Perhaps the first thing you will notice in the sentencing of six scientists – it is being directed for “non-disclosure”. This is to say, the jury believed these six scientists willfully withheld information related to predicting an earthquake – and as a result, several buildings collapsed and 309 people died.


As mentioned in yesterday’s first release, the entire geo-physical community knows science has not advanced enough to predict the exact time and place of an earthquake. Yes, there are precursors, but this does not tell you the size or exact location of the epicenter. Yes, there are high risk areas where we can guarantee there will be an earthquake – but again, there is not yet a scientific foundation to say exactly when and where the event will occur.



Because of these facts, I believe it is far more reckless for someone or some group to come forward Yelling FIRE i.e. “A large earthquake is going to hit tomorrow at 3 PM – everybody run – run as fast as you can.”


It is for this very reason scientists (communities and agencies) have to maintain a measured delivery of possibilities or even probabilities. This case in Italy, sending six scientists (geologists and seismologists) to jail for 4 years sends the wrong message to researches and with devastating consequences.


What would your reaction be if the US Attorney General issued a subpoena for my arrest stating I should have warned the nation of an X-25 solar flare that is Earth directed? As related to the earthquake case, it would not be just a warning, but a call for immediate evacuation.


Question: Setting aside issuing a “warning” (which I would immediately do – unless held at gun point or cuffed) – Which of the following do you believe warrants accusation of reckless or even criminal action? (earthquake, volcano, solar flare, cme etc.)


1) Telling people to run for their lives – there is imminent danger and I have a special gift of knowing when and where it will occur.


2) Withholding the call for immediate evacuation because there is not yet the scientific evidence to indicate exactly where or what will happen?


As Earth Changes Media’s standard practice, we will tell you “everything” we know. As you have seen, we will announce (for example) NASA/NOAA has issued a “WARNING” forecasting a large geomagnetic storm is underway and has put the FAA, NSSO, NSTAC, NERC, US Air Force, and Homeland Security on full alert.


NOTE: Earth Changes Media is one of the very few who has access to such information from domestic and foreign scientific agencies. Perhaps more important, we also network with the worlds amateur researchers in the field of astronomy. In fact, almost 90% of bolides discovered (asteroids, meteors, comets) come for the amateur astronomy community.


A very slippery slope has now been created as a result of the Italian six. Not only does this attempt to set a standard for resisting submitting a warning, but the opposite measure might be applied. This is to say, perhaps those who yell FIRE as related to global events such as climate change, so-called global warming, and war – would (or should) also be held accountable.


Before I continue, let me say that the most damaged victim in all the scenarios presented in this article is not only the less informed innocent people of the world, but science itself. What I have witnessed over the years beginning in 1995 when Earth Changes TV was born, is what appears to be a subtle yet aggressive takeover of the worlds science communities by cooperate greed who have masterfully set the agenda to discredit science for their own selfish desire for money and power.


I can hardly believe my eyes, and yes, I have dipped into denial more than once on what is unfolding right in front of our eyes. I guess I have a hard time accepting that a very small number of human beings are willing to put the worlds people in harm’s way for the almighty $$$$$.


No, I’m not naive, I just did think it would happen to the science community who’s most driving force is to see “what’s around the corner” and how can I contribute.


If a guilty Verdict and sentencing like Italy were to happen in the United States, would James Hansen, Michael Mann, and Al Gore be sent to jail for Yelling GLOBAL WARMING in a crowed America? You might remember Al Gore’s statement: “You’re either with me – or you’re with the polluters”“The scientific evidence is in, the debate is over.”


To be ‘apolitical’ – wouldn’t George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld also be jailed for Yelling WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION in a crowded world? You might remember Bush’s statement: “You’re either with me – or you’re with the terrorists. Now what’s it going to be?”


**MORE COMING LATER TODAY. Gathering news on X-class flare and more on the rape of science.