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Executive Summary

“Remote Neural Monitoring, Control and Manipulation” (RNMCM) is a term that refers to the usage of specific technologies to record and/or alter the electrical activity of neurons in the human body (or any life-form). Neurons can broadly be separated into four main categories:

Sensory neurons
Motor (and other output) neurons
Communication neurons

Computation neurons

The electrical activity of each of these four main types of neurons can be classified by a computer. Every action a human makes, or experiences, is represented by specific patterns in the electrical activity. Thus, when a specific electrical pattern is observed, we can state that a certain event has happened. That could be a feeling of joy, seeing a blue car, tasting an orange, thinking of a word, moving a limb, or even visualizing a shape in your mind to solve a mathematical puzzle.

The key to any functional RNMCM system is obtaining good recordings of specific electrical patterns and knowing what they mean. Further, as the electrical patterns are slightly different between people, knowing these differences allows the development of systems that can classify electrical activity across the entire global population without retraining. We call this latter goal “Generalization”. “Generalization” is important because training takes a long time. With “generalization” we can skip the training process and jump straight to reading the required information which is a lot faster and requires less computing power.

An example of an unclassified technique of reading the electrical activity of the brain is Electroencephalography (EEG). EEG has a limitation, in that it can only record the sum total of electrical activity. This is rather like listening to a song, in that you cannot hear the individual instruments in isolation. RNMCM uses a different approach, it exploits the reflectivity/absorption/transparency of neurons at radio frequencies to record individual activity of neurons. This can be compared to obtaining a track with a single instrument playing its role in a song from a music studio.

By recording the electrical activity and observing behavior, or impact to other electrical activity, we can infer what each electrical pattern means. By recording the slight variations found in different human subjects, by analyzing tens of thousands/millions of brain patterns, a system can be trained to recognize what that electrical activity means in any human subject it encounters without retraining. The analysis of tens of thousands/millions of people is how we obtain “Generalization”. Given the complexity of the human brain and certain limitations, obtaining “generalization” could take half-a-century or more depending on available hardware and complexity of the problem.

Throughout this process, we will obtain an ever-increasing number of identified electrical activity patterns that are militarily useful. For example, being able to know military plans in advance, or quantify enemy numbers and capabilities. In addition, we will be able to combine these identified electrical patterns to create/compose our own complex electrical patterns. This latter ability will allows us to reverse the process, drive the neurons with our patterns and have a human subject under our control or influence.

Initially, when introducing composed patterns into a human subject, we would expect a certain level of influence. In time, as the database of electrical patterns expand, it is expected that this will give way to complete remote control.

In order to complete the training of the system and test its effectiveness, tens of thousands/millions of volunteers would be required to submit themselves to long-term (life long) experimentation, the effects of which would be wide-ranging. We can expect deaths, deformities, mental illness, seizures, complex syndromes, chronic and acute pain, heart and respiratory failure, etc.

Given the national security requirement of secrecy and the lack of such a willing population, secret experimentation on a significant sub-section of the human population globally would be required. Three basic categories of human subject will be required, training, validation and test. The training group will consist of human subjects that are used continuously 24/7 to both produce electrical patterns and serve as a testing area for identified patterns. The validation group will will be used as a quick reference to confirm the accuracy of generalization. The test group, which for practical purposes will continuously select random individuals on the planet, will be used be to study the generalized pattern(s) effectiveness and accuracy.

It would be impractical to hide such activity to the major enemies of the state, thus some form of international agreement encompassing technology sharing and combined defense pact would need to be made to provide cover for the program.