More Dueling News Stories: US MSM Says Obrador Is Mexico’s Hitler, While Jim Stone, A Journo Who Lives There Portrays Him As Mexico’s Trump

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Tuesday, 26-Jun-2018

As usual, the con is into overdrive…ideologies abound…caveat emptor…

You can search for and find many similar stories in US MSM. Heres the gist of the typical US MSM Story:


Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the leading candidate for Mexico’s presidency, believes it’s ok to tell his people that mass migrating to America is a human right.

Wow! It appears that the front-runner in the Mexican presidential election is calling for increased massive migration of Mexicans to the US.

Mexico is screwed. This guy is the Chavez of Mexico, so they are doomed If we don’t build that wall soon, by the end of Trump’s second term, we will be swamped with economic refugees from a socialist Mexico that is going to tank hard, just like Venezuela.

Meanwhile, here is a story from Jim Stone, a US citizen journalist who has lived there for years:


Obrado’s Mexican invasion? Never heard a word of it

According to a few “alt media” sources, Lopez Obrador is encouraging a Mexican invasion of America. I never heard of that, and he’s on TV every day now.

This is what his actual message is: To make Mexico into a country people are proud to live in. To encourage small business growth, so average Mexicans can have their own “mexican dream”. To keep Mexico Mexican, and not a liberalized pro-gay pro abortion anti family hell hole. To bust the monopolies that are putting very high prices on many goods in Mexico. To keep corporations in check, so they won’t over-run local Mexican business the way Wal Mart did in the U.S.

There is no doubt Obrador hates Trump. And Obrador has indeed spoken prominently for immigration rights. However, to say that’s the whole story is majorly short sighted, when the actual goal of Obrador is to bring Mexico UP to the level of the United States, or at least as high as possible, so people will be proud of their country and see as much opportunity in Mexico as they do in America.

If Anaya gets elected however, you can damn well bet there will be a million man marathon to the border, he’s an absolute lying freak. Mexicans are starting to call him “Kanaya” which means “con artist” and even Meade is running political ads calling Anaya a liar. There’s no way Anaya is going to win the election legitimately, if he gets in, WATCH OUT.

Here’s a rule of thumb: If the American media speaks negatively of any Mexican candidate, that will be the candidate that is the best for Mexico. The scamming MSM/NWO crowd has the same goals everywhere, the U.S. is not unique with them.

Even Claudia’s dad, who is a lifetime political lawyer for various political parties has gone from saying the Morena party (obrador’s root party, now replaced by Encuentro Social) has gone from saying Obrador is totally insane to fervently backing him, because he knows that if Anaya gets in, it is game over, and the rest of the political parties are not far behind. Lopez Obrador is the only viable option for a future for Mexico, people in the know realize this, and on top of that, Obrador is not even all that bad. It is not a case of “the lesser of two evils”.

One last note: Some alt media sources are saying Obrador is the Soros candidate. They are sorely mistaken. Anaya is a direct afiliate of “Movmiento Naranja”, a Soros backed communist color movement that already failed in Italy, and Obrador has openly stated that he was not going to play ball with that. “Kanaya” made the false claim that all political parties support Movmiento Naranja, when only the pro-choice totally liberal communist leftist parties do, if Encuentro Social and Lopez obrador forced Kanaya to rescind that and own Movmiento Naranja all to himself (which ended all talk from Anaya about unilateral support) there’s no way Obrador is a Soros troll.

And they say Obrador is the leftist, when Obrador is saying “Keep Mexico Mexican, sometimes change is not good” all the while Anaya’s backing runs commercials where a totally tatted up nose ring woman who looks like she’s had 300 hits of heroin stares at a pregnancy test after screwing an obvious gangster and totally enjoyed it, and decides to get an abortion. And she is totally proud of it because “she knows what freedom is”, and the commercial cuts to Anaya’s political party and ends with the slogan IZQUERDA HOY! which means “turn to the left today!”. Yes, but Obrador is the leftist, because the MSM knows damn well leftists are not popular, and mister abortion communist orange movement “TURN TO THE LEFT TODAY” Kanaya is a “centrist” or a “conservative”. Yep, it is THAT NAKED A MEDIA FRAUD.

Why Are Mainstream Media Slandering Mexico’s López Obrador?

Instead of recognizing neoliberalism’s failure, they attack the Mexican leader who has successfully indicted it.