Moon Mission Canceled… AGAIN

May 2, 2018

I think the reason we will never “go back to the Moon” is because today, people on earth will expect 4K footage or higher, also, every man and women and their dog would have powerful telescopes watching the mission and NASA, the American Government and everyone else of authority knows that the footage would not correspond to the footage of the Apollo Missions and what I mean by that is how humans walk about on the surface, dust kicking up when they lad on the surface and perhaps not being able to leave the lander until the dust settles. Loads of difference would be witnessed which I feel would prove, the world had been lied to by the American Government.


Moon Mission Canceled – AGAIN…Hmm, Anyone else Notice a Pattern here?

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Just when you thought we were going to see the surface of the Moon in HD…NASA has ONCE AGAIN announced that it has canceled another mission to the moon. Specifically, the Moon Rover Resource Prospector Mission, that was supposed to go to the Moon in 2022 has been canceled for unexplained reasons, shocking scientists.