy confronted Steve and told him he was going to set his dog on him and our dogs because our dogs kept him up all night. Wrong! It was the other way around, and we clearly knew this guy had been dealing drugs all night long and pulled the "I'll accuse you to keep you from accusing me" routine.
I guess he was so hostile that Steve didn't say a word to me, and immediately went up to the front desk to complain. I, in the meantime was loading up the car and getting the dogs ready to leave when he came up and threatened to crush my car because of our dogs. In my early jockess days, it would have been on, but I just looked him in the eye telepathically sending him a stern but calm warning to back off jack. He was actually walking towards me and I was getting a bit nervous as to where Steve had wondered off to. Once he returned, we changed our plans immediately, threw everything into the boxes and quickly jumped in the car and bolted out of the parking lot.
This just wasn't the energy we wanted to surround ourselves with, especially after so much bliss for the last 3 weeks. I was concerned about our car, while Steve was concerned about our lives. Whoa!
Now that was a real eye-opener for us to see where we had been for almost 3 weeks and what we stumbled into... a perfect dichotomy of going from ascension blissfulness to the lowest of low vibrations in our 3D matrix. This motel was infested with live-ins, homeless, but especially drug dealings. I couldn't leave fast enough! Ironically enough, the front desk didn't really take the threat seriously, as if she had heard it all before and it was par for the course with the live-ins. I will never stay in that motel again... and at that moment, I promised myself that I would never have to travel with such meager funds again.
We received another "hit" to return to the original anchoring point in Ashfork so we could bury a selected crystal that had "participated" in all of the activations. It wasn't until our return home, that we realized the exit number was 144. Imagine that! We knew exactly where to go, and as we pulled up in front of a truckers repair shop, we realized the clouds were missing and therefore we had to really make time. We couldn't leave the dogs for too long in the afternoon sun, despite the windows being down and a nice breeze flowing through the car.
A mechanic looked up at me as he was removing a tire, looking a bit bewildered as to why we were walking around the area. It was pretty remote and clearly a rarity for someone to hangout in this "section" of town. We walked rapidly down the dirt trail in search of the portal we had activated there.
To our surprise, the area was covered in spring flowers of lavenders and white. St Germain's essence was everywhere, as we both commented on how barren the area was when we found it the first time. Just in those 3 weeks, color sprinkled that particular hill we had walked out to. The strangest realization was that these flowers had only popped up in this general vicinity - not across the entire field itself! It was another sign from Spirit that we had nailed the location which received blessings from the Violet Ray. It was "just" another miraculous occasion on this cosmic journey across The U.S.A!
Once we got back on the road, one of my Guides Serenity came through with a beautiful message:

"I have been trying to talk to you for days. We would like to congratulate you on a job well done. You were perfect candidates for this mission, although like toddlers in getting use to walking, we wanted this purity of the soul, this newness, because it was so important! It changed the course of humanity. It is difficult for you to accept this, but it is true. There is no rule book on how to do activations, but it just came to you. You responded to the call. You didn't hesitate. You jumped forward and were committed to the cause. Everyone was hoping for a divine outcome and watching both of you to see what would happen. There is a lot of work to do at home, in order to tie it all together. You will understand this when you get there.
You both now carry the Atlantean wisdom with you. You have been 'downloaded' no differently than the crystals are. You are storing and processing that data now. You will start remembering things, and they will come when you least expect it. You will find yourself more and more psychically connected to the crystals and other Light Beings. Let's just say we have been waiting for your arrival for a very long time!

