ISON did not make it.
Russia part of MJ12
Obama a star child and operating under different rules.
A lot of entities visiting here at this time because earth is rapidly transforming with geological transitions.
An opportunity to council.
Putin was working with an ET.
Zeta’s territory in USA.
There have been many assassination attempts on Obama.
Possible event to occur after the holidays….date has been set and preferably around cold time frame where people tend to be in their homes.
Tried to kill Obama in Santa Monica, Navy shipyard, and others (snipers).
Even has to avoid poisoned tableware to prevent his own assassination.
Niburu really exists.
and more….

Dear Group,
> Nancy Lieder talks about cover-up of Planet X and Earth changes
> Hour long MUFON interview on a number of different issues. ISON, Putin’s
> alien pal, pending Announcement history and likely date, what NASA is
> to say, Obama’s partners in Xi and Putin, China’s ghost cities, Scotia
> buoys, Safe Locations, eating worms.