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By Diane Tessman – 3 days 10 hours ago

A few years ago, scientists discovered water on the moon; they told us this reservoir of water which was a total surprise, must have arrived on comets. However, now they are changing their minds. Apollo 15 and 17 brought back rocks from the moon and new research suggests that the moon’s water is from Earth!

The moon received its water from Earth via meteorites, apparently. It’s is now believed that the moon was formed from debris knocked off Mother Earth by a collision with a Mars-sized body. This is known as “The Big Whack” and happened about 4.5 billion years ago.
It wasn’t thought any water survived the impact, but this newly published study suggests some water did survive because the collision formed a barrier of hot gases that protected the water as chunks of Earth sailed away in the explosive collision.
Fast forward to 2013:  Earth’s supply of fresh water is limited. As the global population rises dramatically, the demand for food – and the water that produces it – grows by leaps and bounds. Globally, farming accounts for 70 per cent of our withdrawals from this fixed amount of water.