Now that this mission is behind you - there will be others if you deem them to be something you want, which apparently you do.
I understand this was challenging for both of you because you didn't know what you were doing and what was exactly needed. You both carried the vibration needed to divert the dark from the purity and essence of that of a young child starting a new game. You had the purity of your intent. It was very heartfelt, strong, with no hidden agendas. This was necessary in order for this to be a successful mission.
You cleared pathways all throughout the state of AR and one thing you are not realizing is that the pathways you created and cleared are also pathways underground. They assist the Agarthans with their piece of the mission. They open up space between the Agarthans and the surface population. They act as a buffer, and you have infiltrated a layer of Light below the surface of the planet, between the center of the earth and the population surface of earth.
So that when things finally happen, when the pulse occurs from the Great Central Sun it will be that much easier for it to be spread to every crevice, to every part of the surface population. For you see this was a main electrical hub station for a huge part of the world, and many things needed to be cleaned up, and repaired in order for that process to begin and be ready to be online. It is now fully online, fully ready because of the two of you and what you have done. Many will honor you for the fact that you have not been in your egos and have so much love for humanity, Mother Earth, and it is demonstrated in all you do. You will be rewarded for all you do as many others of the Ground Crew. You put yourselves in this as a potential sacrifice, but you now see you will be taken care of. That is the agreement. A win-win. We would not call you to do this where there is an expense to your livelihood because it would defeat all harmony created. You see, you are antennas who need to be signals, you need to be very clear but when worried about survival you don't do very well in that department.

As you start to understand that you are taken care of and more fully encompass this in your being, the more successful you will become, the more you will be called for other missions, and the more free-flowing your life will be to walk Source's Walk. You will be assisting and guiding Mother Earth's path, which you so much desire. I have wanted to express this to you for many days.

We want to thank you as well for what you have accomplished and the transitions brought forth for the commitment, effort, and undying love. We remind you not to lose that spark when you return home. You will be called shortly! If you want another lifestyle, put that request in and we will see to it to fulfill that request. We want you to be appeased and consoled. We love you. We honor you. We thank you, and so It Is."
We had a nice breakfast, finding a shady spot for our dogs outside the window. But it wouldn't be tolerable for long, so we ate quickly and got started for the last leg of our trip. We would be in California within hours.....

Upon reflection of this mission, it is crystal clear that we were reminded of who our true ancestors are, how we define "freedom" and Who provides the ability to be free. We were consistently guided to go back to beginnings, to the point of Creation, to receive our answers throughout the tour of America's Heartland.
There was of course no surprise that the Cherokee Nations and Indian Territory were such a strong integral part of this trip, as The Native Americans have consistently proclaimed that the Creator put them here and that their language and their traditions were given to them by the Creator. The stories of The Cherokee date back to 11,000 years ago, portraying gigantic animals roaming the mountain ranges at the time they walked the earth. As discussed before, even their language has been linked to the Iroquoain language, which some say dates back 3500 years ago. One thing to specifically note is the presence of The Cherokee was noted back in 1540 through European accounts of Hernando de Soto. But what was also alarming to correlate with this year, was the launching of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) founded by Ignatius Loyola! This would truly mark the beginning destruction of a moral, respectful, and spiritual way of life in The Americas.

Balance was at the heart of their culture or referred to as duyuktv, "the right way". As women farmed, men hunted and fished. Individual rights were balanced by the good of the whole, so that personal freedoms were always intertwined with the needs of the family, clan, and tribe. All aspects of life had spiritual significance.
Not only did they pray before hunting, but they would thank the animal after the hunt and share the prize with the entire village. They werent wasteful, using all the parts of the animal, and often honoring the animal through ceremonial dances. Even when they collected their harvest or gathered crops and plants, only a quarter of it was taken because the rest was considered a gift to the planet and to others. They always asked permission to pick up anything from the Nature Kingdom, and in return would leave a gift since reciprocity was key in their culture.
The village in its entirety would give thanks before eating new crops and begin the day at a nearby stream, praying to the seven directions, including the four cardinal points, the sky, the earth, and the center which is the spirit. It was customary to wash away any feelings of separation from one another or The Creator. Even their villages were built around a central plaza for uniting through dance and ceremony, and all decisions were made together as one unit. The individual Cherokee honored the four lower bodies and the importance of integration, alignment, and balance, for this was what they yearned for, to be a "real person": Ani-Yvwiya. The Cherokee would observe the world around them, and then use that knowledge in combination with spiritual inspiration and practical application.

As far as I can read, the ways of The Cherokee and the Native Americans are the true way of life. They are our wayshowers to a more loving, cooperative, and unity based society. I am so honored to have been given the opportunity to assist and clear so much of the trauma and pain associated with our ancestors. I am grateful to remember where I came from and who reflects an image of the Golden Age we so dearly desire. Again, I thank God and Spirit for being a vessel of transmutation for not only our beloved Native Americans, but for the planet and all of our Galactic Brothers and Sisters.
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