by Owen K Waters


Sometimes, when I’m waxing lyrical about the elegance of Creation and its twelve dimensions, or its twelve levels of existence, or the twelve laws of the universe, some people respond by saying, “So what? It’s all One anyway, so why bother with the details?”

Here, for the world to hear, is the reason why: Curiosity.

In December 2007, when I was visited by an angelic presence and given the answer to the greatest metaphysical mystery of all time – WHY the universe was created – the answer was elegantly succinct.

“Curiosity was the first seed of action.”

The original Oneness, in its ultimate peace, bliss, and completeness in all ways, developed a spark of curiosity! That was the initial catalyst through which all else has come into being.

Curiosity led to the desire to explore, for the One to begin to see itself from different viewpoints and to see where that would lead. The great journey from being to doing had begun in that embryonic seed of curiosity.

The outbreath into Creation had begun and it would continue, driven by the power of curiosity, until the inbreath would eventually bring all of Creation back to its spiritual roots, enriched by having gained an infinite variety of experiences.

The original Oneness – the Absolute, the Godhead, Infinite Being, or Tao – brought the Divine Creator into being so that action could be taken in the creation and maintenance of the universe. Behind the action-focused Creator aspect of the Divine is the Oneness itself – the constant, unchanging, unmoving, perfect awareness which is behind all things.

Consider this scenario. What if God put on a manifestation party, i.e. created the universe, and nobody came? What if we all stood around saying, “It’s all illusion. There’s no point in doing anything!” That would rather defeat the purpose of the party, wouldn’t it?

Instead, we find ourselves charged with the curiosity that first stirred in our Divine source. Our mission is to explore the world of manifestation, to learn from experience, and to master all that this theater of life has to offer. How else can the Divine be able to experience all that is except through our eyes, our ears, and our unique viewpoints of the All That Is?

Just like the Blues Brothers in their 1980 movie,

“We’re on a mission from God!”